There’s one question we get asked fairly often: “What are the best steroid cycles?” Here’s an exclusive look into our favorite cycles for specific body types and goals.


You may be wondering why a steroid cycle is even necessary? Can’t you get away with your whey protein powder, multivitamin, fish oil, and testosterone booster? Many times, yes, you can. However, if you’re looking for unprecedented gains and massive strength gains, a steroid cycle is something you will see great success with. It’s also a great option if you’ve hit a plateau and are no longer making progress in and out of the gym.


Our legal steroid alternatives are safely and strategically designed with you in mind. No matter what style of training you like to do, or what your goals are, we have a stack that will help you reach your goals safely, quickly, and effectively. Once you try Crazymass, you won’t want to try anything else!

For the weightlifter …

The strength stack will be your new best friend. Maybe you’ve hit a plateau and you want to finally get over those strength hurdles you’ve been stuck behind. Add anywhere from 5-40 lbs. to your big lifts with this powerful stack that includes D-Anaoxn, Testosteroxn, A-Anolone, and D-ka. Creating a highly anabolic environment in your body will increase muscle tissue, boost energy, increase the production of red blood cells, and delay fatigue. Also, with the increased amount of oxygen you’ll be producing, you’ll want to stay in the gym for hours. Want mind-blowing pumps and stacked muscle? This one’s for you.

For the bulker …

You need our bulking stack in order to get big fast and gain size. It includes D-Anaoxn, Testosteroxn, T-BAL 75, and D-ka. These products work together by creating a highly anabolic environment. D-Anaoxn is specifically great for increasing nitrogen retention in muscle tissue. Basically, this will increase the amount of protein synthesis and result in MASSIVE strength gains. Your energy and stamina will also increase, so you can gain power and quickness while pumping iron. With these four top-selling bulking formulas, you will increase overall size, speed recovery, and help ease joint pain by increasing the amount of collagen in your system.

For the shredder …

Our cutting stack will cut and harden the muscles you’ve built up during your bulking cycle. It doesn’t matter if you’re getting ready for a competition, or just want to get shredded for life. Our 4 products in the cutting stack will help you speed up the process towards your goals. Testosteroxn, Paravar, Clentrimix, and Winnidrol work together in a powerful way to promote strength while burning fat. Building and maintaining lean muscle mass is a challenge, but with this thermogenic and anabolic stack, you’ll be able to hang on to those guns you’ve worked so hard towards build.

For the runner …

You want something that will allow you to go the extra mile. Maybe you want a faster speed on your 40-yard dash. Maybe you want to increase your vertical. No matter what your goals are, the endurance and stamina stack is going to help you work harder and train longer. Testosteroxn, A-Anolone, Winnidrol, and D-ka help you to increase free testosterone levels, provide explosive energy to your muscles, and metabolize adipose fat without making you lose mass.

If you’re wondering about the proper way to cycle on and off of your supplement stacks, check out one of our cycle usage guidelines. It will answer all of your questions and get you on your way to making major #GAINZ.

Legal Steroid Stacks

If you are trying to build up lean muscle mass or bulk, these are just some of the options that you have to choose from. You should pay close attention because often these products work better as part of a stack working alongside other supplements. Anabolic steroids are not safe options to take, which is why you should learn about the safer alternatives that you can use to get these same benefits. Anabolic steroids are hazardous to your health, causing a whole slew of negative side effects that aren’t worth it. These safer alternatives for these common steroids are the much better choice to get the same benefits without as much of the worry. Ideally, you will want to combine 2 or 3 supplements in a cycle to get the most benefits. Supplement stacks like the CrazyMass Cutting Stack will give you the cutting edge in fat-burning, lean muscle building performance!