If you want to show off your gym gains, you’ll need to build a good cutting cycle. This serves two key goals. First, get rid of the water weight you might have gained during the bulking cycle. Next, you want to lose excess weight. Critically, though, you want to hang onto and grow your lean muscle. Basically, by the end of the cycle, you want to have the rippling abs and clear muscle definition that every bodybuilder craves.

The big question is how you achieve this result. For many experienced bodybuilders, the answer is anabolic steroids. Particularly, Anavar and Winstrol. On their own, these are some of the most popular cutting drugs on the market. When combined, the results will be jaw-dropping. Here’s everything you need to know about creating an Anavar and Winstrol cycle.

How Do These Drugs Work?

Before we talk about how to combine these drugs, let’s take a look at how they go individually. So you can learn more about how these steroids will affect you.


Anavar is one of the mildest anabolic steroids on the market. It is largely used as part of the cutting cycle. It allows you to increase your metabolism rate, so you can burn fat faster. It has a few unique properties that make it so popular. The biggest benefit is that it doesn’t convert to estrogen. This is good for male bodybuilders. It means that you don’t need to worry about developing man boobs.


Winstrol is another drug that is widely used during the cutting cycle. This is more powerful than Anavar, so you can expect to have harsher side effects. We’ll discuss what you can look forward to a little later. This drug is popular because it prevents water retention. More importantly, it gives you a dry look, creating amazing muscle definition.

Benefits Of Combining Anavar And Winstrol

Taking one of these drugs is enough to produce amazing results. Combining the two into an Anavar and Winstrol cycle will supercharge your results. As you might expect, these drugs will help you lose weight rapidly. These are the main selling points. But the ancillary benefits are even better.

First, this drug can help you gain lean muscle and gain strength. It’s not uncommon to get a boost to your stamina. Because of this, bodybuilders can push themselves harder in the gym. More gym time means more lean muscle growth. Expect a faster recovery time, as your body improves its glycogen absorption rate.

There’s no need to sit around waiting for the results to emerge. The effects will become apparent within 30 to 45 days. Bodybuilders can dramatically transform their physiques by the end of the cycle.

Downsides Of Combining Anavar and Winstrol

But there is one major problem. Combining the two substances won’t just give you a more effective cutting routine. It will also give you more side effects that you need to deal with. I recommend that all prospective bodybuilders know the risks before they start.

On its own, Anavar is fairly mild. But don’t underestimate the nasty side effects. It can often lead to swelling around the extremities. This won’t usually be painful, but it will be a little awkward. It might also lead you to start retaining water weight, hindering the effectiveness of your cutting cycle. Pairing it with Winstrol will solve this problem. There is also a chance that Anavar will take a severe toll on your heart. Over the long term, this can lead to issues like heart attacks and strokes.

Winstrol also has a few major risks that you should be aware of. It is more potent than Anavar. This means that it carries a greater chance of harsh side effects.  For example, it might cause you to experience male pattern baldness. This is particularly dangerous if the disease runs in your family. It might also cause your prostate to be enlarged. If you’re not careful, this can lead to serious medical complications. Including a chance of developing cancer. Plus, there are the mental health implications that you need to consider. Bodybuilders can find their sleep cycles disrupted, making it harder to focus. Worse, it can lead to depression and anxiety.

It should be noted that Winstrol comes in two forms. You can either take it orally or take it as an injectable liquid. I recommend the oral form. This eliminates the side effects associated with injections, like getting an STD from an infected needle.

When combined, you’ll need to deal with the worst of both worlds. These drugs can take a toll on your liver. Over the long term, this can contribute to liver failure. They can also destroy your self-image. These drugs are known to lead to balding and acne. Taking this stack can help wreck your relationships. As your hormones get thrown out of balance, it’s not uncommon to become more aggressive. Or you might develop a lower libido, disrupting your love life.

Women need to pay particular attention to these side effects. These drugs will raise your testosterone levels. This can lead to a set of symptoms known as virilization. This means that you’ll start to develop male characteristics. For example, you might start to grow body hair. Or your clitoris might become enlarged. Sometimes, you will develop a deeper voice. As you can imagine, this is very embarrassing, shattering your self-confidence. As soon as this occurs, stop taking the drugs. If you don’t, there is a chance that the symptoms will become permanent. Once that happens, surgery is your only option. I hope you have deep pockets. Those procedures can cost up to $15,000.

The worst part is that it’s impossible to predict precisely how these drugs will affect you. Some people have a strong reaction, others are better at tolerating the effects. The only certainty is that, over the long term, you will be worse off. Because of this unpredictability, you should start with a lower dose. Treat the first cycle as a learning process, seeing how the drugs affect you. After your first cycle, you can increase the dose and get the full impact of the Anavar and Winstrol cycle.

