One of the most expensive bodybuilding steroids available, there some critics claim the additional price is not justified by the product’s usefulness. This designer steroid is highly sought-after because of the low occurrence of side effects. Delivery methods include injections or oral tablets.

One of the many benefits of the steroid is that it does not interfere with the natural production of hormones in the body unless taken in excessive quantities. The hormone is designed to be easy on the liver but it could cause unnecessary strain on the liver when used excessively. The steroid helps people to build muscle over a period of time and it is not suitable for people who want quick gains for the purpose of competitive sports.

Dual Action

The steroid has a dual action operation because it not only increases the amount of lean muscle but reduces fat as well. Many people would argue that the steroid is more effective at reducing muscle than it is at adding muscle. That is an argument that depends on the intended purpose that the people had in mind.

What It Does Well

One of the features of Primobolan that deserves credit is the fact that it is a damn good androgen receptor. This simply means that it is good at enhancing the action of male hormones and counteracting the unwanted side effects of female hormones such as gynecomastia.

Just this quality alone makes the steroid extremely sought-after in steroid-using circles. The steroid is preferred by many men who want to build muscles without running the risk of developing breasts. Using Primobolan means that people do not have to use anti-estrogen medication.

Use & Delivery

The steroid improves retention of nitrogen in the muscles which helps in creating of good quality muscle tissue. There are two forms of the steroid. It can either be taken orally or injected directly into the bloodstream.

Both forms of the steroid are equally effective although the effects of orally ingested Primobolan may take longer to notice. Orally ingested Primobolan is designed to pass through the liver unchanged. Men need 100 mg of the steroid per day whereas women need only 10 mg.