P-VAR Elite Series (Anavar Alternative)

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Cutting and Lean Muscle Agent. Our 100% all-natural bodybuilding supplement is the alternative to Anavar (Oxandrolone) that works without the harmful side-effects. P-VAR is formulated for cutting fat and preserving lean muscle mass. This awesome anabolic is great for both men and women! P-VAR can help increase strength and give you a cut, muscular look without sacrificing muscle mass. It’s powerful enough to be used as a stand-alone supplement, and it stacks well with our other formulas. The CrazyMass Cutting Stack is a set of premium, fat burning bodybuilding supplements which contains P-VAR and three other legal cutting supplements.


  • Enhances vascularity for increased muscle nourishment
  • Incinerates visceral and subcutaneous fat
  • Improves muscle hardness and density for the optimal beach body
  • Preserves lean muscle when cutting calories


  • Get show ready!
  • Great for cutting cycles
  • A versatile product that stacks well; great for men and women
  • All natural and safe
  • 100% legal, no injections or prescriptions


CrazyMass P-VAR Elite Series is essential for cutting cycles, it helps melt away fat and retain muscle while leaving a cut vascular appearance. To learn more about P-VAR’s benefits, click here.


P-Var Elite Series complements ALL of our CrazyMass bodybuilding stacks and steps for taking are found here.

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P-Var Supplement Facts

Ingredients include Calcium (from dibasic calcium phosphate) Whey Protein Soy Protein BCAA Wild Yam (root) L-Valine, ATP, Cellulose, stearic acid, silicon dioxide croscarmellose sodium, magnesium stearate, FD&C Blue #2, ethylcellulose.

31 reviews for P-VAR Elite Series (Anavar Alternative)

  1. James Pursell (verified owner)

    So far I notice gains

    Only been a few weeks but I’ve noticed my stomach getting tighter, as well as my back and arms. Also notice I’m not getting tired as fast when lifting. Can’t wait to see results after I’m done the bottle

  2. Joi (verified owner)

    I likey so far

    I just started taking it for a few weeks. I do feel a difference, however I need to take it longer to see what will happen. So far i like what i see and how i feel.

  3. Adrian James Tan

    Great Stuff

    Used it many times over the years, and like it. I use this with T-Bal and Clen. Helps with weight loss, and my workouts get more intense.

  4. Adrian James Tan

    Great product

    I use this product with Clen and T-Bal. Works great thus far, and helps keep my weight down. I also great a better workout on it.

  5. Thomas Conner

    No good

    I dont like how it makes me feel.im tired and un-motivated and lathargic. I wont get it again.

  6. Chazz

    Excellent Product!

    I use this product in combination with T-Bal and DeckadroIone. I chose this supplement to amplify my ability to lose fat. Given my age, I also figured this would be the best choice for attacking visceral fat. I also decided to include Paravar rather than some standard over the counter fat loss product because I figured it would work well with the other two supplements while boosting my ability to build lean hard muscle mass. I have already ordered more of the product to complete my 8 week cycle and have experienced impressive results already. While I am only part of the way through my first cycle, I can say that I’m surprised and pleased with how quickly I am reaching my goal. Combined with my exercise routines, the other two supplements and a cleaner diet, I see changes almost every day. By the end of the cycle, I’m pretty confident I will be right on target.

  7. Marco

    Awesome !

    Just got off a 6 week cycle and I am looking CUT ! I was pretty sketch on trying this instead of anavar, but it’s working great !

  8. GodLess

    Not really doing much by itself

    I have been training for over 2 years im on 13%BF at the moment i started to use the product i have been using it 3 weeks and i dont really see a difference between before using Paravar and after using it…

    It might have some effect but not that i could really notice… So… maybe it works better when being stacked… i have bought the “cutting stack” i will post a review on that section after im done with the stack

  9. Hunter Elledias

    Great Product

    This product helped me keep my lean muscle while on my intense cutting cycle in which i lost 30lbs in 1 month. I feel like without this product i wouldnt have been able to keep all of my pre-existing muscle and gain lean muscle while i was losing weight very fast.Great product and highly recommend.

  10. Eric

    Not sure I would recommend it

    I have been doing core workouts and lifting weights for a month. Haven’t seen any change in my appearance. My fitness has improved. I can do more reps but not necessarily stronger. My running has improved.

