If you have been trying to pack on more muscle but are struggling to get there, just know that you are not alone. A majority of men feel major pressure to appear muscular. Why? Because studies show, that primally, muscles are a natural attractor for women. It makes a man appear like protection and is very sexually attractive for women.

However, the problem is, how can you pack on muscle easily, especially if you are an ectomorph body type? Thankfully, there is natural supplementation, such as D-Anaoxn available. This wonder muscle-building supplement is 100% legal, fast working, and will help you to make those hard gains you have been looking for!

How does D-Anaoxn work, and how can you make the most out of its muscle-building potential?

We have those answers for you, keep on reading to learn how you use D-Anaoxn to naturally and safely achieve those muscle-building dreams you desire.

What is D-Anaoxn?

When most people feel desperate to build muscle fast, they turn to illegal steroids such as Dianabol, Turinabol, and DBol. Not only are they illegal, but they are also harmful to the human body.

That is why D-Anaoxn was created. It is a safe, legal, and all-natural alternative to its illegal and harmful counterparts, and is just as powerful, which is why that makes it one of Crazy Mass’ top seller.

This supplement creates a highly anabolic environment (muscle preserving), with increased nitrogen retention in the muscle tissue.

In turn, this provides the perfect environment for protein synthesis, which results in major muscle and strength gains.

What Are the Ingredients in D-Anaoxn?

There are a few ingredients in D-Anaoxn that make it a powerful combination for fast muscle building.


Inosine is a biochemical compound found in D-Anaoxn that is also called nucleosides that helps athletes to improve their performance. It is also used to treat the musculature symptoms of Parkinson’s and Multiple Sclerosis.

L-Isoleucine, L-Valine, and L-Leucine

This trio of branched-chain amino acids (BCAA’s) is essential for bodybuilders to maintain an anabolic state.

These building blocks of protein make up 14-18% of amino acids in skeletal muscle. Leucine, especially, stimulates protein synthesis, to aid in the building of muscle tissue.


Colostrum is thick milk, which is the first liquid a mammal consumes once it exits the womb. This milk is only produced during and after pregnancy and is very high in protein while being low in fat.

Colostrum is also known to help the body produce antibodies and fight off diseases. It is widely used amongst top athletes to help them maintain a high level of performance by burning fat, increasing stamina, and gain lean muscle.


Dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA for short) is a naturally occurring steroid hormone that helps with the production of other hormones, especially testosterone.

The more DHEA present in the body, the more testosterone will also be present.

Studies have shown that DHEA has helped men ages 50-65 increase strength and build lean muscle.

1. There Are No Side Effects

D-Anaoxn is a natural, safe alternative to its counterpart, which is illegal steroids.

Illegal steroids have side effects of impotence, hair loss, liver damage, kidney disease, heart disease, anger, etc.

There are no known side effects of D-Anaoxn since it is 100% legal and full of natural substances. Just like any supplement, however, could be harmful when over-consumed. By following the recommended dosage, there is no harm.

2. It Helps With More than Muscle Building

Sure, having a lot of muscle is satisfying, attractive, and makes you feel strong.

However, what makes you feel strong is to be strong. The problem with most muscle-building stacks is that while they make you appear strong, they do not increase your physical strength.

Thankfully, D-Anaoxn has much more of a positive impact on your physical performance than the appearance of your physique.

It has powerful components that help to increase your muscle power, overall muscle strength, and stamina.

This increased stamina can help you increase performance anywhere between the gym to the bedroom, unlike illegal steroids, which will cause impotence and sexual performance issues.

3. D-Anaoxn is All Natural

As said above, D-Anaoxn is 100% natural, which makes it a safe choice, unlike illegal steroids.

This provides tremendous relief for those who are desperate to build muscle and may have considered steroids, knowing the danger behind them.

Illegal steroids are just not worth it, illegally or medically. Since D-Anaoxn has nearly the same positive muscle-building effects, there is no need to even risk illegal steroids anymore.

4. Will Improve Your Confidence

D-Anaoxn helps improve more than muscle, strength, and performance; it can also help to build your confidence. If you struggle to build lean muscle, it can put a real damper on your self-esteem.

Let’s face it, muscle is sexy, and women are attracted to muscular men! As stated above, it is a primally-instinctive belief that will never change, so you either build more muscle or keep struggling to find your mate.

By improving the physique that you have been working so hard for, you will feel good in your body and walk around with your head held high.

5. Does Not Add Water Weight

Most muscle building stacks, such as creatine, for example, make you appear more muscular, but it is a build-up of water weight.

This makes you appear bloated because of the fluid retention around the arms, legs, and stomach.

D-Anaoxn goes straight to the source and builds pure, lean muscle mass without the drawing in water to the muscle cells for support. So you are left with lean, ripped, muscle, and no bloated side effects.

Start Building Muscle With D-Anaoxn Today

D-Anaoxn is one of the safest and most powerful alternatives to illegal steroids that you can get.

The muscle, strength, and stamina results have been remarkable in many, and to know there are no side effects makes it the perfect stack for anyone to start on.

If you are ready to build some lean muscle, get started on the Crazy Mass D-Anaoxn today.