Testosterone propionate is a steroid that is designed based on the naturally produced testosterone hormone. It is a synthetic version of testosterone and it features an additional ester known as propionate. This ester boosts the effects of testosterone hormone but just like all other forms of testosterone, it carries with it some risks. Being a relatively short ester, the side effects of propionate are less pronounced but they are still present. The hormone is both anabolic and androgenic and it is very helpful in nitrogen synthesis. Nitrogen synthesis causes an increase in protein synthesis in the body. When using propionate, you also have to increase protein in the diet.

Propionate increases the activity of satellite cells and this promotes cellular regeneration. A medical application of this steroid is to improve the body’s healing process after severe accidents and burns. The ability of testosterone to improve cellular regeneration helps people to increase their amount of lean muscle. It is also useful in reducing fat in the body by promoting metabolism of fat. Lost fat is replaced by protein which increases a person’s strength. It can be very effective when combined with physical exercise.

Testosterone propionate increases red blood cells in the body. This makes it a possible candidate in the management of anemia. It also increases aggression which enables a person to push himself harder during physical exercise and therefore benefits from better results. The increased aggression also causes people to perform better in aggressive physical activities. Propionate reduces the amount of bad cholesterol in the body which promotes cardiovascular health. This puts users at a reduced risk of suffering from coronary diseases compared to other steroid users.

The body metabolizes testosterone propionate very quickly and it is usually out of the system completely shortly after it is administered. This is good news for athletes who participate in competitive activities that require drug testing. The drug is not detectable in the body after a few days of use. One of the bad side effects of propionate is that it can cause gynecomastia and increase water retention in the muscles. Hair loss, acne, and virilization are some side effects that women suffer from when they use the steroid.