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CrazyMass Bulking Stack™ – Build Muscle Mass Fast!

Don’t be fooled by imitators. Manufactured in the US, in cGMP FDA certified labs, the CrazyMass Bulking Stack helps you quickly build enormous mass, size, and strength by combining our four top-selling bulking all-natural alternatives in one powerful muscle-building stack that will take your results to the next level. Unlike other companies that are based overseas and aren’t regulated, CrazyMass adheres to strict manufacturing and production practices that guarantee effective, safe products. Our products, made right here in our facility in the USA, work with your body’s natural mechanisms to enhance muscle growth and help you gain the size you need.

  • ALL-NATURAL & LEGAL Alternatives
  • NO Prescriptions Needed
  • CRAZY RESULTS Within 30 Days!
  • FREE USA Delivery


All-Natural Bodybuilding Supplement Alternatives to Dianabol, Testosterone, Trenbolone, and Deca-Durabolin.

The best combo of muscle building supplements and all-natural alternatives to Dianabol, Testosterone, Trenbolone, and Deca-Durabolin. Your stack will include:


Combine the power of our top four products into our popular legal stack to help you get big fast and gain crazy size. While each supplement can help you grow your gains, when combined they work together powerfully to accelerate your efforts.


  • D-Anaoxn (Dianabol alternative) creates a highly anabolic environment and boosts nitrogen retention in muscle tissue, which increases protein synthesis and results in impressive strength and mass gains.
  • Testosteroxn Test-Tone (Testosterone alternative) is an energy and strength booster that makes this supplement stack truly elite.
  • T-Bal 75 (Trenbolone alternative) provides extra energy and stamina to help harden and cut muscle while quickly gaining power and strength.
  • D-KA Elite (Deca-Durabolin alternative) delivers unparalleled bulking while increasing endurance and performance.

male bodybuilder


There is a lot of misinformation surrounding bulking steroids and their legality, how safe they are, the difference between steroids and supplements, and more. At CrazyMass, all our products use all-natural ingredients and formulated to help you get maximum results without the risk of serious health problems, fines, jail time or other consequences.

In addition to the well-documented physical effects of prolonged steroid use in bodybuilders, weightlifters and athletes—such as damage to the liver and cellular adenomas—the scientific community is beginning to understand other negative effects, as well. For instance, researchers from the Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation at Oslo University Hospital in Norway found that, among individuals with a long history of anabolic-androgenic steroid use, there was a decrease in actual brain volume. In other words, there is the potential for steroid users’ brains to become smaller. Our products are a natural and legal replacement for Dianabol, Testosterone, Trenbolone and Deca Durabolin, helping to promote muscle building and fat cutting, as well as quicker recoveries.


Take one pill from each bottle as one serving. You can take up to three servings per day; take each serving with a snack or meal and drink 8-10 large glasses of water a day. Take each serving with a minimum of five hours between servings. If taking three servings per day, your stack should last about four weeks. You can take the product(s) for up to eight weeks before taking ten days off from our muscle building stack. Try to take one serving 30-40 minutes before you work out. To maximize your results, we also recommend grabbing a protein shake one hour pre- and post-workout; the shake ignites the ingredients in our muscle-building bulking stack. Read more about how to take these supplements with our steroid cycles usage guide. FREE USA Delivery on orders $75 or more


We happily accept returns of unopened bottles for up to two weeks after the ship date (minus a small restocking fee). Please email for a return authorization number. For more information, including on next-day and international shipments, visit our shipping and returns page. You can also contact us with any comments or questions you have.


Testosteroxn - Supplement Facts

D-Anaoxn Supplement Facts

D-Ka Supplement Facts

T-Bal 75
T-Bal 75 Supplement Facts

107 reviews for CrazyMass Bulking Stack

  1. Ray G.

    gained strength!

    Honestly i have been taking it for about a week and haven’t seen those big changes yet physically but i do feel like i have gained strenght, and my drive is strong.

  2. Jim Phillips (verified owner)

    We will see

    3 weeks in and not much of a change. Planning to finish the 4th week take a week off and do the cut for a month and return to the stack for another month…. We will see….

