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​5 Tips to Keep Your Beach Body this Fall

​5 Tips to Keep Your Beach Body this Fall
By Crazymass 2 years ago 2251 Views

5 Tips to Keep Your Beach Body this Fall

The summer months provide their own motivation for staying in the game. You want to look your best at the beach or when sporting summer styles that leave no places to hide flab or fat. Also, longer days mean more sun and more motivation to get outside. Then comes fall. Shorter days, heavier meals and clothes that are more forgiving of flab can rob you of motivation to workout. Here’s how to keep the gains you’ve worked so hard to get.

Set a New Goal

Goals keep you committed to your fitness routine. The one-two punch of a new challenge coupled with motivation to succeed is a powerful combination. Sign up for a race or competition (find one at usapowerlifting.com, active.com or teamusa.org/USA-Weightlifting). You can also set up a contest with some friends. Make the stakes high enough to matter and choose people you can count on. You can hold yourself accountable by listing your goals on social media or signing up on a site such as habitforge.com.

Be or Get a Lifting Mentor

If you’ve been doing this for a while, you have some strategies that could really be helpful to others. Offer some support and guidance to someone new at the gym. Teaching and mentoring will force you to work harder so you can set a good example. Also, knowing that someone is at the gym and counting on you to be there means you are more likely to show up. If you are new to lifting, ask someone that you trust to mentor you. Both of you will benefit.

Don’t Go Whole Hog

Meals tend to get heavier as the weather gets cooler. That doesn’t mean it is ok to eat everything in sight. Look for the magic mix of protein, complex carbs and healthy fats that is right for your body weight and fitness goals. Plan you cheat day in advance and remain committed to your nutrition goals on the other days. You don’t have to feel deprived to do this. Try new recipes to enjoy familiar foods in new ways. Try foods that are not familiar. If you can’t cook, consider signing up for one of the many available meal delivery service plans. Consider keeping a food and exercise journal to monitor your progress.

Watch Your Numbers

Determine your ideal weight and measurements. If you want to give yourself a little wiggle room, establish can’t cross boundaries and vow not to grow or wither beyond them. Pull out the scale and tape measure at least once each week or so to make sure you are where you need to be. Don’t wait until next beach season to discover you’ve gone far afield of your target numbers. If you’re keeping a food and exercise journal, record your numbers there.

Articulate Your Motivation

Why is it important to you to maintain your body at a certain fitness level? When your why is powerful enough the how of it will be easier. Keep this popular quote in mind – don’t give up what you want most for what you want now. Remind yourself of the ultimate purpose each time you feel tempted to go for extra calories or veg out on the couch…then get your butt in gear.

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