Nitric Oxide Boosting


What is Nitric Oxide for bodybuilders? Nitric Oxide is great for muscle development. NO2 has a short half-life which is measured in minutes, so it works quickly so it works to increase the body’s own production and synthesis. NO2 is so fundamental to life that even the drug Viagra works by using the NO receptors in the body.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Nitric Oxide

You can’t legally get Nitric Oxide since it is illegal and Nitric Oxide side effects are very harmful to the body.

No, it did not, however, researchers did get a Nobel Prize for analyzing what Nitric Oxide does to the cardiovascular system, and NO2 was named molecule of the year in 1992.

Nitric Oxide is EVERYWHERE, from bacteria to the air itself after a lightning strike, all biological organisms produce Nitric Oxide. Often, laboratory creation is achieved through a reduction of dilute nitric acid with copper.


Nitric Oxide or NO2, should not be confused with Nitrous Oxide (N2O) which is an anesthetic or Nitrogen Dioxide which is a brown poisonous gas.


What is Nitric Oxide? NO2, Nitric Oxide, is created not only in our bodies but it is literally born from lightning in nature; it’s an incredibly important building block for many energetic reactions from the spark in your engine to triggering muscles to synthesize proteins and build mass.

This incredible compound has been responsible for Nobel Prizes and more. Since its discovery, scientists have spent thousands of hours trying to increase production of Nitrogen in the body.


What does Nitric Oxide do? Since Nitric Oxide signals muscle growth, nitric oxide supplements increase the amount of NO2 that your body creates and, it helps maximize your workout results. Another benefit of increasing Nitric Oxide production is vasodilation, which increases blood flow throughout the body, and helps prevent the side effects of low oxygen training.

What is Nitric Oxide’s Use?

Nitric oxide is primarily considered a byproduct of organisms and chemical reactions. It is an ozone-depleting substance (ODS), and a precursor to Nitrogen dioxide (N2O) – a brown toxic gas and air pollutant.

In the body, NO2 assists with many functions including vascular functions like blood flow, and others cell communication.

Anadrol Side Effects

Before Nitric Oxide supplements, the alternative was taking nitroglycerin or inhaling actual nitric oxide gas, which can cause acute lung disease and hypertension.

Nitric oxide side effects can also cause severe withdrawal symptoms in users who abruptly discontinue its use.

As a result of these actual nitric oxide side effects, bodybuilders now turn to the legal steroid alternative Nitric Oxide Supplements for boosting NO2 production. Gain the benefit of NO2 without the nasty nitric oxide side effects!

Nitric Oxide Cycles and Stacks

A nitric oxide booster is core to increased muscle growth and most steroid users will boost NO2 production with supplements. While Dianabol and Trenbolone are great for building massive bulk, without adequate Nitric Oxide levels they will never achieve their targeted gains.

This pre-workout powerhouse is used in both bulking and cutting stacks.

Where to Buy Nitric Oxide

While it’s not legal or safe to buy nitroglycerin tablets or nitric oxide to inhale, your body produces NO2 naturally. Your body will generate all it needs for its regular functions through nutrition. If you want to megadose your oxide levels for awesome muscle pumps there are options available that work with your body chemistry.

What Can I Legally Use Instead of NO2?

Crazymass has developed an extremely effective product NITRICBOOSTER Max Elite Series. NITRICBOOSTER is one of the most trusted nitric oxide legal alternatives for producing Nitric Oxide in the body.

NitricBooster is a great complement to any of our other anabolic supplements. It can and should be used with any Crazymass product to maximize potential gains from the other Crazymass products.