  11. Anonymous

    I highly recommend this product

    After two weeks others started to notice the weight loss . I normal work out 4 days a week with Cardio 2 times weekly.

  12. Anonymous

    It’s work’s

    I took it for 7 days in lost seven pounds so I’m hoping I don’t lose muscle but I still feel the same am lift the same and everything so it does work post another in 3 weeks

  13. Anonymous

    The Real Deal

    At first i didnt think tht this would work. Bt after 3 weeks the results are amazing. I saw result the first the most after the first 4days because of all the extra water weight i had. Im glad i got it. No regrets.

  14. Anonymous

    Bery good lost weight and gained muscle

    A plus would recomend to anyone brill

  15. Jonesn85


    I started taking it a few weeks ago and I have dropped 4% body fat. I was not fat to begin with, just wanted to get toned and it has worked and is still working. I paired it with clen, and winn.

  16. Anonymous

    Let’s see if this really works

    I’m stacking paravar and a fat burner Clentrimix I’ll be back in 2 weeks.. To keep you guys updated I’m not giving it five until I see results

  17. Jacqueline

    First Time I have seen results in a long time

    So I would workout every SINGLE day and nothing, no improvement what so ever on my body. So I tried stacking with Crazymass products. Right now I’m trying paravar and clentrimix. Its only been a month, I changed up my routine to start doing P90X and I have seen results already. My thighs have gotten thicker, arms are more defined and my back is looking amazing, did I also mention that my stomach is looking flatter. It definitely cuts some fat and forget the scale, just threw that out since I’m going off the body fat. Only problem is I always forget to take my pills so I probably could see better results if I stuck with the same time and pushed myself more at the gym. Overall its pretty good for it being a month into the first time stacking and we will see the results in a few more months. I’m taking pics too, Will post later. I will try winni once my bottles are running low and try those.

  18. Avi

    best supplements I ever used.

    What a product ! never could be discribed by the words. amazing result just in 4 weeks.I stacked with winni and clen and lost 16 lbs (with good diet and regular work out) definitely recommended this product for those who want to get leaner. Surely will try another products.

  19. Adrian James

    Great Product!

    Stacking this product with T-Bal, Clen, and Winnidrol. Been on it for a month and so far so good. Start to see definitions developing and my body getting firmer. Plan to stick with this for the next few months. I strongly recommend this.

  20. Anonymous

    Awesome product for men and women!

    As a woman I was concerned to take this product but I have had amazing results with it. I’ve noticed more strength and definition in all muscle groups. I will definitely continue to cycle this product.

  21. Anonymous

    works great

    I have amazing results with this product I have noticed a great difference within two weeks of using it

  22. Kevin

    Nice Weight Loss, Some Strength gain

    I lost the fat, built some muscle so I enjoyed it. Definitely considering the Dianobal now.

  23. Anonymous

    Good product

    As it is much more mild it was still good at holding muscle mass while cutting

  24. Anonymous

    Rapid Weight Loss

    I lost a substantial amount of weight after only a week. (With dieting and exercise.) Works great, definitely buying another bottle.

  25. Private

    Woman benefits pros and cons Fast Results

    Yes it works well and very fast however It has made me menstrate the whole time is this normal ?

    It give you heaps of energy and works very well but why it’s it causing problems with my period ?

    Any ideas guys ??

  26. Albert, TX

    great product!

    I’ve been using Tren-Bal for a month and have noticed great strength gains, lean muscle and no added fat, it definitely makes me want to use a stack if a stand alone is enough to do this, truly a great product!

  27. Anonymous

    Nice Streng And Fat burner

    I use 1 month and have very greats results, recommend 100%

  28. Anonymous


    Already lost 5lbs. Been on this for 2weeks and am already starting to see results. (With intense workouts) looking to buy more soon!!!

  29. Mark

    Fast acting

    After taking this product for just a week with proper dieting I’ve shredded off 3lbs and gained tremendous strength. Highly recommended.

  30. Jeffery Adams


    tried it, 8wks, lost 15lbs, anxious to try tren-bol now.

  31. Adam

    beach ready

    I used this for 4 wks and noticed a difference without changing my diet. I am try the cutting stack since I was happy with this results

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