Did you know that according to an analysis of the “Strength in Numbers” data, Sioux Falls, SD is the most ripped city in the U.S.? Do you want to join the ranks of the ripped and shredded?

To achieve that shredded look, you must begin by bulking up and then cutting fat. This is no easy task. Adhering to proven training methods and adding a cutting stack can increase your success.

Keep reading to learn about workout plans and incorporating a cutting stack to achieve your dream.

How to Look Shredded

If you are preparing for an event, celebration, or vacation, you want to get shredded in time. You may need to adjust your workout and meal plan to make your goal. Here are some tips to help you get there.

Plan Your Workout

Get a journal and write out your workout plan. It should only last about 2 hours. Focus on 60 minutes of weight training with 30-45 minutes of cardio.

Tweak Your Eating Plan

One of the most essential parts of meeting your goal is a healthy diet. Avoid alcohol and high-sugar foods and drinks.

Eat serving sizes smaller than your fist every two-and-a-half to three hours. Stop eating an hour before going to bed.

Your protein should come from unprocessed foods such as grilled chicken, fish, and turkey. Processed foods are high in sodium. Nuts and avocados are great sources for good fats.

Eat vegetables and sweet potatoes for your carbs. Avoid bread, rice, cereals, and pasta. You may want to cut out carbs completely two days before your event.

Increase Your Fluids 

During the week before your target day, drink one to three liters of water every day. On the last day, cut to less than one liter so that you will be in a dry state at the event. Some people take dandelion root on the last night to help with diuresis.

Aim for the Fat-Burning Zone 

Planning a high-intensity workout boosts your metabolism. Alternate between weight sets and intense cardio. Skip rope, do a spin or kickboxing class, or a minute-long sprint on the treadmill to get your heart rate above normal.

Focus on Big Muscle Groups

Keep your workouts focused on the legs, chest, and back, or the entire body. Avoid working on one specific muscle group. For example, do burpees with dumbbells.

What Is a Cutting Stack?

A cutting stack describes a stack of supplements taken in the same cycle to achieve cutting. Purchasing the whole stack provides assurance that the ingredients are compatible. This saves you the time and effort of researching each individual product.

The cutting stack creates a cycle that allows you to gain optimal muscle definition and hardening. You will take legal and safe steroid alternatives at the key points in the cycle.

This allows you to bulk up while adding muscle definition. You must eat a healthy, protein-rich diet for the best results.

Bodybuilding Cycles

Bodybuilders work different cycles to accomplish various goals.

Bulking Cycle

During the bulking cycle, the focus is on gaining as much muscle mass as possible. This cycle often involves eating high calories and intense training. This promotes the gaining of several pounds of muscle with little fat.

Cutting Cycle

In contrast to a bulking cycle, a cutting cycle involves decreasing your calorie intake. The training includes cardiovascular exercises which help to burn excess fat. This cycle is often used when preparing for a competitive event.

During the cutting cycle, it’s important to eat enough protein to prevent loss of muscle mass developed during bulking.

Some bodybuilders use carb cycling to give the body energy for intense workouts while maintaining a net low carb intake. This is done by cutting carb levels for several days and then increasing carb intake for one day.

The workout intensity during the cutting cycle may stay the same or even increase. You are eating fewer calories than are being extended which helps you lose fat. To prevent muscle loss, it’s important to maintain the muscle-building activity.

Many bodybuilders use supplements to help keep their muscle mass and promote fat loss. In the days before a competition, the cutting cycle often becomes even more intense. This increases the visibility of muscle striations and definition.

What is Included in a Cutting Stack?

You can find a variety of bodybuilding supplements and cutting stacks. It’s important to understand how each of the chemicals and supplements works and impacts your body. You should talk with your healthcare provider to ensure that you are choosing supplements that are safe for you.

One example of a cutting stack includes:


This is a testosterone alternative that boosts your energy and strength. It helps you build muscle strength and size.


This Anavar alternative decreases fat and maintains lean muscle mass. At the same time, it increases your strength and gives you a cut, muscular appearance.


This clenbuterol alternative provides key fat burning and cutting results.


This is a Winstrol alternative supplement that’s formulated to increase strength, fat burning, and development of lean muscle mass. It helps to break down adipose fat while maintaining muscle mass.

How Do You Take a Cutting Stack?

Always read all package instructions before taking supplements. This will ensure your health during workout cycles. For the cutting stack described above, the instructions are as follows:

One serving includes one pill from each bottle. You may take up to 3 servings in one day. Be sure to have a snack or meal with each serving.

It’s important that you drink 8 to 10 large glasses of water each day. The servings should not be taken closer than 5 hours apart. Try to take one serving 30 to 40 minutes before your workout.

Do not take this stack for more than eight weeks. After eight weeks, stop the supplements for 10 days.

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