Food as fuel is as essential for your body as gas is fuel for your car. You can’t function without it. There is some truth to the expression that you are what you eat. Quality counts, so choose foods that support your health and fitness goals. When you are working on reaching your bodybuilding goals, it’s essential to have proper nutrition such as protein-packed foods. Protein is essential in building strength and muscle while you are in your bulking cycle.

Don’t Forget Your Protein Shake

There are plenty of natural foods that assist in maximizing strength, but it’s always good to have a quality protein shake such as a pure isolate protein is packed full of BCAA’s and is one of the best, muscle-building protein powders you can buy. With that said, let’s jump into the top 4 strength-building foods!

1. Eggs

Eggs are an affordable, versatile source of quality protein. They’re pretty portable, too. Choose organic, omega-3 eggs for additional benefits such as healthy blood fats (triglycerides). These perfect little packages help you build more muscle and support healthy hormone levels. Hard boil a few eggs to have on hand. Enjoy them with spinach (another excellent food for increasing strength) to get in some extra taste and up the nutrient content.

2. Beef

You already know beef is a great food choice for building muscle. Beef has Creatine, essential amino acids, and B-vitamins. But did you know that it’s best to choose grass-fed offerings of this tasty protein? Grass-fed meat has more omega-3’s, poses less risk to your cardiovascular health and contains conjugated linoleic acid (CLA). CLA is thought to help build muscle strength and mass as well as improve body composition by reducing fat storage. Don’t want to spring for grass-fed beef? At least go lean. Bison is also a good option.

3. Lentils

The humble lentil is often overlooked. That’s too bad because these tiny jewels pack a punch of powerful nutrients in a small package. For starters, you get protein and slow digesting carbs. That means fuel to get through a tough workout and a little love for your muscle, too. Lentils also boost heart health and lower bad cholesterol. They stabilize blood sugar levels, aid in digestion and contain potassium, Vitamin K, zinc, niacin, and calcium. Your body must complete many chemical processes throughout each day. Give it what it needs to get the job done.

4. Brown rice

Brown rice has a satisfying nutty flavor, is low in calories and offers branched chain amino acids. A whole grain food, brown rice helps to stabilize blood sugar and has protein, which enables you to feel satisfied longer. That means you have more energy and you are less likely to reach for junk food. Brown rice is also a good source of gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA). GABA helps to improve mood, promote lean muscle growth and burn fat. Why not pair with lentils and broccoli?

How you show up at the gym will impact what you can accomplish while you’re there. Fuel your body right for more energy and more significant gains.