If you’re a bodybuilder or even just trying to gain muscle, you may have heard about testosterone boosters. 

Testosterone boosters, simply put, are a type of supplement that is often used to help bodybuilders gain muscle.  

While steroids and testosterone boosters (or t-boosters as they’re often referred to as) both work to help boost your physical performance and enhance muscle growth, that’s about where their similarities end. 

Anabolic steroids work by mimicking the male sex hormones your body is already producing, particularly testosterone. The problem is that they don’t mimic them perfectly. While they might only be a couple molecules different between what anabolic steroids create and what your body is making naturally, that tiny change can make all the difference. When you take anabolic steroids, artificially enhanced male hormones flood your system and begin performing focused muscle-building testosterone activities but with highly upgraded effectiveness.  

This means that you will likely gain muscle quickly, be able to work out longer and more intensely and lose less muscle due to after workout breaks down. This might sound great but because the molecular structure of the testosterone in these steroids have been tinkered with to boost your results, they can also confuse your body and unleash a flurry of problems.  

Taking steroids can cause: 

  • Heart problems: Such as heart attacks, strokes, bad cholesterol, and heart enlargement. 
  • Liver issues like cancer, cysts, and tumors. 
  • Psychoses, also known as “roid rage”. 
  • They can also cause hypogonadism, also known as shrunken testicles. Let’s face it, no man wants that! 

Testosterone boosters, on the other hand, don’t flood your body with artificial hormones, they instead raise your body’s natural productions.  

The ingredients in t-boosters for example, may; 

  • Help the pituitary gland release more growth factor and male sex hormones. 
  • Block enzymes that turn your testosterone into estrogen. 
  • Signal testes to release more testosterone. 
  • T-boosters work with your body to boost its production of testosterone. This, in turn, supports a lean, muscular physique but without the side effects, you can suffer from steroids.  

Helping you with muscle growth isn’t all t-boosters can do. They have other health benefits such as:

Healthier heart.

Testosterone boosters can help with the production of red blood cells through the bone marrow which in turn, helps you have a healthier heart and decreases your chance of a heart attack or stroke. 

Stronger bones.

Testosterone plays a huge part in your bone density and strength. Because of this, t-boosters could help keep your bones strong.  

More Muscles, less fat.

Testosterone helps with increased muscle mass. This means that t-boosters can help you keep the fat off and the muscle tone up which can also increase your energy.  

So are test boosters steroids? No. They are in fact, much safer and far better for your overall health.  

Steroids might be the quickest way to build mass but those muscles will sag just as quickly. And you give yourself a stroke in the process of trying to achieve them.   

Don’t let your dream of bigger muscles put your health at risk.  


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