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If you ask the average American, there’s almost a 50 percent chance that they’ll tell you they want to lose weight. If you ask the average bodybuilder, though, there’s a good chance their goal is to gain muscle mass and start “bulking.” Are you in this camp right now? Are you trying to put on size for your next show? If so, read on to learn about seven foods and drinks you ought to avoid while putting together your bulking meal plan. 1. High-Sugar Foods Some people assuming that entering a bulking phase gives you a free pass to eat… Read More »

You could be going to the gym almost every day but your results will be negatively affected if you don’t follow the proper bodybuilding diet. Simply put, nutrition is a crucial component of fitness. If you think of your body as a machine, then you need to put the right fuel into it. If you don’t, you can expect that machine to break down and not work correctly. Are you wondering how to have a muscle building diet that can reinforce your gains at the gym rather than ruin them? Keep reading to learn about the foods you should be eating when… Read More »

When you look at the people who show up on the covers of bodybuilding magazines, it can be tempting to just grab the first steroids you can get your hands on. You want muscles that look like that now, and it seems impossible to get them without chemical help. But natural bodybuilding can help you get long-lasting results in the healthiest way for your body. The key to successful natural bodybuilding is a great diet, lots of water, natural supplements. and smart workout plans. Read on to learn how to build rock-hard muscles the natural way. Eat Plenty of Protein… Read More »

Did you know that 63 percent of people who have gym memberships never actually use them? That’s a lot of people who have good intentions but not nearly enough motivation. There’s nothing more frustrating than dedicating a lot of your time to working out at the gym only to see little to no results at all. No matter your body type, there are still many bodybuilding techniques you can adopt in order to see real results in the size and definition of your physique. When you know what to do while you’re in the gym, then you’ll be much more likely… Read More »

A bodybuilder requires large amounts of nutrients to provide and maintain energy and muscle mass production. These include the building blocks of protein — amino acids and polypeptides. They also include sugars from carbohydrates and glycerol and fatty acids from fats. Digestive enzymes break down food so nutrients are small enough to be absorbed by the body. It’s also broken into the right form to be distributed and used by the body. For example, protein is broken into amino acids. Amino acids assist the body in building new protein, like muscle. The average body builds about 250 grams of new protein daily. It does… Read More »

Did you know that an average man who trains 4 times a week can gain around 2 pounds of muscle mass each month? If you want to get the best results for all of your effort, make smart lifestyle choices inside and outside of the gym. Do you want to learn how to pack on the most amount of muscle mass in the shortest amount of time? Keep reading for 10 bodybuilder diet and exercise tips that can help you get shredded. 1. Protein Is Crucial Since protein is the building blocks of muscles, you need to make sure you’re… Read More »

It would be very surprising to find a single human alive who has never suffered from a twitching muscle. Here in the bodybuilding sphere, muscle twitches are a necessary and accepted part of life. They usually come on at the worst possible moments too. Sometimes a muscle twitch will visit when you are mid-competition and desperate to look your best… So what causes your muscles to twitch and, most importantly, how do you stop it?  CrazyMass turned to the professionals for advice. Why Do Our Muscles Twitch? There are several reasons why your muscles might start to twitch. Most of… Read More »

Anyone interested in making sure that their body is getting the right supply of nutrients ought to know a little more about L-Arginine. Also, sometimes known as Nitric Oxide, L-Arginine is a neurotransmitter that helps the brain and body function harmoniously. Evidence has shown that Arginine is excellent for improving circulation and improving heart health – but can it be applied to support a bodybuilder make gains? At CrazyMass, we went on a mission to find out. What is L-Arginine?  Before we dive into how L-Arginine can help a bodybuilder, let’s examine precisely what it is, and summarize the scientific… Read More »

HGH and deer antler velvet are known for their bodybuilding benefits to build lean muscle, burn fat, enhance performance, improve endurance, and much more. Is it any wonder that some professional athletes, bodybuilders, and celebrities spend thousands of dollars and risk using illegal, injectable, synthetic HGH to try to recapture this “HGH fountain of youth” or to get a competitive “edge”? How Does HGH Work? HGH is a human growth hormone, and the pituitary gland produces it in children and adults. It helps in regulating body composition, body fluids, fat metabolism, and heart functioning. It is also used to overcome children’s deficiencies related… Read More »

Human Growth Hormones are essential to the body at several different levels, serving vital functions such as regulating your metabolism and controlling cell repair. Of course, it is also known to boost muscle growth and strength endurance, which is probably why bodybuilders are seeking out natural ways to increase this hormone in their bodies with as little risk to their health as possible. Anabolic steroids come with many dangerous side effects and can lead to worrying conditions such as low testosterone disorder, and even the growth of female breast tissue in males.   What are Human Growth Hormones? (HGH) Human growth… Read More »