If you are a bodybuilder, you might be looking for a way of boosting your muscle and getting better results in the gym. You might have heard that Epiandrosterone is a good solution. It has been said to be effective during the bulking cycle, helping people add muscle fast.

But how does it perform in reality? Is it worth adding this to your workout routine? Here are some of the things you need to know before you start taking Epiandrosterone.

What Is Epiandrosterone And How Does It Work?

Epiandrosterone is also known as Epi-Andro. Interestingly, this is a type of steroid that is legal. Often, it will be sold under the brand name Androvar.  You will be able to purchase it over the counter, without the need for a prescription. As we’ll discuss later, this is because it doesn’t have the same potential danger as other anabolic steroids.

Epiandrosterone is a form of Dehydroepiandrosterone, often shortened to DHEA. When you ingest it, your body will convert it into a substance known as dihydrotestosterone. This is better known as DHT, which performs a similar role to testosterone. Interestingly, though, a study from the University of East Anglia investigated the effectiveness of DHT, particularly in relation to building muscle in mice. They found that DHT was better at this than testosterone.

DHT will act as an anabolic substance, which improves your body’s uptake of amino acids. This means it will perform a few important functions within the body. First, it will be able to help you build muscle. Secondly, it will be able to help you burn fat. Thirdly, DHT will be able to protect your muscle, stopping it from breaking down.   Basically, everything that a bodybuilder is looking for.

There is another interesting consequence of taking this supplement. Many men report that it has helped them to improve their sex drive.

What Are the Results Of Taking Epiandrosterone For Muscle Growth?

Based on what we know so far, Epiandrosterone should be a great tool for bodybuilders. Interestingly, though, you don’t have any way of knowing how effective this supplement will be. There aren’t too many studies that have examined the effect that Epiandrosterone has on muscle growth for bodybuilders.

Instead, we can glean some insight by listening to what people who have used this supplement have to say. Indeed, many people who have tried Epiandrosterone report that it helped them increase their muscle mass.

But there is a big potential problem. DHT isn’t as effective as other types of anabolic steroids. Because of this, the gains experienced by using Epiandrosterone won’t be as intense as what other bodybuilding supplements can provide.

Are There Any Side Effects Of Epiandrosterone?

Like many other bodybuilding supplements, there are several unpleasant side effects for you to be aware of. However, it often won’t be as bad as other anabolic steroids. For example, there is no need to worry about the effect that this supplement is going to have on your liver. Furthermore, this drug won’t convert into estrogen. This ensures that you don’t need to worry about the development of bloating or man-boobs, which can be a problem for other types of anabolic steroids.

Two of the most common side effects are headaches and nausea. The good news is that these can be managed with other medications, like taking headache tablets to ease the thudding. But some other potential side effects will be significantly more difficult to manage.

First, this supplement has been linked to baldness. This is because it will increase the amount of DHT in your bloodstream. This can have a profound impact on your hair. It has been shown to shrink the follicles. As a result, they are more likely to fall out. Eventually, your hair will stop growing entirely.  This is going to be especially pronounced for those who have pre-existing issues with balding. In some cases, this drug has also been linked to acne outbreaks.

This can be a significant source of embarrassment, leading to potential mental health implications. Though there are some ways of solving this problem, like hair transplants, they can be very expensive. Furthermore, the high level of DHT in your bloodstream can limit their effectiveness. It might be a good idea to consider using a DHT-blocking shampoo, which can help reduce the damage to your hair follicles.

A second significant problem is prostate problems. This is particularly a problem for younger men. There are a few potential ways these issues might emerge, they include:

  • Urination problems. No one likes to go to the toilet to experience painful urination. At other times, your stream might become too weak. This is often linked to a swollen prostate.
  • Swollen prostate. This is common as men grow older. But taking DHT can cause your prostate to become more swollen than normal. There are a few ways this can manifest. For example, you might find that there is a pain in your lower back or at the base of the scrotum. At other times, you might feel like you are unable to properly empty your bowels.
  • Prostate cancer. Over time, the use of DHT might lead to a higher risk of prostate cancer.

If you start to experience any of these issues, it’s recommended that you talk to your doctor. They will be able to diagnose the problem and might be able to recommend medication or treatment to help you manage this issue. Don’t forget to mention that you have been taking Epiandrosterone, as this might explain the reason why these issues have been occurring.

Though these effects aren’t as dramatic as other types of anabolic steroids, they still have the potential to do a lot of damage to your body. When considering the lackluster muscle growth that many bodybuilders report, it’s usually not worth the risk of taking this supplement.