  3. David Hartig (verified owner)


    Excellent product! I just wondering why I didn’t know about this sooner.

  4. David Hartig (verified owner)

    Excellent product

    These products really work well!

  5. Mike mike

    Just ordered

    Can’t wait to see what happens just bought the stack

  6. Jacob Shawger

    Stay Dedicated

    I love this shit. I already had a handle on my nutrition and this just amped up my progress even more! I’ve gone up 5 lbs in two weeks and the pumps are insane. Definitely will be coming back. #crazyfuckinmass

  7. Tony c (verified owner)

    Bulk stack

    Awesome stack. Seeing gains.

  8. Mark McIntyre

    Happy so far

    I recently purchased the bulking stack,and have been taking now for about 2 weeks @ 2 times a day. I gotta say I’m starting to believe the complete combo(bulking stack) is working as described, but lets not forget hard work and dedication is also required.I have noticed an increase to my energy levels since taking, as it is truly needed for my 3 double days and 2 single days with 2 days off a week.

  9. Adam Harmeyer (verified owner)

    Work out for Hours

    Maybe it’s my metabolism, maybe its the difficulty of force feeding over 4000 calories. I am not getting as big as I would hoped after 2 weeks of using the product. HOWEVER, I have noticed that muscle fatigue and soreness is almost absent. I went from working out on average of an hour or so a day to being able to go for over two hours. I typically only stop because it’s getting late or I work myself up an appetite again and am too hungry to continue. Worth the purchase for the energy alone!

  10. G Money

    The Stuff works.

    So I was 135 after my football season in early December and I became a gym rat. Hitting the weights nearly twice a day and either this stuff works or it was all me but I’m fairly certain a lot of it was this product. Friends thought I was on roofs including my coach. I went from 130 to 165 by late February and my bench went from 165 to 205. Squat went from 245 to 345. I feel as though that isn’t possible without these products so give it a chance guys!

  11. Pete

    Grateful Gains!!!

    I’ve been training for years and have taken many different supplements over that time, but NEVER had results like this. I just got done with a 8 weeks bulking cycle stacked w/HGH. I started feeling the difference after 2 weeks on it and began noticing the gains around week 4. After my 8 weeks cycle, I gained 9lbs of lean muscle mass and completely toned up my overall physique. I would definitely recommend this product to anyone who is serious about their fitness goals. Thanks Crazymass!

  12. Casey Haney

    Great Supplement

    Great Supplement

  13. Casey Haney

    Nice Product

    Nice Product

  14. Casey Haney

    Really Found it good

    I have started this product i found it good

  15. KD

    Mild improvement

    Finished 28 days of the 30 day course. Lost a couple of fat pounds and gained a couple of muscle pounds. No dramatic difference.

  16. Florencio Viray


    I’m only in my first month of using this product and it looks promising. I will update this review when that next two months ends!

  17. Paul Gauthier (verified owner)

    Does What it States

    I have been taking the bulking stack for about 3 weeks and with weight lifting and heavy cardio training I am starting to see a big difference in my Biceps and Triceps and along with my waist. Since I’m in my 60’s I know that the it will take a little longer to se more results in my abs.

  18. Carl


    I’ve been taking the bulk stack for about 10 weeks and my stamina has noticeable increased! I’ve been pushing more weight and reps. My bench press went from 185lb to 225lb (8-10 reps) in just about 5 weeks of taking the stack! …My 1 Rep Max went from 225lb to 260lb! THIS PRODUCT IS AMAZING!!!

  19. William Eddins (verified owner)


    Tried a lot of other bulking products in the past with little to no results.I can honestly say this one does work!!

  20. Nikolaos Bellias (verified owner)

    Extreme Stack

    Using it for second consecutive month, it increased my performance and lean muscle mass!

  21. Mohamed shareef (verified owner)

    It’s effective

    Very good …

  22. Terry

    Not sure yet

    Been taking the bulk stack for 3 weeks now and haven’t really noticed much difference at this point. I have read some reviews they stated you really don’t see results until after week 4. Quick delivery is why I am giving it a 3. Jury is still out as of right now.

