Bodybuilders looking to improve their gains have two distinct options to choose from. SARMs or steroids. Both help you improve your strength, lift your endurance, and grow your muscle mass. But they have a slightly different effect on your body. Let’s delve into the debate between SARMs vs steroids, helping you decide which option is best for you.

How SARMs and Steroids Affect You?

Let’s start by looking at the differences between these two substances. Learning more about how they work.

What Are SARMs?

The acronym stands for Selective Androgen Receptor Modulator (SARM). They stimulate an anabolic response. Targeting a limited number of androgen receptors. Creating muscular gains. Impacting only selected androgen receptors helps limit side effects.

There is a wide range of SARMs to choose from, each affecting your body in a slightly different way. Ostarine is best for a cutting cycle. Helping you build lean muscle. Andarine is also a good option during a cutting cycle. Helping you burn through fat. Ligandrol can be used during a bulking cycle, helping you add muscle mass.

What Are Steroids?

Steroids are intended to stimulate hormonal activity by binding to the androgen receptors in the body. However, steroids aren’t as selective about the type of androgen receptors they are binding to as SARMs. Steroids aim to replicate the effects of testosterone. This can lead to more intense side effects. This is what allows bodybuilders to increase their muscle mass and grow their strength.

Like SARMs, there is a wide range of steroids available to choose from, depending on the purpose you want to use them for. Testosterone is best if you want to gain muscle and add bulk. Winstrol is best used during the cutting cycle. Helping you hang onto lean muscle while burning through fat.

What Are The Benefits Of Using Steroids?

There are plenty of reasons people turn to steroids. These include:

  • Improved protein synthesis. This allows you to increase the amount of muscle mass you can gain. It’ll also help you grow your strength. Bodybuilders like these drugs because they can get rapid results. The gains will be apparent at the end of the cycle.
  • Burning fat. Some steroids can help you burn through fat. Importantly, though, they protect your lean muscle.

What Are The Benefits Of Using SARMs?

There are plenty of reasons why people prefer to use SARMs. The biggest benefits include:

  • More muscle mass and strength. By allowing your body to better access protein, it’ll be easier to grow muscle mass. Allowing you to improve your strength. However, these results won’t be as quick as taking steroids.
  • Lowering fat storage. SARMs will help you cut the amount of fat in your body. Improving muscle definition, so you can show off your hard work.
  • Boosting red blood cells. More red blood means more oxygen flowing to your muscles. Reducing the amount of time it takes them to be repaired. Steroids also produce this effect. But, when you take a SARM, you don’t need to worry about a heart attack or stroke.
  • Improved bone density. SARMs can help you build stronger bones, which is why they might be used as part of a therapy to help fight the effects of aging.

Side Effects Of Steroids

However, there are some fairly serious side effects you need to worry about when you start taking steroids. These include:

  • Water retention. Some steroids can convert to estrogen in your body. This can make you start retaining water, leaving you looking bloated. A cutting cycle will be needed to remove the excess water and improve your muscle definition.
  • High blood pressure. Steroids raise your blood pressure dramatically. This can take a toll on your heart. Increasing the chances that you will have a heart attack or stroke.
  • Mental health impacts. Some users can be psychologically impacted by steroids. The most common example is an uncontrollable temper. You might also find that it’s harder to get to sleep. This can cause you to become unfocused and cause you to act erratically.
  • Impact on personal appearance. You might find that your physical appearance is negatively affected by steroids. Some users report getting acne or becoming bald.
  • Long-term health consequences. The impacts of steroids can be culminative. As your body builds resistance, you’ll need to increase the dose to continue to feel the effects. This raises the risk that you’ll experience harsh side effects. Steroids can also take their toll on your liver. Increasing the chances of developing cancer. Even worse, you might be putting your kidneys at risk. Experienced steroid users tend to face a higher chance of kidney cancer or kidney failure.

Because of these side effects, it’s recommended that you start taking steroids gradually. Give yourself some time to get used to the effects of the drugs. If you start to have too many side effects, stop taking them.

It’s important to remember that some steroids are more potent than others. Carrying a higher risk of negative side effects. Make sure to do your research so you have a better idea of what to expect.

Side Effects Of SARMs

In the debate on SARMs vs steroids, one of the most discussed points is the expected side effects. SARMs don’t carry the same harsh side effects. Because of this, many people view them as the safer option. But there are still some potential issues you might encounter. These include:

  • Cardiovascular and liver toxicity. SARMs can also take their toll on your heart and liver. Potential side effects include heart attack, stroke, and liver failure.
  • Higher risk of cancer. It’s believed that, by stimulating the androgen receptors, using SARMs might cause your risk of cancer to rise.
  • Greater chance of blood clots. Some SARM users report blood clots. There are a few factors that affect your chance of developing blood clots. In particular, you’ll need to assess your family history. It’s also a good idea to brush up on the signs of blood clots. So, you can act early if you start to experience side effects.
  • Risk of gynecomastia. This refers to the development of female characteristics in men. Most notably, you might find that you start growing man boobs. It’s also possible that your testicles might shrink. It has also been linked to fertility issues, due to a lower sperm count.

