To answer the question of whether or not legal PEDs (performance enhancing drugs) work let us first set the scene. Anabolic steroids came about through scientific trial and at the time when they were first released, almost all of them were hailed as “miracle drugs” for the effects on the body. Legal supplements were developed because the original anabolic steroids were dangerous and had harmful effects on the body when exposed on a long-term basis.

What Has All This Got To Do With Legal PEDs?

They were developed as a direct result of the originals becoming banned. Why? Because there is a huge demand for the kind of drugs that can boost hormones and protein synthesis in the body, that can help you to bulk up muscle, strengthen mass or cut and harden. The need for PEDs didn’t die when they became illegal; rather it grew as athletes and bodybuilders mourned the accelerated gains.

Legal PEDs were specifically developed to keep the positive effects of the anabolic steroids while losing the harmful side effects. In most instances, you will know it is safe if it is legal and FDA approved. It is important to note that anabolics are still in use but possession without a prescription might get you arrested.

So Do They Work?

Of course, they do! Scientists have been able to mimic the muscle boosting prowess of the original while making a safe substitute. Of course, rumor has it that the legal versions don’t work as well as some of the originals did – but given that the alternative won’t have you growing man breasts or leave you with kidney or liver failure it is safe to assume that you trade the risk for some actual common sense.

The point is that gains and bulk take work, regardless of what substances you use to aid you along the way. Nothing you swallow is going to make you wake up looking like Superman. It takes time, effort, dedication, a healthy diet, plenty of rest and hours upon hours of pushing yourself in training. Steroids, legal or otherwise are only an accessory. But yes, legal performance enhancing drugs do work.

A Little Something Safer

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