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Getting a six-pack is generally the dream of every individual trying to gain a high level of fitness. Most people believe that performing crunches would help them achieve a six-pack, only to realize how wrong they were. Though crunches do have some effects on your abs, the result won’t leave you satisfied, as crunches help you develop the upper part of your abs rather than the whole parts. This means you are four-packs shy of the iconic six-pack.

The best way to achieve a six-pack is to perform a simple hanging knee raise. This basic workout routine will help you gain the abbs you long for with ease as it works on both your upper and lower abs.

How To Perform A Hanging Knee Raise

A hanging knee raise comes in multiple variations, but only the first variant will be discussed.

  • To perform a hanging knee raise, you would require installations such as the gymnastics rings or the pull-up bar. Either will serve well as a point where you hang on to while you keep your body straight.
  • Then bend your knees and raise your legs with the efforts from your lower abs. Stop when your thighs are parallel to the ground.
  • Now raise your knees towards your chest then you contract abs tightly.
  • When you gain a perfect balance slowly return your leg to its previous position while making sure not to lose your position or any tension in your waist.
  • Finally, keep your legs together and your toes facing forward, then hold this position while hanging until you regain control of your body, now repeat the process from the start.

Muscles Worked Out

The following are the body muscles worked during a hanging knee raise workout:


This is a muscle that helps with hip balance and leg movement. Obliques are an important muscle group to help you achieve lower body strength.

Rectus Abdominis

This is the primary target muscle of the hanging knee raises workout. The rectus abdominis is the muscle that constitutes the front abs.

Grip Muscles (Forearms)

The grip muscles are effectively developed during hanging knee raises workout, giving you excellent grip strength.

Hip Flexors

These muscles together with the rectus abdominis help in raising the knees and creating hip flexion.

Benefits Of Hanging Knee Raises

muscular man showing abs

Development Of The Abdominal Region

Abdominal development is a primary benefit of the hanging knee raise as it works on the muscles around the region. Performing the hanging knee raises helps you focus your training on your abdominal, helping its muscles grow in strength and size.

Attaining Midline Stability

The hanging knee raise helps you achieve core stability which means better protection of your spine from rotational forces. Like all other core building workouts, the hanging knee generates balance and muscular tension around the abdominal regions.

Gymnastic Development

To become fully developed for gymnastics and other calisthenics exercises you require workouts such as the hanging knee raises. Different workouts required include the sit up, plank and hollow rock.

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