Noah Keyes


“Good Habits last a lifetime.”

Noah Keyes is the first athlete to gain a Crazymass sponsorship. He’s an amateur bodybuilder and Navy Veteran with six years of muscle building experience. He became a Crazymass sponsored athlete after returning to civilian life in 2017. While Noah studies to complete his degree in Physical Therapy, he is also training to compete regularly in 2019 and hopes to add several amateur wins to his collection.

Noah was keen to team up with us here at Crazymass because of our ethos on providing natural, safe and legal bodybuilding supplementation – something that isn’t common in the world of bodybuilding. Together, Noah and Crazymass intend to smash their way into competitive bodybuilding.


“I like being the biggest guy on the block, that’s what keeps me going. Along with having a great physique, health is also a major focus. I don’t put things in my body that I believe could potentially harm me.

When it comes to my training, I have some pretty lofty goals. Going after the kind of fitness goals that change your life are the hardest to achieve. My secret is to find the edge wherever I can and also to approach goals one step at a time, because in the famous words of Arnold “you can’t climb the ladder of success with your hands tied.”

I love Crazymass products because I’m able to achieve the same fast results I would get from illegal steroids, with no side effects, 100% legally.”

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