  23. BigAnt

    Just getting started!

    For now I’m going to start with a 4 star. Products was delivered really fast. I’m excited to get started on Monday (03-06-17). I’m 43 years old, 6’6″ and 220 pounds. My goal is to get up to 265 with 11% BF. I’m confident the 3 month bulking stack will give me a great boost to that goal. I’ll update this review within a few weeks and let you know the results.

  24. Nikolaos (verified owner)

    Bulking Stack review

    Dear All,
    I started off on February the 20th (Three times a day, one tablet from every bottle. In the mornings I wake up at 03:15 to start a 2 hour workout at 04:00. At 03:15 I get some low absorption protein together with my tablets. After my workouts I get again low absorption proteins). So far I must admit my stamina has increased. With some exercises I noticed that I can do them easier than before: with more weights and more reps. I also noticed that I do not feel overtrained or tired after my workouts. I feel I could do more and more. I don’t have time though.
    By the way I am 50 years old and I feel I do exercises with weights as if I was younger.

    Thanks a lot.

    Best Regards,


  25. Perry Birger

    It WORKS

    A very good product, overall have been impressed. I have experienced quicker healing and less rest days to get back to the gym and still hit the same muscle time multiple times a week. Back is seeing huge gains as are chest and arms. Looking to get a wider, thicker back and crazy mass is definitely helping me achieve that.
    Looking forward to the cutting stack next!!!!!!


    Good product

    Highly recommended

  27. MENG

    Good product

    Highly recommended

  28. TBone


    I lift pretty heavily, I play competitive sports. This stuff definitely works, I’ve gained a few pounds after taking the pills every day, three times a day. However, I have taken other supplements that have worked pretty much the exact same way and for way cheaper.

  29. timmy

    Its Okay

    Didn’t have great gains on this a while back when I took it

  30. Bad man 35

    Two months after bulking stack

    I’ve been taking the bulking stack for two months now coupled with Hgh. I took a two year break from body building and lost about everything I work so hard to gain over a six year time period. Now 42 years old my gains are going to be even more challenging. My strength gains have been surprising. I worked out for a month without the product then added it. The gains where almost imediate. The other thing I have noticed is that I don’t have to stick to a super strict diet. I have about six cheat meals a week and still have lost 12 pounds in two months along with putting on size. I definetly love this product and am excited to see where it will take me. Thank you Crazy Mass!

  31. Anonymous

    Good not Great

    I started is stack at 175 benching 250 squatting 335 cleaning 205, after about 6 weeks I’m at about 182 consistently and benching 270 squatting 360 and cleaning 220. It’s hard to tell if the supplements are responsible for this growth or just the hard work and structure of the program I am on. I can say that I do feel and look thicker, I definitely look like I put on more muscle mass but the weight hasn’t come with it. I was looking to bulk to about 190 at least, maybe through the next few weeks of the stack I can get there. I would recommend trying the stack, can’t hurt you to give it a try, haven’t noticed any side affects at all. Don’t expect to just take these pills and get huge though because it doesn’t work that way. No matter what supplements you are taking, you need to be pushing yourself in the gym and eating right to an extent. Good luck.

  32. Casey

    Great gains loved the product

    I tried the Crazymass bulking stack for the first time and was surprised how well it worked. I have used multiple brands in the past with some results but nothing like the power and stamina this stack gave me. You do need to be careful and not increase your weights to fast, it will make you feel like you can lift anything. I just received another stack and once I have been off for thirty days I’m going to start another cycle.

  33. Adrian

    Bulking Stack

    I purchase 2 stacks which is the Bulking and cutting stack.i am starting the Bulking stack for 8 weeks first and after that cycle for 1.5 weeks and will do the cutting stack. .I am in in week 3 for bulking stack and I must say that the product is amazing and promise as as delivered. .of course you cannot sit there and po the pills and expect miracle. I notice the strength is increase 3 fold in gym and I don’t have any side effect at I notice my muscle mass is increase significantly especially my biceps ..will continue to update you guys after my 8 weeks of 2 stacks of Bulking stacks definitely recommend to others

  34. dennis koops

    Seeing results feeling results

    Lifting heavy weights then I was before been on bulking stack for 3 weeks feeling stronger I’ll let u know more after week 8 bit of bad reviews on net but since Iv tried and worked hard seeing results

  35. john arange

    The Best!!!