It should be noted that there are a few limitations on who can take Androvar.  This drug was designed for those over 21. It is also intended to be used by males. Though females can use other natural alternatives, like those provided by Crazy Mass.

What Is The Best Dosage Of Epiandrosterone?

There are two elements to using Epiandrosterone. First, you will need to start the cycle. This is where you will be actively injecting the supplement. Then, you will need to have some Post-Cycle Therapy (PCT). This allows your testosterone levels to return back to normal before the next cycle can begin. Let’s look at each of these parts in more detail.

Cycling With Epiandrosterone

The dose that you will need to take will depend on how experienced you are. If you are just starting out, it’s a good idea to start with a dose of around 250mg per day for your first cycle. This will allow your body to get used to the effects of the supplement. It also allows you to see how your body will react to the supplement.

Most of the time, you will need to take between 250 to 500mg. This is the standard dose size for most people. It should be noted that the most popular brand-name product for Epiandrosterone is Androvar. This will contain 100mg of Epiandrosterone per serving. Because of this, you will need to take between two to five a day. It’s best to take one to two before you want to start your workout.

Even if you are more experienced, you should avoid taking more than 500mg each day. This can increase the risks of potential side effects. It might take a few cycles to find the right amount to suit your needs.

Usually, you want a cycle of Epiandrosterone to last for four weeks. However, if you have gone through a few cycles, you might want to go for six weeks. But this is the upper limit. Any longer than this and there is an increased risk of side effects.


Following the cycle, you will need to do some PCT. This will need to last for a minimum of four weeks, regardless of how experienced you are.

How Long Does It Take To See Results?

The good news is that it won’t take long for Epiandrosterone to convert into DHT within your bloodstream. But that doesn’t mean that you will see fast muscle gains like you would when you are using anabolic steroids. It’s most common for people to report this supplement starting to kick in when they are on their second cycle. So, if you are planning on using Epiandrosterone, you will need to be patient while you wait to see results.

What Are The Alternatives To Epiandrosterone?

Because it can take a while to kick in and will produce weak results when it does, many bodybuilders will prefer to avoid Epiandrosterone. But what are some of the other options that you can explore? There are two common options that you can use. You can either use anabolic steroids or take a more natural alternative. Let’s look at the pros and cons of each approach.

Anabolic Steroids

Many bodybuilders will prefer to use anabolic steroids. These are known for being hugely powerful, boosting your testosterone levels so you can pack on a lot of muscle quickly. There are several options for you to choose from, like Trenbolone and Deca-Durabolin.

But these come with a few huge problems. First, they can cause dramatic side effects. It’s not uncommon to see bloated bellies, as the body retains more moisture. Furthermore, they can cause; hair loss, liver disease, and cause women to develop masculine features.

The other major issue is that they are illegal. If you are caught using them in a bodybuilding competition, you will be disqualified. Plus, there is a chance that you could be sent to jail or face a hefty fine if the police discover these steroids.

Other Ways To Boost Protein Levels

There are a few other products that you might want to consider. These will allow you to boost your protein levels, so you will be able to get better results. These include:

  • Protein powder. These contain a high level of protein and other amino acids that help you grow muscle mass.
  • Beta-Alanine. These supplements will allow you to reduce your feelings of fatigue. As a result, you will be able to push yourself harder in the gym, getting better performance.
  • This often comes in powder mode. It helps you improve your performance and grow more muscle. Often, just five grams a day is all that’s needed to start seeing strong results.

While none of these options can replicate the results of anabolic steroids or their natural alternatives, they can be a good way of getting an edge in the gym. Because of this, you might want to consider taking some of these products before your workout. You should be able to find them in your local gym or health store.

Natural And Legal Steroids

The good news is that there is a way of getting the same effect as steroids, without the negative side effects. Even better, it’s completely legal and will only use natural ingredients. They will allow you to bulk up quickly, getting similar results to taking steroids. But they are safe, so you won’t need to risk your health to start seeing results.

At Crazy Mass, we have a wide range of options for you to choose from. If you prefer, you can buy the bulking pack, which contains some of our most popular products.


Many products will allow you to grow muscle. While Epiandrosterone might be legal, and available over the counter, that doesn’t mean that it’s the best option. It will be one of the weakest drugs available, taking a long before you will start seeing results. Furthermore, long-term use can be placing your health at risk. There is a chance that it will start to damage your prostate.

Because of this, it’s best to consider other alternatives. The best way to get effective muscle growth remains taking legal supplements that replicate the effects of anabolic steroids. These let you boost muscle mass fast while protecting your health.