Many bodybuilders often try to use steroids to supercharge their gains but their is one problem! These drugs are illegal. Should you get caught using them, you could be in hot water. Drug tests are becoming a more common part of our lives. You might get tested as part of a work place policy or before a competition.

It’s understandable if the thought of doing a drug test makes you nervous. But does Tren show up in a drug test?  Let’s break down these testing methods to give you a better idea of what you are up against.

What Type Of Drug Tests Are There?

There isn’t one type of drug test. There are several options that you might experience, depending on the situation. These are the most common choices.

Salvia Sample

If you are getting a drug test from the police, this is the method they will likely use. You will need to provide a small amount of your saliva. This will then be tested for outlawed drugs. This method isn’t as accurate as other options on this list. It only picks up on recent drug activity. But the police like it because it’s fast. You should get results within a few minutes. If you are positive, you might need to do other tests, to provide more definitive results.

Urine Test

This is the method that most employers would prefer. It’s also something that athletes might need to do before a competition. As the name suggests, you’ll need to provide a urine sample. Sometimes, you might need to do this while someone watches. It’s very awkward. But it ensures that you are providing an accurate sample.

From there, the sample will be sent to a lab. This is a fairly accurate method. If you are using drugs, a urine test will find them.

Blood Test

This method is less common. It will be more costly. A medical professional will need to take a sample of your blood. Employers choose this approach because the test is highly accurate. If there are still drugs in your bloodstream, they’ll be discovered.

Hair Sample

This is the least common testing option. A few hair follicles will be taken to the lab. Because drugs go into the blood, they will be incorporated into the hair. The hair test allows for a longer record of drug history. Even though the drugs might have left your blood, they can still linger in your hair. Providing an overview of your drug activity within the last 90 days.

Why Might You Get Drug Tested?

There are plenty of reasons why you might be given a drug test, the most common reasons include:

  • Testing for work. Employers might test their employees. Drugs can affect your mental acuity. They want to make sure that you are doing your job properly.
  • Roadside drug testing. Law enforcement frequently performs random roadside drug testing. Or you might have been spotted driving erratically. Leading them to suspect that you are taking illegal substances.
  • Testing after an accident. Serious accidents will require an investigation. Finding out what went wrong and who was responsible. Perhaps you were involved in a car crash. Or you got injured at work.
  • Ensuring fairness in sport. Professional sporting organizations will require regular drug testing. Creating a level playing field. Particular disciplines, like bodybuilding, might be extra vigilant. They have been marred by steroid-related controversies in the past.
  • Legal requirements. Drug testing is a common legal requirement. Many paroles will need to face regular drug tests. Fail these and you’ll breach your parole conditions. Risking serious legal consequences.

Do You Need To Comply With A Drug Test?

The laws surrounding drug testing are a little complex. If you are asking does Tren show up in a drug test and want to protect yourself, it’s best to chat with your lawyer. But there are a few things to keep in mind. Depending on your job, you might need to undergo drug testing. In some industries, like policing or transport, you might not have a choice.

Depending on state law, though, private employers might not be able to create a blanket drug test. But that doesn’t mean that you are safe. If they have reason to suspect that you are taking drugs, they can request a test. You might be able to refuse. But that could be grounds for dismissal. Similarly, athletes might be able to refuse a test. But they can be barred from an event for failing to comply with the requirements.

When it comes to police testing, they need to suspect that you are on drugs.  You might be driving erratically. They can then pull you over and ask for a drug test. You might be able to refuse. But not without getting into some legal problems. For example, in Wyoming, your license will be instantly suspended if you refuse a drug test. But it’s best to double-check the laws in your state with your lawyer.

How Your Sample Will Be Analyzed

After your test, there are a few ways that your sample can be analyzed. Here are some of the methods they might use; chromatography and mass spectrometry. It’s also important to remember that steps will be taken to ensure that your sample is handled properly. For example, the lab will undergo regular performance tests. Making sure that they are meeting testing standards. Because of this, the lab will be able to deliver accurate results.

What Drug Tests Will Pick Up

Now for the big question, does Tren show up in a drug test? The answer is a definitive yes. These are very accurate, sensitive tests. If steroids are in your system, they will pick up on it. But that isn’t the only thing they will detect. Tests will also pick up on the other illegal drugs you might have used. For example, it’ll be able to find traces of cocaine or marijuana. In addition, these tests will pick up on any prescription drugs that you might be using.

Most of the time, you don’t need to worry about prescription drugs. As long as you can show that the medication was prescribed by a doctor, you’ll be fine. Just remember to stick to the prescription limits recommended. Abusing prescription drugs can still land you in hot water.

