Anyone interested in bodybuilding wants to see the results of their hard work as quickly as they can, and the most obvious place for you to start working is your triceps and biceps, while supplementing correctly to support growth in mass. Growing muscle here is the basis of bodybuilding and isn’t difficult if you follow our guide in Bodybuilding 101: How to get Bigger Arms!

Things To Watch Out For

Don’t overtrain your arms and forget about everything else. You want a balanced workout that trains your whole body. The key to bigger arms is to increase your lifting weight over time – but the key to lifting more lies in your core strength. There is no point lifting weight your spine can’t support; you’ll only get hurt. So isolation is not necessarily key here. Try to focus on complex, joined exercises in a structured, repetitive pattern. You will gain more and lift heavier, faster.

Eat Right

Following the right diet is essential. You want to be protein packing as much as you can while watching that you don’t turn that tissue into fat by going too far. That being said, your body can only synthesize new muscle if it has enough nutrients – so do some research, learn about what you are eating and start making the appropriate changes today.

Rest Right

When you are asleep your body takes advantage of your rest state to grow new DNA and fortify new cells.  Building your arms through bodybuilding methods is as much about getting enough food and sleep as it is about putting the hours in at the gym. So work hard, play hard and then rest when you’ve done your share.

Squats and Deadlifts

Both of these exercises will build your arms better than curls will. Combining all three will give you the maximum possible arm growth rate when combined with enough nutrients and the right amount of sleep.

Bulk Up

We’re not saying you should turn around and rush out to buy anabolic steroids on the black market – we are saying that there are a number of reasonably healthy alternative supplements available that are specifically designed to give you the gains without any of the side effects that got anabolics banned to begin with.

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