Obesity is one of the most challenging problems that humanity faces in the 21st century. With the number of obese people rising as technology seemingly makes life easier, creating increased health risks among the general population. Besides the health risks obesity causes, the extra fat can cause physical side effects such as Gynecomastia (man boobs). There are several options to curb this threat, including dieting and exercising, sometimes both. That is why we’ve decided to talk about full body workouts.

Exercising may help you lose a few pounds/kilograms but to get into the best shape possible, full body workouts are your best bet. A full body work out reduces the fat much quicker than other methods and even helps improve mental health. There are so many different choices of exercises when it comes to a full body workout.

athletic woman doing push ups

The Best Fat Cutting Workouts

Dumbbell Squats

Using dumbells are already hard enough, but once you combine them with squats, you have an even more difficult task presented to you. This focuses the tension on your shoulders and back, helping to lose fat and tone up your biceps.

Jumping Lunges

Lunges are usually a good cards routine which helps speed up metabolic reactions in the body and helps burn fat. Once you add jumping to this routine, it speeds up the process further and involves more body parts, which leads to more fat burning.


It may seem simple enough when you see others perform it, but burpees are another exercise which affects the whole body. Performing burpees involves rapid position changes, and the workout alternates the focus from one body part to another during the routine. The more burpees performed, the more fat is lost.

Jumping Jacks

This particular workout is pretty basic but is still very effective. The arms, legs, and the chest are all affected by this routine. The quick alternating movement ensures the body burns fat at a reasonable rate, and is also good cardio, as it affects the chest.

Crunch Squats

This is similar to sit-ups. It involves resting the back on a pillow and then crunching. It may seem easy, but one set of crunch squat includes 25 crunches. For an excellent effect, many sets are required; this engages the abdominal and chest areas and is a very effective way to burn fat.

Jumping Rope

This exercise may sound exhausting, but it’s a technique valued by professional athletes, especially boxers. It takes massive amounts of effort from the arms to keep the ropes in constant motion, and with each lunge, the next one seems harder. The harder it gets, the more amounts of fats burned.


This is probably the most common workout in the world. Push-ups are a great exercise because they don’t require the use of any equipment. You need a desire to shed the fat or to even tone your body shape. Different push-up types place to focus on different body parts. Thus, for a full work out, it is necessary to alternate between push-up types.

Full Body Workouts Pay Off

Several other workouts help burn fat and maintain a lean body. These techniques are just some of the most widely used by bodybuilders. With the combination of this full workout routine and premium cutting supplements, you will quickly see the results you are looking for. The CrazyMass Cutting Stack is the leader in fat burning supplements for those looking to amplify their bodybuilding results.