When you consider starting a steroid cycle for the first time, there are a few things you should research first. First of all, be sure that you are ready for it. Safety should be your first priority because steroids are extremely powerful supplements that can have different side effects. Steroids can have various effects on different people and what is good for one, may be harmful to another. Always consult with a professional before you start a first-time steroid cycle. However, if you think you are ready, here are some of the tips and things to know that may come in handy. 

Prepare Your Body 

Starting to take steroids for the first time is a big deal. You have to be 100% positive that your diet and training are at the right level and that your body has reached its natural limits. Therefore, if you think that you are ready to start after a year of training, it’s false. To reach the limit, it may take about three years. For some people, it can be even longer, it all depends on your training and its intensity as well as your diet. 

There are some more points you need to confirm before starting a steroid cycle. You have to be older than 25 otherwise it will negatively affect your health and hormonal condition. You have to be healthy with a body fat percentage of 15% or lower. Your diet should be clean, and you need at least five years of consistent training background. 

What to Avoid at the First Cycle 

There are a few things that are strictly prohibited when you start the steroids for the first time. First of all, don’t take powerful steroids. You are about to inject something completely foreign into your body’s chemical substance, and you don’t know what will be the reaction of your organism to it. The consequences may be dreadful. So, better start with testosterone. After it, you can gradually move to more powerful enhancements. Testosterone is already in your body, so it won’t affect it as negative as other steroids would. 

In the beginning, use only one component at a low dose. It will show you how your body takes it and what to do next. Don’t use multiple components at the same time as you have to build a tolerance level first. Plus, the side effect can be harmful and permanently damage the organs. Also, you won’t know which component produces this side effect. So, use them safely. 

Post-Cycle Therapy

Don’t forget about post-cycle therapy. It is a vitally important step for you as a beginner. Steroids directly affect the function of the endocrine system and change the way your body produces hormones. So, remember to use ancillaries upon the end of the first steroid cycle. 

So, these are some of the basics you have to bear in mind before starting with steroids. The most important thing to remember is a) make sure that you’re doing it safely without harm to your health, and b) you always consult with a professional before the start, so you know exactly which steroids are best for you and that you’re following the right system. 

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