When they were initially invented, bodybuilding steroids were thought of as a miracle new drug that would help you grow muscle mass and make you faster, bigger and stronger. They also have certain medical applications in the treatment of degenerative conditions which saw doctors prescribing them left, right and center. More than fifty years on we have learned that these wonder drugs have some horrible side effects brought on by using them for prolonged periods of time… So then the race was on to find safe alternatives to bodybuilding steroids so that we could keep the benefits and get rid of the nasty bits.

Bodybuilding Steroidal Supplements

To this day you will find articles relating to Anabolic Steroids should you search this term on the internet. The fact of the matter is that these drugs are still in use by professional bodybuilders, albeit they are closely monitored by physicians. The dangers arise when people without prescriptions and with no knowledge of the consequences start to take them. So stay away at all costs, and find a safe, legal alternative to bodybuilding steroids instead.

Safe, Alternative Bodybuilding Supplements

Let’s look at the top three traditional steroids and their modern-day alternatives to give you an idea of how it works.

  • The traditional steroid = Dianabol – Also called D-Bol, this steroid increases protein synthesis and builds muscle growth
  • The modern alternative = D-Anaoxn – a safe way to grow muscle mass and synthesize proteins faster, without increasing breast size in men or damaging the liver as the traditional one did.
  • The traditional steroid = Trenbolone – Does a number of muscle growth jobs but its primary function was to increase vasculosity.
  • The modern alternative = T-Bal 75 – This is an awesome safe alternative to the steroid that lets you both cut and bulk at the same time. Define your muscles while still growing… the bodybuilder’s dream.
  • The traditional steroid = HGH – Human Growth Hormone imitates the body’s growth hormones that it naturally produces in it’s younger years.
  • The modern alternative = H-GH Elite – a legal, safe alternative to HGH that won’t lead to high cholesterol, heart disease and diabetes like its predecessor.

…And it doesn’t stop there. For any traditional bodybuilding steroid, you can think of scientists have developed safe modern alternatives that won’t do the damage that the original steroids did.

Changing Perceptions

We here at CrazyMass would like the world to reach a place where, when we search for steroid supplements, we are not greeted with hosts of illegal drugs. We want steroid supplements to mean just that – something that we use instead of steroids that won’t have the same ill effects on our bodies.

If you would like to join us in changing perceptions then you can visit us at our shop page, and have a look at one of the safest, most extensive collections of healthier alternatives to traditional steroids available on the market. Together we can change the meaning, impact, and after-effects of steroids. use on the body by getting to the root of the problem and updating it to something a lot more user-friendly.