Building muscle requires you to work smarter, not harder. That means thinking carefully about the type of exercise you are performing. Do something that will give you maximum bang for your buck. That’s why many people prefer to turn to drop sets. Done right, they have the potential to help you grow muscle rapidly. Even better, they are fairly easy to learn. Here’s your guide to incorporating drop sets into your training routine. What Are Drop Sets? Drop sets follow a simple training principle. Push your muscles to failure. This is the point where you are unable to perform another… Read More »

Dianabol, also known as Dbol, is a game-changer. Users report impressive performance. Massive amounts of muscle gain. Strength levels going through the roof. After a few cycles, you’ll be looking jacked. Faced with these gains, many people want to know how they can get in on the action. So, when’s the best time to start taking Dianabol? The answer to this question might prove more complex than you first thought. Let’s look at some of the factors that you need to consider. Experience With Steroids Start by thinking about how much experience you have with steroids. If you haven’t tried… Read More »

The cutting cycle can be a very exciting time. Losing all the excess weight. Showing off your lean muscle gains. This will get you ready to impress judges before a competition. However, achieving a good cutting cycle requires you to create an excellent diet. This can be a challenge. Cut too many calories out of your diet and your body won’t have the energy it needs. Forcing you to burn through lean muscle. But leave too many calories in and you won’t be able to lose weight. Carefully creating a cutting diet that’s tailored to your nutritional needs is key.… Read More »

When it comes to achieving that dream physique, sometimes we all need that little extra help. While consuming a high-quality diet and slogging in the hours at the gym is crucial for staying lean and healthy, there are a plethora of products on the market designed to boost our workouts. From power products like protein powders to strange ‘snake oil’ formulas containing deer antlers, the list of products available goes on and on. Both human growth hormones and steroids are popular among bodybuilders, and the two are often compared. In reality, the two are far from similar. Ready to learn… Read More »

Bulking up and building upper body strength is just as important as working out the lower half of your body. Enhancing your shoulder muscles and gaining definition is a primary focus for bodybuilders competing for the best physique. Although there are many exercises you can perform, we have narrowed it down to a small handful of the top workouts to help you achieve the results you’re looking for. So let’s start and get shredded! Shoulder Workouts At The Gym Some people love working out at the gym for social reasons and or for accountability. Some people need others to hold… Read More »

Anabolic steroids can be split into two distinct groups. Ones that need to be injected and those that need to be taken orally. This has led to plenty of debate over oral vs injectable steroids has raged within the bodybuilding community for years. The truth is complex. There is no clear winner. Both options have their pros and cons. Often, which one you take depends on the outcome you are looking to achieve. Read on to learn more about the distinction between oral vs injectable steroids to find the approach that best suits you. What Are Oral Steroids? Oral steroids… Read More »

Deca Durabolin (Nandrolone) is one of the most popular anabolic steroids available today, and a lot of people will tell you that it is a weaker steroid, which carries less risk. But this is only true if you take the measures and care to educate yourself and take it responsibly. Deca is often used in bodybuilding cycles, where it is combined with the effects of other steroids for optimum results, and can be stacked with testosterone. As always, there are still risks when putting performance enhancing chemicals into your body – be sure to learn them, and how best to… Read More »

Often, diet and exercise alone aren’t enough to hit your fitness goals. You could eat the most healthy foods and hit the gym every day, but still fall short of where you want to be. Thankfully, supplements can help you get there. Powerful on their own, supplements become even more effective (and economical) when stacked together. Not sure how supplement stacks work or how to choose the best one for your needs? Read on to learn all the insider tips you need to know. Why Use Supplement Stacks? As their name implies, supplement stacks offer a way to combine your… Read More »

Bodybuilders need to maximize the potential of every piece of nutrition they take in. Pre-workout nutrition is an integral part of this because, without it, your body doesn’t have the required nutrients to function at optimum levels. To make the most of their performance every single day, professional bodybuilders turn to pre-workout supplements. But what are these supplements and do they work? Read on to find out. Understanding the Bodybuilder’s Pre-Workout It’s not just bodybuilders who want to make the most of their exercise time, pro athletes all over the world are known to engage in a little pre-workout supplementation.… Read More »

This type of exercise is mainly used for powerlifting and bodybuilding. The exercise is primarily used to increase strength and body size. The workout targets back muscles; the area of the back affected depends on the workout form. The workout also the arms and hips, creating bigger biceps and bigger thighs. This is one of the exercises that most effectively increases your ability to bench press, squat, and deadlift. As the exercise heavily affects the lower back, caution is advised to avoid fatal injuries or muscle spasms, which can have a long-lasting effect. When the exercise is carried out properly,… Read More »