Did you know that celebrities are among the most likely to take steroids as a way to help them perform better with acting, exercising, and getting a little “too into character”? Look no further than those who have admitted to taking steroids throughout their life and some surprising ones who might have taken it.


Dwayne’ The Rock’ Johnson

Dwayne Johnson has been known for his fantastic career as a WWE wrestler and an actor in movies such as Jumanji and many others. Yet, his case is obvious, as he has openly stated that he used steroids a lot in the past. Does he still use it now? Perhaps not. We’ll leave that up to you. Even if he does, it’s probably at levels similar to all these amazing actors and comedians who’ve fessed up to their decisions!


Arnold Schwarzenegger

Another actor well known for the Terminator movies has also admitted to using steroids multiple times in his career, and according to him, “I have no regrets about using steroids.” It’s possible that he should have some regret. Still, when you look at his body life and his ability to keep active as he ages, it’s almost impossible to blame him for his choices. He looks great at his age and remains as immovable as his titular character, “The Terminator.”



Joe Rogan

Another well-known podcaster, Joe Rogan, has millions of fans listening to his every word on his podcast and continues to capture the imagination of millions of people as he talks about politics and his beliefs. As he even openly stated, he uses steroids to maintain his body testosterone levels at the range they were when he was 27. Take a look at the picture above and ask yourself. Should you let your hormone levels die out as you age, or would you take the same choice and begin your journey into steroids and use them correctly? If you decide to journey into steroid usage, we recommend following doctors’ orders and making sure that you don’t deviate, as steroids can become a dangerous substance if it’s not used correctly!


Charlie Sheen

Best known for two and a half men, Charlie Sheen goes on our list due to his admission that he has done steroids. However, unlike the other mentions on this list, he didn’t enjoy the experience. He noted that the experience of having done steroids left him feeling a bit bitter and making the conversation a little more convoluted. By looking at his picture, it’s safe to say he’ll not likely continue to use them.


Jeremy Jackson

Another person who admitted to spending over 200 thousand on steroid usage alone comes into attention, the former Baywatch star who fell out of recognition years ago. Nevertheless, when you are part of a movie like Baywatch, it begs the question. Do the movies cause the actor to turn to steroids, or is it the desire to look fit? Do you still remember Baywatch?


Oliver Stone

A relatively unknown celebrity comes into the spotlight when we take a look at the producers of these movies themselves. He said he did it because it helped him feel younger and more energetic. Interesting. This producer may have even produced a few beloved movies you may love, such as JFK and Wall Street. Let’s not forget the movie Every Given Sunday that floats around on TikTok.

Hafthor Julius Bjornsson

This actor, strongman, and overall the beefiest guy outside of Arnold Schwarzenegger, has won multiple prizes that focus on his strength as a man and is indeed allowed to claim the title of “I’ve done steroids.” Yet, he has admitted as such to ESPN, and for those who are not fans of strongman competitions, he was an actor in the Game of Thrones series. Don’t recognize him yet? How about the name “The Mountain”? He played that character for one season before getting replaced due to scheduling conflicts. Regardless, if there’s one thing to remember, it’s that using steroids tends to help you become strong and hit the title “The strongest man.”


Sylvester Stallone

The first things that come to mind are “Rocky, Pennsylvania, famous and lovable.” Sylvester, better known as Rocky to most people in Pennsylvania, has admitted to steroid usage and was only caught due to Australian police catching him in the act and forcing him to admit that he was using. He went on to argue that the benefits of it made him feel young and more in shape after using it and that because of his role, he thought it necessary. Does he use it now? The possibility is high. As we’ve seen so far, most of these men decide to use it to feel young or keep active, and chances are high that as they grow older, they may rely on that “good feeling” and continue using it. For now, we’ll hope that he stays clean or gets better at hiding his usage!



Zack Efron

Looking at these actors leads us to the more famous actor known from his younger days playing high school musicals, Baywatch and The Greatest Showman. Now, comparing him to a bodybuilder or others like Rocky and Joe Rogan, it might seem unlikely that Zack Efron would dabble in steroids. Still, as we’ve seen, it makes them feel good. So, does Zack do drugs? Many people look at his Baywatch movie, compare it to his newest movie, and argue, “It’s pretty likely.”


Chris Hemsworth

The beloved actor Chris Hemsworth is best known for Thor, a god of thunder in the MCU universe. Unfortunately, it looks like he looks more built than most. He’s likely doping, and Chris Hemsworth’s schedule of having to play immensely fit characters is what leads him to dope to meet the demands of the people who employ him. If you look closely at the others on this list and compare, perhaps it’s best to say, “he’s way too built not to be on steroids.” Is this unfair to him? Perhaps. Nevertheless, those who pay close attention to him are convinced he’s used it at least once or twice.


Mickey Rourke

Known for the movie “The Wrestler,” Mickey Rourke comes. As we stated at the beginning, cheekily stated, “When you’re playing a wrestler, you act as a wrestler.” Does this mean that most wrestlers use steroids and deny it? Mickey Rourke makes it seem that it’s pretty likely that for most of those big boys to get fit, they partook in some steroids. For those unfamiliar with the wrestler, he was also a part of the Iron Man 2 movie and The Expendable. Once again, the film is at the crux of why steroid usage is so rampant.


Carter Kissek

Throughout this entire list, we talked about famous movie people and directors. Yet, it would be remiss not to mention TikTok influencers among this list, so we leave off with the most famous Fitness Tiktoker known as Carter Kissek. His honesty as a bodybuilder and user of steroids leaves those who are bodybuilders under more scrutiny as the question leans into when to use steroids.


Carter Kissek, in his interview with Business Insider, stated that he prefers to be open about his usage “cause the fitness industry “takes advantage” of people who claim to be natural, using them to “push their products.” While it’s respectable, it’s undoubtedly saddening to see the desire many have for steroids.


Throughout this list, we saw many celebrities using steroids as a way to “feel young, to maintain their testosterone levels and pointed out as the only way to be significant. This list is not meant as a callout but as a question. Who’s to blame when everyone begins using steroids, and why is it more often than not the men? We looked around for some female bodybuilders. We felt it best to include at least one potential user and highlight differences between male and female users. This leads us to our first female bodybuilder!


Marion Jones

A former Olympic medalist for Team USA, Marion Jones, was known and found out for cheating in the Olympics due to her steroid usage. As we take a look at her body, it becomes easier to understand why men are most likely to be found out as the ones using steroids and not women. Due to the unnatural physique that men tend to have, most people can only notice those who are built and ignore women unless they are bodybuilders. Whether or not she continues to do drugs after getting caught or finally quitting is impossible to know. We assume that she quit and give her the benefit of the doubt, but we’ll never know until the news comes out.


Take it with a grain of salt, but there are probably more women who are more famous who do steroids, and if you know any, leave a comment down below and tell us. Do you believe these people still do drugs or not?