Arm workouts are a vital feature of bodybuilding. You probably see people with massive arms and say to yourself, “I want one.” Getting those vast arms is not an easy task. It involves putting in massive amounts of workout time, either at home or at the gym. There are several techniques to achieve it, but different levels to which an interval can work out, pending on expertise level.

A beginner in most contents would need to do 15 to 20 reps, as a single workout set daily, and even that may be pushing the limits. An expert, on the other hand, may put up 70 to 100 reps, and still not be satisfied. The more reps an individual can put up, usually determines how big their arms will get, and thus a beginner is expected to have skinny arms, but that will change once this workout routine is established and followed-up. 

Muscular man with dumbbells

The Best Arm Workouts For Beginners

Remember to compliment all exercises with dietary workout supplements, as they offer up a lot of added advantages, including extra energy, muscle regeneration, and facilitate a longer lasting workout duration. Ensure that all workout routines after reps and sets are carried out with time intervals to give the muscles time to stretch back into position and prevent injuries. After each set, rest for at least 2 minutes, before proceeding to the next set. Without further ado, here are some of the primary arm workout techniques a beginner would require: 

The Hammer Curl

This workout requires dumbbells. The dumbbells are held in each hand on either side of the hips; the dumbbells are curled to the elbow level and returned to the hips, that’s one rep. 15 to 20 reps are required daily to maintain continuity. Push on through the pain; it just means it’s working. 

Chest Press

This is a prevalent workout technique; it requires a barbell and a bench. Lie on your back on the bench, and lift the barbell till your arms are outstretched and then return them to your chest. When carrying out this technique, ensure there is always a partner or trainer to assist you, should you need help.  

Seated High Back Row

This workout requires a cable attached to a system. You sit down on a chair, with feet firmly planted on the ground and your back straightened. Pull the cable toward your chest, and once it arrives, stretch it out. Maintain the position of both the legs and back to ensure that you get the best results.  

Bench Dips

This workout does not require an actual bench and can be done anywhere. It involves the use of an elevated platform. With your back to the platform and feet stretched out, place your arms on it and lower your calves towards the ground, and the return to the default position.  

There are several other workout techniques, including push-ups, military press, and overhead stretch. All equipment used in the workouts should be returned to appropriate positions to avoid accidents, as injuries resulting from such accidents can be fatal.