Dosages For An Anavar And Winstrol Stack

Creating an Anavar and Winstrol cycle is a great idea. But to do this, you’ll need to know what dosages you should be using. This can be a little confusing. Often, it varies depending on your circumstances. Here’s what you need to know.

Recommended Dosages For Men

The amount that you will be able to take safely often depends on your level of experience. Beginners should start with 20mg per day. A low dose like this will let you get used to the drugs. But it should keep most of the side effects at bay.

As you grow more experienced, your body gets used to the drugs. Because of this, you’ll need to start increasing the dose. Intermediate bodybuilders can double it to 40mg per day. But this will need to be taken over a longer cycle, around 10 weeks.

If you have a lot of experience with these drugs, you can take up to 60mg per day. Again, you’ll want a longer cycle, around 11 to 12 weeks. This will deliver the most powerful effects. The problem is that it will also have the most severe side effects, especially if taken for multiple years.

Dosages For Females

Unfortunately, side effects will be felt more acutely for females. Plus, there is a unique threat. This risk of virilization. Because of this, women need a lower dose than males.

Again, the right dose will depend on your level of experience with steroids. If you are new to the world of anabolic steroids, it’s a good idea to start with five to 10mg of Anavar. For a while, you want to avoid taking any Winstrol at all. It’s also a good idea to cut down on the cycle length. Aim for around six weeks. Because Anavar is so mild, you don’t have to do any PCT.

As you gain more experience, you can start to increase the dose that you are taking. The exact dosages you take will depend on how your body reacts to the steroids. Restrict Anavar to between five to 15mg per day. Winstrol use should be kept to around five to 10mg per day. Typically, women also have a shorter cycle length. Usually, it will be around six weeks. Though, you can go for up to eight weeks.

Post Cycle Therapy

An Anavar and Winstrol cycle can take a serious toll on your hormones. Sometimes, your body can stop producing testosterone naturally. This is why it’s important to complete Post Cycle Therapy (PCT). This is a chance for your body to get back to its natural hormonal balance.

The good news is that this cycle won’t need to be as long as other anabolic steroids. It’s recommended that you take 25mg of Clomid and 20mg of Nolvadex a day. This will need to continue for around four weeks.

After the PCT is over, you’ll need to give your body a chance to recover. How long this period lasts will depend on how long your Anavar and Winstrol cycle was. For example, if you had a six-week cycle, and took four weeks of PCT, you will need to give yourself 10 weeks to recover.

Protecting Your Liver

One of the biggest downsides of an Anavar and Winstrol cycle is that it will take a severe toll on your liver. If you’re not careful, it can lead to serious problems in the future. Bodybuilders have even experienced liver failure.

The good news is that there is a way of protecting yourself from this frightening fate. You can take tablets to help support your liver health. N2guard is a popular choice among bodybuilders. It’s best to take one serving per day throughout your cycle.

Cycle Length For An Anavar And Winstrol Stack

Getting the right cycle length is essential. Too short and you won’t have any time to enjoy the benefits. Too long and you’ll risk harming yourself with the side effects. For the Anavar and Winstrol cycle, the perfect zone is between eight to 12 weeks.

Beginners should stick to the shorter end, around eight to nine weeks. This length will help you get used to the drugs. When you are more experienced, you might be able to handle a longer cycle. Aim for between 10 to 11 weeks. At most, dose for 12 weeks. Longer than this and you’ll be putting your health at risk. It’s best to play around a little. Eventually, you’ll find something that is right for you.

Getting The Most Out Of Your Cycle

Getting the right dosage and lengths for your Anavar and Winstrol cycle is important. But anabolic steroids are just tools. What you do during the cycle is critical. It’s important to make sure that you are getting plenty of regular exercise. This will allow you to build lean muscle. If you plan on cutting, it’s important to consider your diet. The rule is simple; Burn more calories than you are consuming.

Both of these drugs have relatively short half-lives. Because of this, it’s a good idea to split the dose. Take half in the morning and half in the afternoon.

Finally, as we mentioned, the Anavar and Winstrol cycle will stop your body from producing testosterone naturally. This can be a big problem, particularly for men. If you’re not careful, this can cause the size of your balls to shrink. This can be embarrassing and affect your fertility. The best way to prevent this unfortunate side effect is by taking a testosterone supplement. You’ll only need one tablet per day. This can continue through the PCT cycle.


The Anavar and Winstrol cycle is well-known within the bodybuilding world. It promises fast weight loss and strong lean muscle gains, leaving you with a ripped physique. But there is a major downside. This cycle will cause plenty of nasty side effects, including taking a big toll on your liver. Because of this, I don’t think that the results are worth the risk.

If you are looking for a healthier way to approach bodybuilding, check out the supplements from Crazy Mass. These replicate anabolic steroids, so you’ll still be able to build a powerful cutting cycle. But there is a big difference. They use natural ingredients, so you don’t need to worry about the side effects.