You spent a lot of time perfecting your physique, so now you want to start entering bodybuilding competitions. But where do you start? There are a lot of things that need to go into getting prepared for these competitions. By reading on, you will learn the best bodybuilding competition tips to get ready for your first event and every other after that.

Before you can get started, you need to evaluate your physique. How lean are you currently? How much time do you need to diet to prepare? Of the different types of metabolism, ectomorphic, endomorphic, and mesomorphic, which type do you have? You need to have a balanced and symmetrical physique, so you need to carefully look at your body to see where you need to improve to get the perfect appearance. It’s also an excellent idea for you to attend a show before you compete so that you know what to expect.

Create A Diet Plan

Once you have figured out the timeframe to diet, lose between 0.5 and 1.5lbs per week, you can create your diet plan. You need to keep your protein no lower than 1 gram, but no higher than 1.5 gram per pound of bodyweight. There is a delicate balance of protein consumption that you need to have to lose fat but maintain your muscle mass. Your carb intake should also be about 1 gram per pound of body weight for the first two weeks of your diet. These carbs should come from these sources:

  • Dark green vegetables
  • Whole grain foods
  • Brown rice
  • Regular oatmeal
  • Slow digesting fruits

Your protein sources should be lean proteins like fish, whole eggs, skinless/boneless chicken breasts, ground turkey, and lean beef. Use these foods to create the ultimate bulking meal!

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Build A Workout Routine

Now that you have the diet down, it is essential to take a look at the workout process. Cardiovascular training and strength training are crucial parts of your competition prep. Cardio is vital to help create a leaner physique. Strength training isn’t done here to build up more muscle mass; the goal is to tone, refine, and condition the muscle you already have. Take the time to prioritize the parts of your body that you need to work up to get the symmetry you need for competitions. 

Practice The Poses

There are some other things that you should do to prepare for your competition. While things like diet and exercise seem like no-brainers, you cannot forget the importance of posing. You need to practice your pose until you master it. You should also be sure to pick simple music with a simple routine to help make your first competition go more smoothly. 

Hard Work Pays Off

Preparing for your bodybuilding competition is a long process, one that you need to take seriously. Sometimes people think that they can go just down water and sodium a week before the event and they will be fine. They also feel that they need to do something fancy without actually practicing. These are both common mistakes that you will want to avoid if you are going to have a successful first competition. 

Getting your body “show ready” requires a lot of hard work and patience throughout each day. As long as you create a plan that meets your bodybuilding needs and stick to it, you will see results for your first competition. All of the tips above help reach your physique goals, and you can maximize your efforts through supplementation. CrazyMass sells premium bodybuilding supplements to help build muscle, gain strength, and cut fat. Our products are trusted by fitness gurus who compete in national bodybuilding events. Get ready for your next show and beat the competition!