Primobolan has risen to prominence within the bodybuilding community. It offers a range of benefits. It can help you boost your muscle growth and enhance your strength. But it has also earned a reputation for being one of the safest anabolic steroids. Let’s take a closer look at this drug and how it can be incorporated into an exercise routine.

Why Do Bodybuilders Use Primobolan?

There are plenty of reasons why a bodybuilder might opt to use Primobolan. The most obvious reason is that it can help them produce bigger gains. Plus, it will be able to help you prevent muscle wastage. Because of this, you might be able to use it between cycles. As a result, it is commonly used as part of the cutting cycle.

Another huge benefit is that Primobolan can trigger long-lasting benefits. For months after you have taken the drug, it will linger in your system. This can be a great way of making sure that you can keep your gains.

This drug will be able to do more than just helping you build muscle. It will prevent you from losing muscle mass. It can also allow you to boost your muscle recovery. It can also increase the rate at which you are burning fat. Plus, it can benefit more people who aren’t athletes. If you just want to improve your strength, without needing to gain more muscle, this can be an effective way of using it.

As we’ll discuss later, there is less risk that people who are using Primobolan will face. If you take an overdose, the side effects are less severe than other anabolic steroids. It also allows users to avoid some of the more serious consequences, like the development of man boobs or male features on a woman.

Finally, this drug has earned a strong reputation in the bodybuilder world because of its heritage. It was reported that it was used by Arnold Schwarzenegger when he was competing in the Olympia. Though unsubstantiated, this rumor has helped increase interest in the effects of Primobolan.

How Does Primobolan Affect the Body?

The way that this drug affects your body is part of what makes this steroid so unique. There are a few main benefits that you can expect. First, it can improve your nitrogen retention. This is essential for those who are trying to build lean muscle.

It is also able to stimulate the metabolic rate. This means that you will find it easier to burn lean fat. This is common across all anabolic steroids.

Finally, Primobolan might be able to help you boost your immune system. Because of this, some doctors might prescribe it to help their patients fight diseases like HIV.

Recommended Cycles, Dosages of Primobolan

The dosage of Primobolan will depend on a few factors. For example, you will need to think about gender and weight. Generally, men will need to take more Primobolan than women. Men can take between 200 to 400mg per week while it’s recommended that women take 50 to 100mg. Typically, the Primobolan will last for eight weeks. It’s a good idea to consult with a medical professional, to make sure you aren’t accidentally overdosing.

It’s also important to note that there are two methods of taking Primobolan. You can either inject it or take it in tablet form. Generally, injecting will give you a higher dose, plus it will start working faster. Tablets give a lower dose. Often, women will get more benefit from tablets and men might opt to use an injectable solution.

When you opt to start using the drug will depend on the type of outcome you want to achieve. For example, some people will want to pair it with other anabolic steroids and use it as part of a cycle. Alternatively, you might want to use it between cycles. This is a good way of preserving muscle while cutting down on fat.

Side Effects of Primobolan

As we mentioned, one of the reasons why people turn to this type of anabolic steroid is because of how gentle it is. The side effects, compared with alternatives, are lower. For example, you won’t need to worry about water retention or damaging your liver. But there are still a few downsides that you might need to contend with.

Sometimes, people might experience mood changes. For example, there is a risk that you will feel more depressed. There is also a chance that Primobolan can affect your skin. For example, you might find that you are getting more oily skin and there is a risk of an acne outbreak. Sometimes, the increased testosterone levels might mean that you will face problems like an increase in body hair.

If you experience any of these side effects it will often be fairly mild, compared to what you can expect when taking other steroids. There are a few ways that you can avoid this. You can try stopping taking it for a short time. This will give your body some time to recover. Alternatively, you can reduce the dosage.

Another simple way to avoid these side effects is to make sure that you aren’t accidentally taking two doses. Sometimes, you might forget to take a dose. In this case, skip it.

Some women are concerned about the virilization effect when taking steroids. This is when the increased testosterone levels can lead to changes in physical appearance, giving them male characteristics. When you are using Primobolan the risk of this is reduced. But, if taking a higher than the recommended dose, it is possible.

Furthermore, some conditions might make taking Primobolan a poor choice. This can include testicular cancer and prostate cancer. You should also avoid it if you have liver or kidney damage. You should also avoid it if you are susceptible to a stroke or high blood pressure.

Finally, like many anabolic steroids, Primobolan will spike your natural testosterone levels. As a result, your body will stop producing the hormone. Because of this, you might still need to take some PCT drugs. These help your body recover and get used to producing testosterone naturally again.

Is Primobolan Legal?

While the effects of Primobolan might sound appealing, there is a substantial problem facing anyone who is thinking of incorporating it into their workout routine. The FDA has opted to ban this substance across the United States. Because of this, you won’t be able to legally purchase it.

Sometimes, you will still see some ads for this drug online. But these will be from black market dealers. This means that there is no guarantee that their product will be effective, or even safe to use. Plus, you might face severe penalties if you are caught with this substance.

Is There a Legal Alternative?

Since it is illegal to purchase and use Primobolan in the United States, you will need to look to other supplements to get the same benefits. Thankfully, at Crazy Mass, we offer a wide range of products for you to choose from. All of them are legal to use. Though they might take a little extra work before you start to see results, you will be able to avoid the side effects associated with anabolic steroids.


Though Primobolan is a milder steroid, avoiding the worst of the side effects. However, there is still a chance of a severe reaction or an overdose causing lasting damage. Because of this, it is banned from use in the United States. This can be disappointing for those in the bodybuilding community, who were excited by the prospect of getting good gains. However, while the results may look tempting, it’s recommended to avoid them. You don’t want to end up facing legal penalties or jail time. Instead, it’s best to stick to a legal alternative.

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