Some bodybuilders turn to a steroid called Trenbolone, commonly shortened to Tren, to help them build their impressive physique. This can deliver impressive results in a short period. But it comes with some nasty side effects. Most commonly, an uncomfortable cough which occurs shortly after you inject the drug. Let’s look at why this happens and whether it can be avoided.

The Basics of Tren

Before we go into depth about Tren cough, let’s run through the basics of this drug. Tren is a powerful anabolic steroid, used during the bulking cycle. Due to its potency, it can help you rapidly add muscle mass. There are a few other benefits to consider, including:

  • Increasing your metabolism. Boosting the amount of fat, you are burning while protecting and building lean muscle.
  • More energy and stamina. Giving you a better athletic performance. Allowing you to push yourself to the limit in the gym, getting the most out of each session.
  • Faster recovery period. After an intense workout, you’ll need to give your muscles some time to recover. Tren allows for better protein synthesis. So, you can get back into the gym faster.
  • Improve blood circulation. Trenbolone can dilate your blood vessels. Pushing nutrients around your body more effectively. Giving your muscles everything they need to thrive.
  • More focus. Some bodybuilders claim they are more focused in the gym after taking Tren. Letting them dedicate more attention to their workout.

While these are great results, you should be careful. Tren is hiding some dark side effects. Such as the ability to cause a nasty cough.

Why Does the Tren Cough Occur?

The first thing to understand is what is causing your Tren cough. There are a few explanations. First, this drug needs to be injected. For most people, this can pose a challenge. Because of this, they might accidentally inject into a blood vein. Carrying the drug to the lymphatic system. Causing you to start coughing violently.

There is another theory to explore. The cough could be related to the effects of the drug. It triggers the Insulin Growth Factor (IGF). Making it easier to add muscle mass. But that’s not all. It also causes your body to produce prostaglandin. This can cause irritation in the lungs, making you cough. Remember, this is just a theory. It hasn’t been tested yet.

Identifying A Tren Cough

If you have experienced a Tren cough, you’ll know that it’s an unpleasant sensation. The effect and severity can vary. But it tends to follow a similar pattern. First, you will notice that your chest is getting tighter. You might taste blood. Then, comes the cough. Most of the time, it’s fairly violent. How long the coughing lasts can vary. Sometimes, it’ll only be thirty seconds. At other times, the cough can linger for a minute and a half.

Is The Tren Cough Dangerous?

Getting a Tren cough can feel severe. You might even taste your blood. It’s understandable to be alarmed about the effect this violent coughing fit is having on your health. The good news is that there’s nothing to be worried about. It’s just your lungs reacting to an irritant. There are no long-term health effects from a Tren cough.

If you experience a cough, your best option is not to fight it. Allow your body to cough up the inflammatory material. It’ll soon pass. However, some people report feeling nauseous after the coughing session.

This doesn’t mean that Tren is safe. As we’ll discuss later, there are plenty of horrible side effects associated with this potent drug. If you aren’t careful, you can do a lot of long-term damage.

How Common Is the Tren Cough?

Not everyone experiences the Tren cough. There are a few things that will determine your risk level. First, your level of experience with steroids. More experienced users are able to inject themselves properly. Avoiding any blood veins. Don’t worry, if you’re just starting out. This is a skill that can be learned easily. We’ll give you some tips in the next section. The next thing to consider is the type of Tren you are using. Some varieties use ingredients that are less likely to irritate your lungs.

It also comes down to luck. Some people are more likely to experience Tren cough than others. Generally, though, bodybuilders report getting Tren cough 15 to 20 percent of the time. If you get it more frequently or get more severe side effects, it might be time to consider switching to a new steroid.

Is Tren the Only Steroid That Causes A Cough?

The Tren cough is well-known within the bodybuilding community. But most injectable steroids can produce a cough. Especially if you inject it into the wrong area, pushing the drugs into your lymphatic system. For example, you might hear of people getting a cough after injecting Deca Durabolin or Testosterone enanthate.

But, while unpleasant, these drugs won’t produce the same intense coughing you can expect from Tren. This is because Trenbolone is more potent than the other drugs. Everything is more pronounced. You get bigger muscle gains. At a price. You’ll be getting more severe side effects.

Tips To Avoid a Tren Cough

Tren has a relatively short half-life. You’ll need to inject it once every two days or so. If you get a Tren cough every time you do this, you’ll be in for a terrible cycle. The good news is that you don’t need to suffer a cough. Some people have gone through their entire cycle without experiencing this side effect. Here are some strategies you can try:

Choose The Injection Site Carefully

Most of the problems come from choosing the incorrect injection site. You don’t want to inject it into the bloodstream. This will carry the drug into your lungs, causing you to have a coughing fit. Instead, you want to aim for the muscle. This will more slowly disperse Tren throughout your system.

The lower back and buttocks have plenty of blood veins. Increasing your chances of developing a Tren cough. Instead, you should aim for pectoral muscles. Another good option is to inject it into your quads. Experiment a little. Find a spot that works for you.