    Most amazing product ive ever tried, ive been back and forth on supplements for the past year to no avail. One full eight week cycle with this and im doing ten times better in half the time

  36. Larry


    Im a 44yr old who had been looking for that extra boost.I hadn’t worked out in yrs weighing at 205 and being a couch potatoe just wasn’t working,I had tried many different products but to avail so I day I heard a couple of guys at work talking about Crazymass so I looked it up ….Fellas its been working for me ever since.I ordered the bulking stack and I have seen a differenceim on my 3rd week and my wife sees a big difference I’m lifting twice as much and my arms are looking good my chest …..WOW Crazymass YOU DESERVE A ROUND OF APPLAUSE….THANK YOU

  37. Anonymous

    4 weeks in

    I have been using the bulking stack for 3 weeks. I have noticed my strength go up drastically. My bench went up from 225 to 285 in the three weeks. I haven’t changed any other supplement or diet. I just ordered next month supply. Looking forward to see if i get any more changes.

  38. sameer

    great results

    I have been a strong and massive body and this bulk product stack is the end of problems for those who want to fill the body

  39. Anonymous

    Instant & immediate results

  40. Charles

    I am extremely satisfied so far

    I received my order this morning after only 4 DAYS!!! that’s great.. I will update everyone on my results in about a month.. as of now I am 6 foot 4, 185 pounds, and I have 15% body fat lets see where this “legal steroid” can get me

  41. Ricky

    I am very impress!! I thought this stuff wouldn’t work but it proved me wrong

    This is the best products to get! I gained 20 pounds of all muscle since July! I just got the bulking stack a month ago and I am really disappointed because I have only gained 4 pounds out of the 20-30lbs you are suppose to get after you are done with a cycle but I still have 2.5 weeks to go of my cycle!

  42. Eshan

    Great Results!!

    I was really skinny before I tried the bulking stack. I am done with my first 4 week cycle and sure as hell ordered another stack to continue another 4 week cycle. The results are mind blowing! I have gained muscle mass and strength. The effects are visible and I feel a lot confident!

    I would recommend this product to anyone who has a hard time gaining muscle while staying lean.

  43. Ronnie

    Awesome stack

    I’m toward the end of my first 4 weeks .. Already gained 7 pounds of muscle my strength has increased like I never thought it would and my recovery is rediculous .. Can’t wait to see where I’m at when these 8 weeks are up and it’s crazy how lean I’m staying while gaining

  44. Anonymous

    Start up

    Starting my bulking cycle next week. Hope I can make some good gains and lose some stubborn fat tissue that hangs around.

  45. Daddy Moo


    I have lost 14 pounds and I have tripled in size. I do not use the products as directed. I only take one of each in the morning and I am thrilled with the end result. I had to buy new weights due to the strength I have recently acquired.

    Thanks for your products. I will buy again.

  46. Matt Lawless

    Bulking Stack review

    I have been on the bulking stack for three weeks now. I have definitely, put on some size. My bench has gone up 20 lbs since I started. You can tell a difference in my appearance. I can’t wait to see the gains that I will make on my second cycle!!! I recommend these products to anyone.

  47. Anonymous


    I have only been on this for a couple days and can feel some sort of energy thru my mind and body. I am also trying the HGH supplement. I’m hoping these supplement can mend my stress and increase my libido levels as well. We will see how it goes.

  48. Lloyd


    I had tried a lot of supplements only to be disappointed and stop for along time then I found crazy mass and decided to give them a try after a year off and gaining weight I got my supplements and started noticing results right away by my 2nd week I dropped a lot of weight and started noticing size and cuts I had never seen before I’m getting ready to order my 2nd cycle after my 1st cycle I lost 43lbs and 3 inches off my waist gained some good size and a lot of definition.