These tests are highly sensitive. But some people still try to cheat them. This usually doesn’t end well. Most cheating methods are detectable. For example, people might try to drink a lot of water before the test or add it to the sample after the test. Thinking that it will dilute the drugs, making it harder to pick up. But labs can detect this. They’ll flag the sample and ask you to do it again. Some people might try to mix some chemicals, like soap or eye drops, into the sample. But the lab will spot the dodgy results and flag the sample.

Your best bet is to try and find someone willing to fill your urine sample for you. This can be a tough chat. Requiring you to admit that you’ve been using steroids.

Detectable Period For Steroids

Does Tren show up in a drug test? That depends on how long ago you took the drugs. Here is the estimated detectable period for some common steroids:

  • Tren will stick around for five months
  • Testosterone Propionate will last for three weeks. But its other form, Testosterone Enanthate, will linger for up to five months.
  • Dianabol can still be detected after five weeks
  • Masteron Enanthate stays in your system for 12 weeks
  • One of the longest-lasting steroids is Deca Durabolin. It’ll still be in your system after 18 months. If you get regularly drug tested for work, this isn’t a good option.

It’s important to remember that these are just estimates. If you were taking a higher dose, the drug might linger in your system longer. As a general rule, most steroids will linger for four to 18 weeks.

Other Signs That You Are Using Steroids

Perhaps, you will be able to conceal your steroid use from a drug test. That doesn’t mean that you will be able to conceal the effects of steroids. Here are some of the most common side effects:

  • Balding and oily skin. The chances that this will occur will depend on your family’s genetic history.
  • Trouble managing emotions. This is something that could get you into trouble at work. Steroids can mess with your hormone levels. Making it harder to contain your anger. If you’re not careful, this could start to impact your relationships at work.
  • Steroids boost your testosterone levels. For women, this can cause the development of male features. For example, you might start to get body or facial hair. Perhaps, you might develop a lower voice. This can be embarrassing.
  • Gynaecomastia. Women aren’t alone. Men can also be left with embarrassing body changes. Some steroids can raise your estrogen levels. Causing you to develop female characteristics. The most common sign is man boobs. Your water retention might increase, leading to a ‘roid gut.
  • Trouble focusing. Steroids can disrupt your sleep cycle. This can make it harder to focus. Disrupting your performance at work.
  • Mental health problems. The longer you take steroids, the more severe the side effects will become. Experienced users report a higher risk of becoming paranoid and depressed. This will start to take its toll on your relationships.

Of course, you won’t get all these symptoms at once. But even a few of these will be enough to make a noticeable change in your personality and appearance. Plus, the stronger your steroids, the more severe your symptoms will be. It’s also important to remember that these are just the obvious symptoms. It doesn’t include the long-term health effects, like getting liver cancer.

Legal Consequences Of Getting Caught Using Steroids

Getting caught using steroids can cause big problems. Most of the time, using steroids isn’t enough to get you fired. But the side effects might. If you experience anger problems, you might start causing problems within the workplace. This might be grounds for dismissal.

It’s also important to consider the legal ramifications. It’s illegal to have steroids without a doctor’s prescription. If the police catch you, they could impose harsh penalties. Expect a fine. In the worst-case scenario, you could be staring down a prison sentence.

Another scenario to consider is the impact that a positive drug result can have on your bodybuilding career. Basically, it would end it. You would be barred from competing. Depending on the rules, you might have your previous wins stripped. Leaving a permanent blemish on your record.

Natural Alternatives To Steroids

If it’s been long enough for the drugs to get out of your system, you might be able to pass a drug test. But is that a risk you want to take? Not to mention the other negative side effects that you’ll have to contend with.

The best option is to move to an alternative. At Crazy Mass, we provide supplements that use natural ingredients. These are safe and legal. They won’t cause any problems on a drug test. But don’t be fooled. They’ll still pack a punch. Delivering the powerful results, you’ve come to expect from steroids. With a huge range to explore, you can find something for every cycle.


Drug testing is becoming more popular. Making it harder for steroid users to avoid getting caught. The gains from these drugs can be powerful. But it isn’t worth the legal headaches they will cause. Instead, it’s best to switch to a natural alternative.

The problem is that making this switch can be tough. Steroids can be addictive. Quitting can leave you battling withdrawal symptoms. But you don’t need to fight them alone. If you need help, here are some resources you can turn to:

  • American Council for Drug Education. This group has plenty of educational resources available. Letting you learn more about the impact that steroid use is having on your body.
  • Drug rehab groups. Many communities offer a place to talk about your drug use and get support quitting.
  • Online chat forums. If you don’t feel comfortable seeking support in person, you can use an online chat group.
  • Therapy. Perhaps you want to try professional mental health support. Getting to the root of your addictions.

Whatever your approach, quitting the drugs will improve your health and mental health.