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The early 1960’s were the heydey of anabolic steroid development, with looser FDA regulation and a “we can do it” attitude scientists worked feverishly to create more powerful and effective anabolic steroids. One of the super-stars of the golden years of anabolic research is Anadrol. It was one of the first truly effective steroids that could be taken orally.

Anadrol is well known for producing world-class anabolic effects, with many people gaining 20+ lbs of muscle mass in their first cycles, however it is highly hepatotoxic and estrogenic which require a delicate balance of supplementation and other measures to keep under control. Even though it can be highly toxic many bodybuilders swear by their massive gains in bulk and are willing to risk the side-effects.

Other Names for Anadrol

Anadrol is the most common name for the compound Oxymetholone, and has become the de-facto name for the drug itself. It has also been marketed under the name Anapolon. In the black market names like A-Drol, Ana, Anaidrol, Anadrol-50 and Ana are all very common in reference to oxymetholone.   

Uses of Oxymetholone

The first clinical uses of A-drol were in treating conditions such as osteoporosis and anemia, but as new drugs were developed for those conditions it was used to treat HIV patients, and even used in combating malnutrition in the third world. For performance purposes bodybuilders and athletes use Anadrol for rapid gains in muscle mass during their bulking phases. 

Side Effects Of A-drol Use

While effective, Anadrol carries with it some of the most violent side effects of any androgenic steroid when improperly used. 

Gynecomastia - Better known as Man Boobs happens when testosterone / estrogen balance is disrupted. Anti-estrogen drugs and post cycle therapy are absolutely essential for preventing this.

High Blood Pressure - as with many other Steroids High blood pressure is a life threatening side effect.

Acne - Because ANA has powerful androgenic effects, acne is very common in it’s users.

Priapism - Erections that will not go away, and become painful requiring mechanical drainage … (Yes, it IS as scary as it sounds) have been known to be caused by Ana abuse.

Male Pattern Baldness - The increased hormonal load on your body can commonly kickstart the balding process.

Liver Damage - Anadrol can be very Hepatotoxic and prolonged use can be devastating to your liver.

Masculinization (women) - Ana can cause SEVERE masculinization when used by women even in small doses.

Heart Trouble - The increased stress on your body from continued ana use can put serious heart disease on the table. 

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Steroid Stacks With Anadrol

Because of the huge anabolic and androgenic effects of A-drol many use it as part of an extreme bulking cycle. Generally it’s used in conjunction with Trenbolone, Dianabol, and Somatropin to pack on crazy muscle bulk in a short period of time.  

Where to get Anadrol

Without a prescription the only way to buy anadrol online is to commit at least one felony to get it online. Off shore steroid merchants in countries like Ukraine, Romania, and Singapore produce anadrol-50 tablets that they sell online, without any legal oversight for safety or purity. 

Common Anadrol 50 questions 

Where can I get Ana Legally?

-With a prescription from your doctor, otherwise there is no legal or safe way to buy Anadrol

Why does Anadrol-50 get abused?

-Because it is an oral supplement that provides massive results in very little time many people get used to using it as a primary bulking steroid. This can be deadly.

What Dosage of Anadrol should I use?

-The most common dosage of oxymetholone is a 50mg tablet once a day during a bulking cycle. 

Steroid Shorts: Anadrol from CrazyMass on Vimeo.

Are There Any Legal Alternatives to A-drol ?

There’s no legal way to get Anadrol for bodybuilding in America, and because of that we have worked very hard to mimic the effects of this king of anabolics. We strived to create an effective anabolic supplement that can help increase vascularity, protein synthesis, and muscle oxygenation without the estrogenic side effects that illegal steroids can be known for.  

Our A-Anolone is the result of this work, and it has become one of the most trusted legal steroid alternatives to Anadrol 50. If you’ve used it before you know just how effective A-Anolone can be, especially when stacked with D-Anaoxn and T-Bal 75.

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