  49. bill

    hard work and these products will equal positive results

    I’m a 57 yr old male. Just about done with 1st 8.wk cycle using bulk stack. Have not added much mass but strength has increased somewhat. Have put in good hard workouts. I will take 1.5 wks off stack after this cycle and do another 8wks. I do recommend this product but it is imperative to train hard and smart.

  50. Bobby Whitehead

    I Am On My Way

    To me the Crazy Mass Bulking Stack is very effective. I was sceptical at first despite my research before buying the product. I noticed upon my very first workout that even though I went balls to the wall, I had minimal soreness. After my first week I noticed a great increase in stregnth. My leg press max increased from 750lbs to 900lbs. And last week I maxed in the deadlift at 405. An increase of 40lbs since syarting my cycle.
    My weight increased only 5-7 lbs but I have gotten several compliments about my size already. So I absolutely love this product and will be ordering my second 4-week cycle next week. Thank you Crazy Mass, so much.
    By the way, the only reason I gave it 4 stars instead of 5 is because I’ve only been taking it for 3 out of the 8 weeks.

  51. David

    Very Good Product

    I have noticed tremendous difference in my strength and size. Exactly what I was expecting when I decided to try it. Will definitely recommend.

  52. Hopeful

    Can’t tell after a week

    Not sure if it works yet. Stay tuned. I’m hopeful. If it works I’ll buy another for the second half of my cycle.

  53. thomas magovern

    bulking stack review

    Took bulking stack for 8 weeks in a clean diet of high protein low fat low carbs energy levels went up weight went up strength exploded fantastic product I will be using the cutting stack once I finished this cycle completely muscle hardness increased ten fold and muscle density improved well done Crazymass keep going who knows where u could take this product 🙂

  54. Kurt

    A product that actually works

    They work ! Which is the major question everyone has on their mind. Although they are not a wonder pill. Requires a good diet, workout routine and determination . You still need to put in the work .

  55. Ian


    Seeing if this posts

  56. Nate

    4 weeks in and continuing to use

    Little skeptical about buying from this site but the product arrived on time like promised. The stack has given me major gains after being only 4 weeks in. Online it says to continue for a total of 8 weeks so I’m purchasing this stack again!

  57. Jimmy

    Alcohol effect

    They do increase the level of alcohol in our body? After take it ?. I know some tables do this, i just wanna make sure this are not the same one.

  58. Mark S

    Not a lot of mass, but better definition for sure!

    After 2 months of using the Bulking Stack I hoped for better mass results. I haven’t gained much mass but I have toned up noticeably… Even seeing more definition in my abs and legs.

  59. Yehng Navales


    First time to use bulking supplement. had worries and hesitant to use the product. Just followed intake instruction. (Meal + 1tab each). Made me crave for food when the effect kicked in. Not so much effect in my strength on the first week. but i see so much fat loss in my abdominal region. After 15 days of use, the real effect started to kick in. My muscles always want to be pump up. I can feel and see my muscles are starting to bulk. I’m starting to like the changes I see in my physique. This product is a real deal.

  60. Anonymous


    Do I take 1 pill of each for 2 meals a day and 1 of each 30 minutes before workout?

  61. stan

    yes they are


  62. dave


    are these review real?

  63. Anonymous


    How many tablets do you take a day when you have 4 different types??

  64. Rich

    Absolutely brilliant

    I have received this item 2 days ago and started the course straight away, I am new to trying anything like this so was a bit worried about taking them, wow they are strong and kick in quickly, putting weight on already!! Struggling to eat yesterday but haven’t stopped today and working out feels like floating on air! Brilliant product! Can’t wait to see results at the end if this is after two days!!

  65. T

    It”s worth it!!!

    I finished a 4 week bulking stack and I’m definitely buying another. Thank you Crazymass for developing a GREAT product that actually works… I look forward to another month of hard workouts and gains. Thanks….

  66. Denis


    Good stuff

  67. chalupabatman


    Works great!