Change Your Injection Method

Regardless of your injection location, there is still a chance of hitting a blood vessel and causing the Tren cough. That’s why it’s a good idea to vary your injection method. Add an extra layer of protection. Your best option is to aspirate the needle. In this case, you’ll need to place the needle into your skin. But, before you inject the needle, draw in a little fluid. If you see blood, you’re in the vein. Switch to a different location and try again. When you don’t see any blood, it’s time to give yourself the injection.

If you routinely get Tren cough, you might need to take some other precautions. Try applying some ice to the injection site. This will shrink the size of your blood vessels. Making them harder to hit. Experiment with injection speed. Slow it down, giving your body more time to absorb the drug.

Switch To A Different Tren Formulation

There are a few types of Tren on the market.  It’s important to consider which one is right for you. For those who regularly get coughing fits, it might be a good idea to pick one that doesn’t contain benzyl alcohol. Many Tren users report that this ingredient is responsible for your coughing fit.

There are a few formulations that don’t contain benzyl alcohol. Most commonly, the 50mg/mL and 75mg/mL options. These use vegetable oil instead. This ingredient isn’t going to irritate your lungs, lowering the chance of a cough. But there are a few caveats to keep in mind. Most importantly, these formulations won’t be as powerful. Reducing the amount of muscle growth you can expect.

Another option is to combine the Tren with other steroids. One of the most popular concoctions is to combine Tren with testosterone. Stacking two drugs can give you more powerful muscle gains. It also reduces the concentration of Tren in the injection. Lowering your risk of developing a cough. But things aren’t all positive. Taking two drugs increases the number of side effects you will experience.

No Avoidance Method Is Perfect

Even if you follow these methods, you might still get a Tren cough. Unfortunately, it can all come down to chance. Sometimes, you will get bad luck. Injecting the drugs into your blood, rather than into the muscles. This will inflame the lungs, causing you to start coughing. Since Tren doesn’t come in an oral form, there is no way to eliminate this risk.

Other Symptoms Associated with Tren

Getting a Tren cough is uncomfortable. But it is far from the worst side effect that you will experience. Here are some of the other things you can expect to face:

  • Higher blood pressure. Tren affects your cholesterol level. In particular, you will be raising the amount of bad testosterone in your system. This increases your chances of having a heart attack or stroke.
  • This is an embarrassing problem that affects women. Raising your testosterone levels can cause you to develop male features. Perhaps you will grow facial hair. At other times, you can get clitoral enlargement or a lower voice. These aren’t permanent changes. Stop taking the drug and it should go away.
  • Anger management issues. ‘Roid rage is one of the most well-known side effects of potent steroids, like Tren. You don’t want to lose control of your emotions, taking out your anger on those around you. This will destroy your relationships.
  • Negatively affecting sexual performance. When you take Tren, your body stops producing testosterone naturally. Because of this, your libido might be lowered. You might also find it harder to get and maintain an erection.
  • Oily skin. Tren causes your body’s hormones to go into overdrive. Leading to oily, clammy skin. Some men also have an outbreak of acne. Even worse, you might find yourself sweating more profusely. Skin treatments will be needed to contain the worst of the acne and oily skin.
  • Sleeping problems. Some bodybuilders report Tren making them restless. Making it harder to get enough sleep. Without sleep, your body will struggle to function normally. You won’t be as alert and reaction times will be slower. Energy levels are lower, making it harder to push yourself in the gym.
  • Male pattern baldness is a common Tren side effect. Especially if it runs in your family.
  • Legal problems. Because of the litany of horrible side effects, Tren is banned in the United States. Get caught and you could be looking at jail time or a huge fine. Competitions also test bodybuilders. If it’s still in your system, you could be banned and stripped of previous wins.

Because of these negative side effects, it’s essential to create a strong Post Cycle Therapy (PCT) routine. Allowing your body to return to naturally producing testosterone again. Limiting the long-term damage to your health.

Many of these side effects are embarrassing. Unlike a coughing fit, they will be impossible to conceal from those around you. But the bad news doesn’t stop there. In the worst-case scenario, taking Tren can lead to life-threatening conditions. You could develop liver or kidney diseases. Overstimulation of the prostate can lead to cancer.

The Best Way to Avoid a Tren Cough

There is one surefire way to avoid a Tren cough. Not taking any Trenbolone. Just because you aren’t taking potent steroids doesn’t mean that you can’t boost your results in the gym. You just need to turn to safer alternatives. Crazy Mass can help. We make high-quality supplements. Using natural ingredients to replicate the effects of steroids, without the nasty side effects. In particular, try our T-Bal 75 option, replicating Trenbolone. Combine it with other supplements in our bulking stack to get impressive results.


The Tren cough is unpleasant. While you can take steps to reduce the risks, you can’t eliminate them entirely. If you want to take this drug, be prepared for the side effects. In that regard, a cough is the least of your concerns. I’d be more concerned about anger management and the chances of destroying my liver. Your best option is to switch to a safe, natural alternative from Crazy Mass.