Did you know that 63 percent of people who have gym memberships never actually use them? That’s a lot of people who have good intentions but not nearly enough motivation.

There’s nothing more frustrating than dedicating a lot of your time to working out at the gym only to see little to no results at all. No matter your body type, there are still many bodybuilding techniques you can adopt in order to see real results in the size and definition of your physique.

When you know what to do while you’re in the gym, then you’ll be much more likely to go and stick to your goals. We can show you the newest bodybuilding techniques as well as the methods that have stood the test of time.

Keep reading for 5 bodybuilding techniques that will change how you workout forever.

1. Strips Sets

This method is one of those old school bodybuilding techniques that have been around for a long while. It was one of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s favorites.

The way to do strip sets is by pulling a switcheroo. After you’ve done a set of heavyweight to near failure, you should quickly perform as many reps as you can during another set but with 20 to 25 percent less weight.

It’s best to use this method with a cable pulley system because reracking weights can cause you to take more time between sets. That way, all you have to do is change the position of the cable pin. The key is to perform the reduced weight set as fast as possible for maximum results.

This method takes advantage of the fact that fatigue increases metabolic stress which helps with muscle growth immensely.

2. Negative Sets

One of the best bodybuilding techniques to burn the most fat and gain the most muscle involves the second part of a rep that many people neglect. It’s natural to focus on the pushing or pulling motions when lifting weights, but it’s just as important, if not more so, to focus on the comedown.

You should never let the bar fall down to your chest, for example. Rather, every rep should be a calculated move that you have full control over. Next time you do a bench-press rep, try going down as slowly as you can. It should take about 3 to 8 seconds, depending on what exercise you’re doing.

Utilizing negative sets can be extremely effective at building up your muscles, but it can sap your energy, so be sure to have someone spot you in case you can’t lift the bar back up.

3. High Reps, Low Weight

If you lift with your ego, chances are you don’t take the time to lift lighter weight in order to maximize the number of reps you do. This is why you should never lift with your ego because high reps and low weight can actually do wonders for your bodybuilding goals.

Lifting heavy is a great way to target the fast-twitch fibers in your muscles, but you’ll need to lift light so that you can target your slow-twitch muscle fibers too. Of course, you should focus on each fiber on different days. Slow-twitch muscle fibers don’t even have to be your priority but they shouldn’t be neglected either.

It’s best to plan out high reps with low weight at the gym once or twice a week. Higher reps allow for more swelling of the muscles which can help with muscle repair and protein synthesis, bulking you up over time.

4. Paired Sets

One of the best bodybuilding techniques for men in their 60s to their 20s is called paired sets. This method involves working out different muscles with two different exercises and no rest time in between. This might sound similar to supersets, but the key is to work opposite muscles within the same muscle group.

For example, your quads and hamstrings can be alternately targeted for maximum growth. As you work out one set of opposing muscles, you’ll be stretching the other set of muscles that you just worked out. This will cause microscopic tears in your muscles which will make them grow back stronger and bigger.

Another benefit is that the muscles that are lightly stretching will still be able to rest a bit as you target the other muscles, allowing for a more streamlined workout. When you put this technique in your plan, you’ll soon see amazing results that will motivate you further to go to the gym again and again.

5. Natural Supplement Stacking

Natural supplements and legal steroids are a great way to get quick and efficient results like never before. If you get your supplements from a reliable source, then you should expect your products to use high-quality, natural ingredients that don’t have the nasty side effects of illegal steroids.

There are supplements for cutting your physique for a sculpted look, for bulking up your muscles, and also for increasing your stamina and strength. You might be wondering which one to start with, but it’s often best to do what is referred to as ‘stacking.’

In order to stack properly, you should take one pill from each supplement, which counts as one serving. Make sure to drink about 8 to 10 glasses of water and eat some food with each serving. You can take up to 3 servings per day but you should wait at least 5 hours between each.

If you’re taking the maximum dosage, you should have a ten-day break after about 4 weeks. Otherwise, you can continue taking an average dosage for up to 8 weeks and then take a break.

Ready to Use These Bodybuilding Techniques for a Better Workout?

Now that you know about these 5 bodybuilding techniques that will change how you workout forever, you can begin to revolutionize your time at the gym and see amazing results.

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