  68. Kurt K

    Super Results

    I just finished 4 weeks of the bulk stack. The first 2 weeks didn’t notice a lot other than more energy. Actually I had a little trouble sleeping at night. My fix was to take last dosage at least 4 hrs. before bed. Once I got around end of 2nd week into 3rd then it kicked in. I got stronger with all my lifts plus I felt like I like I could lift for hours. I could see how you could easily over train. I just wanted to keep going. I didn’t lose much weight but I did drop my body fat which is good because I’m packing on muscle. I’m starting another 4 week cycle and am I hope to continue to see great results. Great product I recommended to anyone who wants to gain muscle size and strength.

  69. Stephen Dishongh

    crazy mass worth every penny

    I’m in the forth week of my crazy mass cycle and I’m loving it!! I have friends and family coming up telling me they notice that I’m putting on muscle and looking great.And asking how am I finding the time to work out so much. And the truth is i haven’t had time to work out much it’s all crazy mass. Thank you crazy mass!!

  70. Stephen Dishongh

    crazy mass worth every penny

    I’m in the forth week of my crazy mass cycle and I’m loving it!! I have friends and family coming up telling me they notice that I’m putting muscle and looking great.And asking how am I finding the time to work out so much. And the truth is i haven’t had time to work out much it’s all crazy mass. Thank you crazy mass!!

  71. Anonymous

    Great results

    Very happy with this stack. I have tried many other companies supplements. These are very effective and at a very reasonable price. Thanks crazy mass!

  72. derwin


    I love this product.3 weeks in,and i ordered another 4 week stack. If you put the time in the gym and take this product,you will grow. thank you crazy mass.I gained an inch on my arms and went from 29.1% bodyfat to 19.1% bodyfat in 3 weeks.Awesome!

  73. Andrew C.


    3 weeks into my Bulking Stack and already noticing significant differences in muscle size and definition. Will be posting before and after pics at the end of my eighth week. #StayTuned

  74. Szymon

    Very effective!

    Only use if your serious about getting shredded!

  75. Nate

    It does work!

    I didn’t change anything about my diet or my routine. I didn’t gain a lot of mass but my body fat has dropped a ton. The pump and strength are amazing. This is only in about 3 weeks, and I even skipped some days of taking it. I plan on taking a 8 week cycle. These products work! Bottom line

  76. wayne

    energy fat loss

    Ist 3 weeks on crazy mass lost 12lbs more energy all day people say what are you on reply crazy mass they said crazy bulk

  77. JAY FROM THE BAY 707


    This product WORKS!!! Its been less than a month and the results are REAL. I’m a hard gainer but with the bulk stack you can notice a big difference and definition. People in the gym and my work notice. I highly recommend Product. I was excited to do the next cycle but! apparently There out of D-bol so i ordered a different combo stack

  78. michael


    I am using the bulking stack for almost three weeks now and i absolutely love it. Every training i am surprised by my strength and progression. I never had any product working so well for me as this stack. I am already training for a few years now and i am definitely a hardgainer. However, with this stack i already put more than 2 kilos on and i am not even half way the cycle! If you are looking for a supplement to get stronger and bigger i would recommend you this!

  79. Anonymous

    Great product

    I took the bulking stack for 3 weeks gained 7 pounds of muscle and noticed strength gains and endurance. Ate very clean and took plenty of protein.

  80. Edgar Encizo

    Bulk stack review

    Great product, easy to take, great results

  81. Anonymous

    Crazymass is truth !!!

    With hardwork & Crazymass products you will reach your goal. Bulking (my current stack),Strengthening,Cutting… Craziness is the place to be

  82. Anonymous

    So far so good

    It’s only been a month so far but, I can tell things a changing. Doing 8wks I’ll give a update in another 4 wks.

  83. Jon

    So far so good

    I was skeptical at first, but now i am finishing up my first week and can see results, I no longer take any kind of pre workout supplement this is all you need besides some quality protien powder (obviously). Will have a follow up review at the end of my cycle.

