Serious bodybuilders know that a consistent leg day workout routine is critical in obtaining the best physique. It’s essential to have in place a proper workout program that’ll allow you to take full advantage of leg day, and give your lower half the appropriate workout that it needs. 

Having a high protein diet, dedicating time in the gym, and taking natural bulking supplements are all critical in gaining mass. There are many exercises you can perform to build leg muscle and reach your workout goals. We have narrowed it down to three of the most effective leg day workouts so that you can quickly begin your new routine in the gym!

1. Leg press

This one might seem a little bit obvious considering it’s precisely what the machine is built for; but either way, leg press workouts are a widely favored way of building up your quads, which are arguably the first muscles most folks pay attention to when it comes to muscle mass and tone of the legs. 

Safety Tips

  • When mounting the machine, be sure to keep your back fully flat against the backrest.
  • When your legs are extended, be sure to keep them at a 90-degree angle from your body, with the slightest bend in the knees.

These are small measures that can be key to preventing crippling injuries or accidents. 

Also, this is one of those machines you shouldn’t be in too much of a rush on – lower the plate slowly, while being sure to take a steady inhalation as you do so, keeping the weight on your heels. From there, slowly push the plate back to the starting position, and repeat. 

2. Romanian deadlift

This particular variety of barbell deadlift is a challenging one that also requires decent arm endurance, but it’s a favored way of giving your hamstrings a proper workout. Make sure to keep the proper deadlift form and follow the tips below.

Workout Tips

  • Lift the barbell and hold it down around your hips, your palms facing downward.
  • From there, inhale as you move your buttocks outward.
  • You should reach your hamstring limit just below your knees.
  • Avoiding any further movement, you should, from here, move your hips forward again, and repeat. 

3. Standing calf raises

The calves may be the parts of the leg most easy to neglect; but as most experienced bodybuilders know, an imbalanced workout in the leg muscles can look as aesthetically unpleasing as ignoring leg workout entirely. Calf raises done naturally at the calf machine can be done in either seated or standing positions.

Workout Tips

  • When standing, foot position ought to be given particular attention – the toes should be facing forward, and the balls of the feet should be placed on the step, with the heels hanging out over the edge.
  • After adjusting the machine to match your height, you can begin the workout by breathing in and raising your heels as high as you can.
  • The knees should be kept still, with no bending whatsoever. 

Standing calf workouts can also be done with barbells; however, if you suffer from any back pains or sensitivities, calf presses, or seated raises, might be a better option, as standing calf raises put a strain on the back muscles. 

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