Importance Of PCT

Both of these substances can have a significant impact on your testosterone production. Shutting down natural production. This can lead to some problems during your cycle. For example, you might notice changes to your libido or you might experience erectile dysfunction.

At the end of the cycle, you’ll need to get your body to restart the natural production of testosterone. This is where Post Cycle Therapy (PCT) comes in. How long the PCT lasts depends on the type of substance you used and how large the dose was. Generally, SARMs will require a shorter cycle because they aren’t as intense as steroids.

Other Differences To Consider

There are a few other factors to consider in the SARMs vs steroids debate. These include:

  • Both SARMs and steroids are illegal outside of limited medical uses. Both are known to enhance athletic performance. So, they are included as screens for drug testing. Get caught using and your career will be over. Because of this, you’ll need to turn to the black market to buy them. Do plenty of research to make sure that you are going through a reputable supplier.
  • Available forms. Again, there isn’t much difference in this category. Both are available in oral and injectable form. Though steroids can be applied as a topical cream, which SARMs cannot. Furthermore, most SARMs are only available in oral form. Injections can be dangerous, raising the risks associated with infected needles.
  • Similar costs. The pricing of both steroids and SARMs can vary a little. Generally, they are relatively similar. Expect to pay around $40 for enough doses to last for a full cycle. However, some of the more potent steroid varieties might be a little pricier than that.
  • SARMs have a shorter half-life. The last thing you want is to be caught failing a drug test. SARMs have a shorter half-life, flowing through your system faster. Giving you a lower chance of being detected.
  • Both of these drugs are equally available. It’s best to source them online. Make sure that you are going through a reputable manufacturer. Getting counterfeit drugs can prove deadly.
  • Research history. Steroids have a long research history. They were first used in the 1930s, to try and boost the athletic performance of German Olympians. This means that we have a long research history of studying the impacts of steroids on humans. SARMs were invented in the 1990s. We know a little about their effects, but we can’t draw on the long history associated with steroid use.

Summary Of The Key Differences

Let’s distill the SARMs vs steroids into some of the biggest points to bear in mind:

  • SARMs are targeted. SARMs are targeted, binding to specific androgen receptors. Limiting their effects on muscles. Steroids are a blunter tool. They affect multiple parts of the body at once.
  • Steroids work quicker. Because they are targeting multiple parts of the body, steroids can deliver faster results. Even one cycle can yield impressive gains. SARMs are better for those wanting to take a slow and steady approach.
  • Steroids have more side effects. While steroids might have faster results, that comes at a cost. Expect to have more serious side effects, including serious long-term health consequences.

Can You Stack SARMs And Steroids?

Stacking steroids with SARMs is a dangerous idea. In theory, you’ll be able to get the best of both worlds. Significantly boosting your muscle mass and burning through fat. But you’ll need to be wary of the side effects. Expect to experience things like mood swings and balding. Not to mention the risk of a medical episode, like a stroke. And the devastating impact on your long-term health risks, as your cancer risks soar.

Because of this, a stack like this should only be attempted by experienced bodybuilders. Be alert to the side effects that you are experiencing. If it gets too bad, get ready to abandon the cycle. Strong PCT is vital at the end of a cycle like this. Giving your body a chance to recover.

Which One Should You Choose?

Deciding between SARMs vs steroids is tough. There isn’t one clear answer. You’ll need to consider what you are looking for. If you want to get gains fast, it might be best to turn to steroids. These will help you get muscle fast.

But if you are happy to go slower and steadier, SARMs are the better option. Producing fewer side effects than steroids.  However, they can still cause issues over the long term. Such as increasing your risk of developing cancer.

It’s also important to remember that your gender might have a role to play. Many steroids will boost testosterone levels. This can cause problems for women. You might find that you start developing male characteristics. For example, you might grow facial hair or develop a lower voice. Over time, these changes might become permanent. SARMs pose less of a threat. However, you still need to be vigilant. Do your research to find out the type of side effects that you can experience.  Take appropriate precautions. Like doing a PCT cycle to bring your body back to natural testosterone levels.

Investigate A Third Option

There is a lot of debate over SARMs vs steroids. In reality, both come with some pretty nasty side effects which you’ll want to avoid. Because of this, you might want to investigate a third option. You can turn to a legal alternative, like a supplement from Crazy Mass. Getting the results you’ve come to expect from illegal drugs. Without the harsh side effects.


Trying to decide between SARMs and steroids is tough. Weigh up both approaches and consider which one is best for you. The best option, though, is to get a supplement from Crazy Mass. Because we use natural ingredients, you’ll be able to get similar effects without any of the nasty side effects.