  84. G

    real deal

    Took only 3 days to get to europe. Did a 4w cycle and put on 2-3kg. I was looking fuller and rounder and stayed lean. My shoulders looked pumped all the time and were rounder than ever, made great gainz in my legs and my friends were noticing the results too.

  85. Isayah

    Real deal

    I love love love this product! Noticed a change on day two. I gained 22 pounds in 7weeks and my skin actually cleared up. Buy the shit out if this bulk stack!

  86. John.M


    I`ve been using a bulking stack for three courses now and have notice gains of 5.4kg of 100% lean muscle. Also my friends have pointed out I`m looking good.

  87. Denis


    Like it

  88. NC

    Love it!

    This is the best bulking stack ever. Just finished my first 30 day cycle and noticed an amazing changes in my physique. Highly recommend… I am ready to start my second 30 days cycle today.

  89. Eric

    Great results

    Have been using for 3 weeks and the gains have been great. Will be ordering more and making more gains s

  90. Superman


    I am on my second week of bulking stack,my shoulders, chest,and biceps are going crazy in (size).After my workout you can see a difference this product really works.

  91. Anonymous

    Great stuff!

    Tried 4 week cycle and im definitely foing to get another month’s supply.

  92. tom


    just started taking and what a big difference from all the other products i’ve taken . this stuff really works .just waiting for my 2nd order .i recommend this to anyone who wants to pack on size.

  93. John

    I love how much energy and positive results I feel

    It’s excellent

  94. Kenny

    How do I take this stack

    How do I take with stack do I just take each one one time a day or what?

  95. Anthony

    Very good

    Nice products indeed, really help

  96. James Nordhoff

    life changing

    I am using my second stack. I am experiencing greater strenght and stamina. I am doing my workout in one row with shorter rest period between exercices. No need to search elsewhere, these are the products you’ve got to use.

  97. Dametrick Ross

    #1 product

    wrapping up my first stack -gained 14lbs in 30days but eating like a mad man. I def had strength gains and will try the strength stack next.

  98. Matt H


    I used 2 stacks back to back for 8wks and was happy they were able to ship to Australia with customs. Gained 14lbs of solid muscle – my friends are trying now. Good product

  99. James Nordhoff

    Change your body

    Best products I ever tried. You can expect great results. Your body get more muscular, a huge rise in strength and stamina. I will continue to use Crazy Mass products because they do what they advertise. I have ordered my second bulking stack to have even more great results. Go Crazy Mass.

  100. ZACH



  101. Nick

    sweet titty!

    Skeptic at first about no side-effects but had great results. Gained 11lbs of lean muscle and increased my bench by 35lbs in 5wks.
    Crazymass is Crazy Good

  102. Bryce A

    Best on Market

    Better than anything i’ve tried at GNC. Completed the full 4wks and am stronger and gained about 12 lbs. Will try it again for another 4wks. telling my friends

  103. James B


    Been on for 3weeks and have gained 6lbs of solid muscle…happy to see what it’ll do in 8wks.

  104. Zach M

    DO IT! You will get results

    Skeptic, naturally. CM products surprised me since I never heard of them before. I loved the stack it worked fast and I made serious strength gains. My friends are all ordering now.

  105. Adan T

    coooooool stack

    best $ i’ve spent on supplements. it made it through customs to get to me in Australia…4 wks and 12 lbs of new lean muscle. Happy w results.

  106. Alejandro M


    I doubted but tried and am happy I did. 8wks and 33lbs later I am feeling goooooood. 2 cycles of the bulking stack and i’m a new man. My friends are trying now.

  107. Tom

    Great Results

    The Bulking stack is the most effective product I have tried. For the first week nothing really different happened to me just felt jittery during the day but then week two rolled around and that was when things started to be noticed. So here I am at the end of the cycle, and I am about 14lbs heavier and a lot stronger. I recommend this to anyone wanting to get over those stubborn plateaus. Of course its not a miracle pill, you have to go hard when at the gym, get good recovery time and eat sensibly. I plan on doing another cycle in a month or so. Unlike other pro-hormones, and testosterone boosters, this actually works.

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