The only thing worse than letting yourself get out of shape is failing to do what it takes to get back into shape. Don’t wallow too long. So you slipped out of your routine. You must begin again.


Getting to the gym isn’t as easy as it sounds. There are lots of moving parts to manage such as your work schedule, personal/family life, energy level, other commitments, money and time. Take a moment now to think about which one of these presented the obstacle. Did you have a heavy class load or a sick child at home? If the problem was a temporary, one-time event that is now resolved you may not need to do anything. If the obstacle continues to be, well, an obstacle you need to figure out how you can navigate around it in order to make your return to the gym successful and lasting.

Rewind the Clock

You lose fitness gains when you skip the gym for too long. Don’t try to pick up where you left off or you will injure yourself. Dial back the weights and intensity as you work to rebuild strength and stamina. Check out Crazymass ISO* Ignite Elite Series Protein Powder for the quality protein boost you need to build muscle. Our bulking and cutting stacks are 100% legal anabolic steroids made with natural ingredients. Use them as a jumpstart. You’ll see results in as little as thirty days, which will stoke your motivation.

Set Specific, Measurable Goals

You’ve heard of SMART goals: these goals are specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and within a defined timeframe. It isn’t enough to say you are getting back in the gym. Instead be:

  • Specific – What do you want to accomplish? I will build the muscles in my chest.
  • Measurable – How much will you build the muscles? I will add x number of inches to my chest.
  • Attainable and realistic – Is the goal possible for you given your current level of fitness, schedule, access to training, etc? It probably isn’t realistic to expect that you will grow from a 35 to a 46-inch chest in a week. Set yourself up for success by choosing a goal that is challenging but attainable. If you want to feel like a failure, plan for the impossible instead.
  • Timeframe – By when will you have accomplished your goal? It is a good idea to set up interim goals on the way to the big goal. What can you realistically accomplish each month or week as you work toward nailing your big goal? When will you get started? How often will you hit the gym? Give yourself clear instructions about what you should expect from you and resolve not to let yourself down.

Write out a Training Plan that Helps You Conquer Your Goal

Use a fitness journal and don’t forget to weigh and measure before you get started so you can chart your progress. Use your journal to develop your eating and supplement plan as well.

Look for Support

A refresher never hurt anyone. Get someone you trust to check your form as you lift, or just evaluate your training and supplement plan to be sure you’re on the right track. You can also use the Crazymass product wizard to help you choose the right anabolic supplements for your fitness goals.