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HGH boosting supplement

While most steroids are DHT based, HGH is a peptide hormone that is naturally occurring in our bodies. And unlike androgenic steroids it works primarily in the pituitary gland and not directly on the muscles. It is used to boost cell reproduction and muscular growth. HGH is not as cut and dry as other steroids either because the effects of the drug tend to be more of an enhancer vs a direct steroidal effect like Dianabol, or Trenbolone. HGH has been used widely in performance enhancement since the early 1980’s and many athletes swear by it’s use.

Other Names for Human Growth Hormone

Human growth hormone is a naturally occurring peptide in the body, however as a steroid it is sold under the brand name somatropin as a prescription drug.  Other names that are commonly used include GH(Growth Hormone), Soma, hGH, and HGH,Somatrem and Humatrope.

Uses of Somatropin

Growth Hormones in all their forms have been used to do amazing things from increasing efficiency in industrial livestock farming to treating disorders of the pituitary gland such as dwarfism. The effects of the hormone can include calcium retention increase, accelerated protein synthesis, reduces glucose uptake in the liver, and is even used to help increase height in adolescents. These benefits have made it a very desirable steroid in the performance enhancing and body building scenes.  HGH is so versatile it has even been found to help increase cognitive functions.

Side Effects Of Using Soma

Unlike many other steroids the negative side effects of somatropin use can take a very long time to present when compared to a drug like Trenbolone which can start presenting side effects in a matter of hours.

Injection Site Reactions - Anytime you inject a steroid you run the risk of injection site reactions like sore muscles or inflammation.

Joint Inflammation - Sore joints similar to arthritis has been reported as a side effect of somatropin use.

Increased Risk of Diabetes - The reduced glucose uptake in the liver can eventually lead to diabetic disorders.

Hodgkin’s Lymphoma - In some rare cases, this deadly type of cancer is due to the increased immune activity caused by HGH use.

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Steroids that get stacked with HGH

Because somatropin is totally unique compared to traditional steroids that are used in body building, HGH cycles can be very independent of other cycles being taken. The additional growth potential from the HGH does enhance nearly every steroid on the market.

How HGH is Bought Online

Somatropin and all other derivative forms of human growth hormone are listed under the crime control act of 1990 as a felony to possess for any reason other than approved uses. This means that anyone in the United States buying HGH for performance enhancement is doing so illegally.  Some people have successfully gotten prescriptions off label from a doctor for soma, but it is quite rare. Most people looking to buy growth hormone turn to the dark corners of the internet and illegal dealers.

 Common HGH questions

Where can I get Somatropin Legally?

-Without a prescription there is no truly legal way to get soma

Is it true HGH is harvested from the brains of dead people?

-Yes, initially hGH (note the small H) was harvested from cadavers. This practice has long been stopped and lab made somatropin is even more effective than the original hGH

Can I use HGH and Still Compete?

-No Somatropin has been banned by all major athletic organizations and the IOC. 

Steroid Shorts: HGH from CrazyMass on Vimeo.

Are There Any Legal Alternatives to Soma ?

While the hormone itself is not available legally, it is still a version of the naturally occuring growth hormone in the human body. Legal alternatives to somatropin are formulated to entice the body to produce more GH. Our Crazymass HGH supplement has been formulated in this manner, to attempt to provide the body more incentive to produce it’s own natural growth hormone. We have created a formula that can help to encourage this process. Since the method of action is so different be sure to consider grabbing Our HGH with your next order from Crazymass, it could have amazing synergistic effect for you!

Legal alternatives to Human Growth Hormones for bulking