So you’re trying to build up your muscle mass but you’re not getting results as quickly as you’d like. A lot of bodybuilders turn to anabolic steroids to boost their growth, but doing this ignores the major health risks that come with them. They’re also illegal in most places.

Don’t worry, there are perfectly legal ways to boost your muscle building abilities with far fewer side effects too. We have compiled a list of the top legal steroid alternatives that will help you achieve the body you are looking for.


H-GH (Legal Alternative to HGH)

This alternative comes with a healthy blend of deer antler velvet extract, a supplement that has been used for decades and hailed as the source of energy and virility. This blend works by increasing your energy so you can work out longer and harder. 


T-Bal 75 (Legal Alternative to Trenbolone)

This supplement comes with a unique blend of nettle leaf, pepsin, and beta-sitosterol. This is a newer addition to the bodybuilding world but has already been hailed as one of the best formulas around. This is the perfect blend for fighting inflammation, boosting recovery time and speeding up healing time for injuries sustained during those rigorous workouts.  


D-KA (Legal Alternative to Deca-Durabolin)

Being one of the more potent strengths and energy amplifiers, this is a great addition to any bodybuilding regime. D-KA’s blend contains a massive supply of wild yam root, which is proven to boost your energy levels. 


A-Anolone (Legal Alternative to Anadrol)

A-Anolone is by far one of the favorite steroid alternatives on the market. It’s primary testosterone boosting component is the Tribulus Terrestris, which is one of the most effective boosters for vitality and energy. 


Winnidrol (Legal Alternative to Winstrol)

Winnidrol is a potent steroid alternative, filled with ingredients to boost energy, improve fat loss and help you workout harder and longer. The main ingredient in Winnidrol is Acetyl L-Carnitine. This has been proven to aid in fat oxidation (lipolysis), which means your body will be able to utilize fat as fuel in your workouts. This makes Winnidrol a great supplement for fat loss and energy. 


P-VAR (Legal Alternative to Anavar)

This safe steroid alternative contains everything you need to burn fat and gain strength. One of the ingredients of this supplement is ATP, which is vital in strength in size without major weight gain. This supplement is generally best utilized by beginners who want to boost their fat loss and overall workouts but don’t want the heavy stimulants that might keep you up at night.  


These are just a few of the far safer, and legal steroid alternatives that are the market today. Reaching your dream body doesn’t have to come at the risk of your health. We hope this article will help you choose the supplement that’s best for you.