So let’s get one thing straight before we begin: steroid use is illegal in most places unless you have a doctor’s prescription for it. While this automatically makes people gasp and leap to the conclusion that bodybuilders shouldn’t be using them – let’s let that statement sink in. If only doctors can prescribe them, and bodybuilders use them, then it stands to reason that the vast majority of professional bodybuilding competitors all have doctors of their own that are closely monitoring their health.

Doctors and Bodybuilding Go Hand In Hand!

So every steroid that a pro bodybuilder takes is closely checked by his doctor, is under prescription and is given in cycles. These cycles relate directly to competition times and to what the express aim is of the bodybuilder for that particular session. A typical cycle might be a 16 week period, after which most would take a break for an equal period to allow the body’s natural processes to resume.

Steroids Do Different Things

So there are a few different bodybuilding steroids out there, most of which fall under the umbrella term of anabolic steroids. These were made illegal because of the detrimental side effects they incur over prolonged usage. When monitored by a professional doctor, they are perfectly safe to use.

Anabolic steroids also build muscle – but years of research have led to the isolation of particular effects so that bodybuilders can now use steroids for different applications. They typically do things like help to define and tone muscles, boost protein synthesis and thereby increase the body’s rate of making muscle cells, or include growth hormones which will help your muscle mass increase at more staggering rates.

A Typical Cycle

A typical bodybuilding steroidal cycle includes anti-esters, short-acting compounds, testosterone and a whole range of liver and kidney supplements, all of which need to be taken at the exact right times and in the exact right doses to achieve the desired result. This is why most pro bodybuilders need doctors. It will also include regular blood work and checkups to ensure everything is still alright.

While the anti-estrogen steroids will make the muscles hardened and more cut; the testosterone will focus on the building and growing. The supplements are taken to make the whole thing easier on the system. Some, more advanced, professional bodybuilders will also take insulin before they lift, but this practice is best left to the advice of medical professionals.

A Word Of Caution

The whole point of all of this is to maximize the bodies potential. Problems only occur when bodybuilders mid-cycle start to use recreational drugs. Complications can arise with other medications too, and now you know that the world of body sculpting would not be possible if it weren’t for the dedicated team of medical personnel that is backing them all up!

Legal Steroid Alternative Supplements

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