The holiday season may seem like the perfect time to give yourself a pass on maintaining fitness goals. After all, good excuses abound. You want to spend time with friends and family, which may mean less time to work out. Some of your favorite foods will make a special appearance on holiday and party tables, which may mean more temptation to overeat. Add to that more opportunities to drink too much, and your regular routine is out the window. Let this holiday season be different. Here are six reasons to stay on task so you stay in shape.

1. Beat the Mad Rush Back to Fitness

Getting in shape for the New Year is such a cliché. With all the opportunities to conquer projects and goals life offers, why keep reaching for the same one every year? You’ve already crossed this goal off of your list. Stay in shape once and for all, and move on to another goal that helps you be more of the person you know you are meant to be. Besides, you already know what the New Year looks like at the gym. Been there, done that.

2. Better Photo Ops

Ever look at a photo and only notice your gut? The holidays are prime time for photos, so if you don’t stay in shape you will probably take plenty of pictures that don’t show your best self. When you stay in shape you’ll look better in pictures. Remember, every holiday picture will be a permanent record of a period in your life. How do you want to remember yourself? You probably don’t want to go back to your “before” picture. Remember too, that pictures will be shared. How do you want to look on social media?

3. Bragging Rights

Look your confident best for all the holiday gatherings and parties. You’ll feel sexier, too. Vacations and holidays often mean more time and opportunity for sex. Whether you have a special someone or are in the market, staying in shape boosts your confidence in the bedroom.

4. Good Health Needn’t Take a Holiday

Staying in shape isn’t only about looking good. It is also about good health and quality of life. Stay in shape during the holidays and all year long for better energy, better mood (exercise means less depression and better sleep), sharper thinking (exercise boosts cognition) and better health (reduced risk of chronic illness, heart disease, and cancer).

5. Because this is the Year You Cross that Competition/Marathon/Triathlon off Your List

You know you want to do whatever your big event is at least once. Finishing the event successfully will require that you continue to build on your fitness gains. Stay in shape during the holidays and let this be the year you finally enter that race or competition.

6. Because You are the Kind of Person that Keeps Your Promises to Yourself

You got in shape for a reason. That reason, whatever it is, still holds true so don’t let yourself down by falling off the fitness wagon.

You can stay in shape for the holidays. Make adjustments as needed so you stay on track.