4 Halloween Costumes for Body Builders

Whether you love Halloween or hate it, you’ve got to admit it is the perfect time to let your alter ego hang out. Leave mild-mannered you behind and strut your confident, sexy self. You’ve worked hard to build a body that gets more than a second look. Go ahead and show off a bit (or a whole lot) with these Halloween costumes that will have all eyes on you.

Adult Spartan Deluxe Costume – 300

Around $40 at Party City

Sparta was a city in ancient Greece renowned for its military might. All those hours in the gym give you the right to display your might, at least for the night. The Spartan costume is an artfully draped piece of fabric that highlights all the hot spots including your legs, arms, shoulders, chest, neck, and back. Single or spoken for…someone is going to want to know what is under that draping. Will you show and tell?

Men’s Marvel Universe Spiderman 2nd Skin

Between $25 and $70 on Amazon

You’ve banished the bulges so good ahead and boast about your bulk. The Spiderman 2nd skin costume sits snugly across ripped muscles. The slightly stretchy fabric highlights the line of well-developed arms and thighs and emphasizes chiseled abs. Think you’ve got a pretty good bum? This costume will make it easy for others to decide for themselves. Don’t just be super, be the hero of someone’s naughty dreams.

Adult Sheriff Costume

Around $20 at Target.com

Look like you mean business as a lawman with the look they’ll want to know better. Let your chest and arms do the talking as a tough guy with a soft side. Harder where it counts, you in the sheriff’s costume may have some wondering how good it would be to be bad.

Jungle Man Costume

Around $25 on Amazon

The ultimate in body boasting for bodybuilders, the jungle man costume is a mere cheetah print front drape and thong back. In other words…a loincloth. Heat up any gathering with a body too hot to hide. Don’t forget to rub your skin with oil. Tonight you’ll be walking on the wild side.

Go ahead and let go a little. Halloween is a fun time to show off all the work you’ve been putting in at the gym. If you can’t brag or even be a little arrogant on the biggest party night of the year, when can you?