Bodybuilding steroids are shrouded in a mystery of their own – whether or not they are legal. Unfortunately, the answer varies from country to country and while they may be legal across the sea or south in Mexico they are, for the most part, illegal in the States. Many countries followed suit after this outright ban, all with their own specifications and added laws. But are bodybuilding steroids legal in Canada?

We put together this handy article for you to answer the question of bodybuilding steroids legality in the north, so read on to find out.

What Are Bodybuilding Steroids?

For the most part, the term you will find applied again and again to bodybuilding enhancers is “Anabolic Steroids.” This is an umbrella term used to refer to any bodybuilding steroid that affects the body’s ability to synthesize testosterone. You can also read more about this on our Anabolic Steroids vs Supplements article.

Testosterone based bodybuilding steroids have some nasty side effects, including excess hair growth, genitalia problems and other nasty incidences that occur more frequently the longer the user is exposed to them. For these reasons, anabolic or bodybuilding, steroids have been made illegal in varying degrees across the world. However; they also build muscle faster, which is why the trend towards athletes taking them.

Bodybuilding Steroids are Not Legal in Canada – But There Are Complications

In Canada, they have opted for a semi-decriminalization of these drugs. It is illegal to sell them, it is illegal to buy them – but if you are caught in possession of a small amount for personal use, you will not be charged. Doctors are allowed to prescribe anabolic steroids, but this is because they do have certain health benefits when used to treat wasting, degenerative conditions such as cancer. They also have real-life applications to help young boys achieve puberty.

So even though they might be illegal, they aren’t all bad.

Bodybuilding Supplements

Since the rules became so strict in regards to bodybuilding steroid use across the globe; scientists recognized the gap in the market. Weightlifters and gym enthusiasts alike still wanted a product that would bulk up muscle mass, make them stronger, faster and tougher – but that didn’t have the horrible side effects that came with the steroids. As a result, the anabolic bodybuilding supplement was born, and now they are specifically engineered so that each one does a different job.

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