When most people hear the word “steroid,” they immediately think that they are illegal drugs that shouldn’t be taken by anyone! However, in the world of weightlifting, we know this is nonsense. There are illegal steroids out there just like there are illegal versions of most products on the market, but that doesn’t mean that all should be tarred with the same brush. Anabolic steroids, for example, are that little bit different from all the rest.

What Anabolic Steroid Stacks Are And What They Do

Anabolic steroids are a group of male hormone affecting steroids which are often used medically for their various therapeutic qualities. Anabolic steroids are often focused on boosting or adding to the natural hormones already found in the body. As well as having obvious scientific advantages in treating degenerative conditions such as AIDS, medical professionals can use these drugs to induce puberty in young men and they the pleasant side effect of inspiring muscle growth.

Anabolic steroids can be natural or synthetic, but in either case, they do the same job. They can increase hair growth and accentuate other “manly” features while they work. Their predominant use in a modern culture is as a muscle mass building steroid used by bodybuilders and athletes alike. However, due to certain unsavory side effects brought on by prolonged use, it is completely illegal to buy them or possess them in the USA without a valid medical prescription.

Anabolic Steroids Are Not Legal In America Without Prescriptions

That being said, not all countries have taken this approach. In Mexico they can be bought over the counter at your local drug store, whereas in the UK there is no law against possession: merely against supplying, intent to supply or importing or exporting these drugs without a valid license to do so.

Legal Anabolic Steroid Stack Alternatives!

Recent trends have seen a shift towards products called anabolic supplements. These alternatives aim to synthesize the beneficial effects of anabolic steroids with none of the negatives. The unsavory side effects are being slowly phased out and replaced with something newer, more effective and much better for you.

CrazyMass and Anabolic Supplements

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