For a body to function correctly as well as grow, it relies mostly on hormones to perform virtually all body processes. For one reason or the other individuals suffer from lack of these body fluids and are exposed to certain medical risks. The human growth hormone (HGH) produced in human bodies by the pituitary gland is one of such hormones which the body might fail to provide enough of.

The hormone is responsible for regulating some body processes such as metabolism of fat and sugar in the body, regulating the body composition, growth of the bones and muscles and control of the body fluids.

To help people facing a deficit of HGH in their bodies in the year, 1985 researchers developed the synthetic HGH. It has over the past years being used in the treatment of numerous growth related medical conditions in both adults and children.

Uses Of HGH Injections

Below are some of the appropriate use of Human Growth Hormone Injections in humans.

Usage For Children

HGH is used in the treatment of growth deficiency in children, a medical condition in which children exhibit the following characteristics:

  • Extreme low levels of hair growth
  • Children who look abnormally younger than they actually are.
  • Exhibiting a chubby physique or a very short one

HGH is also used in treating children suffering from a genetic disorder that results in a growth hormone deficiency. A good example is the use of HGH in helping girls experiencing the genetic disorder the Turner’s syndrome, a disorder that significantly hinders development.

Usage For Adults

HGH is used in the treatment of adults who have suffered severe or permanent damage to their pituitary gland. HGH is also used in treating adults who suffer from low growth hormones due to having sustained a severe injury to the head, suffering from a meningitis infection or the effects of radiation therapy. This deficiency in growth hormones is usually accompanied by the following symptoms:

  • Low bone and muscle strength
  • Persistent feelings of weakness
  • Low reaction and reasoning
  • Accumulation of fats around the body especially around the waist region.

HGH is also used in the treatment of pituitary tumors and is used in treating HIV associated diseases. It is essential in the treatment of conditions such as the Short Bowel syndrome, Noonan syndrome and the Prader-Will syndrome.

Other Uses

These uses aren’t recognized by researchers or approved by the FDA, but include:

  • For performance enhancements
  • People believe that HGH is a great anti-aging stimulant.
  • Improving mental and physical attributes
  • Numerous other non-medical functions

Side Effects Of HGH

Despite the fact that HGH is highly tolerable by most individuals, there is still some possibility of a few individuals suffering side effects such as:

  • Problems related to the muscles, nerves, and joints
  • Experience occasional headaches
  • Swelling in body parts such as the hands and feet.
  • High levels of cholesterol in the body
  • Loss of feeling.

Because of the harsh side effects HGH can have on the body, it is best to naturally increase your human growth hormones. We always suggest the all-natural approach to achieve your bodybuilding performance goals.

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