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Deca Durabolin

Legal Decka Alternatives

Deca Durabolin is one of the absolute top injectable anabolic steroids available today, it’s been used legally to help a variety of conditions. It has phenomenal anabolic and androgenic properties that make it a favorite steroid among body builders. There are few steroids with as many athletes being reprimanded for using it, this alone speaks to the effectiveness that nandrolone provides in its users.

Other Names for Nandrolone

Nandrolone is available in 2 separate ester preparations that create different effects. The most common ester is its decanoate form which is sold under the names Deca-Durabolin, eubolin, retabolil. In its phenylpropionate ester it is sold under brands including Durabolin and fenobolin. In the more common form many black market or illicit sellers will use names like Deka, Deca, D-ka to describe this steroid.

Uses of Deca Durabolin

Nandrolone is commonly used to treat a variety of conditions, and is available with a prescription in the US. When injected Decka has multiple anabolic and androgenic properties including increasing bone mass, increasing red blood cell production, and increasing muscle mass. It has been FDA approved since 1983 and has uses ranging from contraceptive properties to cancer treatments. The athelete and body building crowd uses it for all the same reasons that make it such an effective treatment for wasting type diseases. Most body builders will seek out Decka in order to avoid side effects that are common in other androgenic steroids.

Side Effects Of Nandrolone Use

Some of the most common side effects from using Decka are relatively mild because nandrolone does not have as severe hepatic or estrogenic impact as many other steroids. Even though Decka is considered mild on the side effects there are some serious side effects worth noting:       

Erectile Dysfunction - Nandrolone has been documented to cause erectile dysfunction commonly.

Cardiac Damage - As with many other Steroids High blood pressure is a potentially life threatening side effect that can lead to permanent damage.

Gynecomastia - In larger (non-medicinal) doses, Deca can still cause you to grow the dreaded man boobs. 

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Other Steroids That Get Stacked with Deca

Decka is a very suppressive steroid which means that it’s effects can be quite severe if not stacked with a testosterone injection. This will decrease the likelihood of testicular atrophy and help further increase gains.

Where to buy Decka Online

Nandrolone is available in the U.S. with a prescription for one of the many different conditions that it has been shown to aid. Without a prescription you are breaking the law by using Decka. As with most steroids, there are fly by night websites in every corner of the third world selling deca durabolin and that ship to the U.S. illegally.

Common Nandrolone questions

Where can I get Decka Legally?

-Without a prescription there is no legal way to get nandrolone in the U.S.

 Is Decka Banned?

-Nearly every major sporting authority has banned the use of all nandrolone esters.

Do I have to Inject it?

-Decka durabolin is only available as an injection.

What about Legal Nandrolone Alternatives?

While it’s impossible to perfect a perfect analong to nandrolone, many supplements have tried and failed, some creating amaing supplements like Deckadrolone.

Here at Crazymass we’ve spent years perfecting our Deckadrolone supplement that has been formulated in an attempt to mimic the effect of nandrolone decanoate properties in your body. Our team has refined this formula to increase its effectiveness for red blood cell and muscle production. 

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Legal alternatives to Deca Durabolin for Testosterone Boosting