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Bulking and cutting isn’t only about what you do in the gym. What you do after that, and all day long, matters, too. Here are the top three post-workout essentials that can help you take your bodybuilding cycles to the next level.

Take advantage of the anabolic window

This is 30 to 60 minute period immediately following your workout. The anabolic window is the time during which your body is optimally primed to use nutrients for muscle rebuilding and repair as well as energy restoration. You won’t lose all gains if you miss the window, but catching it really does begin the recovery process while helping you prepare for your next session. Have a quality protein shake on hand. Crazy Mass offers our ISO*IGNITE ELITE SERIES. This Hydrolyzed whey isolate protein powder is specifically formulated to ignite the ingredients of our anabolic stack for cutting. Our meticulously crafted formula uses branched-chain amino acids to promote higher net protein synthesis for bodybuilding cutting cycle results. Our post workout fuel is easily digested, fact acting and ultra-pure, with nearly 7 grams of leucine, isoleucine, and valine. Mix with water or skim milk to promote muscle synthesis, rebuilding, and repair.

Think beyond the gym

What you do all day matters because your actions should support the work you do during the hour or two in the gym. Get adequate rest daily and drink plenty of water. Go for the right mix of carbs, healthy fats, and protein for your body weight and current anabolic cutting cycle. Remember, your six pack starts at the table. Plan your meals with your abs in mind. Make sound nutritional and supplement choices that help you fuel wisely to grow bigger and stronger. CrazyMass offers the ultimate selection of supplements for legal bulking and cutting. Start seeing results in as little as 30 days with no prescriptions, injections or side effects.

Watch your alcohol intake

Alcohol promotes fat storage. It also causes dehydration, which depletes precious energy and reduces the testosterone you need for creating muscle. If you do drink, think moderation; switch to light beer or alternate with a bottle of water. Dilute liquor with tonic or club soda and use a shot glass instead of pouring free hand for better monitoring. Remember, your goal is to build and maintain muscle. Too much fat can slow your metabolism and take your look from cut to cuddly.

Weight training for muscle mass and cutting is a lifestyle. It is about much more than lifting, it is also about how you eat and the choices you make each day. Your choices should support healthy weight and muscle development. Choose supplements and foods that feed your body with the fuel that takes your workout gains to the next level. Crazy Mass has everything you need to get cut while maintaining energy, strength, and focus. You already know your before, let us help you get to the after of your dreams.