Bodybuilders try plenty of methods to boost their muscles. One of the most common options is using steroids. These drugs can deliver impressive muscle gains over a short period. Turinabol (TBol) and Dianabol (Dbol) are two of the most beloved drugs.

But which one is best for you? That’s a tough question to answer. Both are highly effective, delivering strong results. But the gains aren’t the only thing you need to consider. Don’t forget to factor in the nasty side effects and legal consequences. Let’s delve into everything you need to know when comparing TBol vs Dbol.

The Basics Of TBol

Let’s start by looking at TBol. This is an anabolic steroid that was created by modifying Dbol.  It has an interesting history. In the 1960s, it was made by an East German group. Their goal was to develop a way to improve German athletes’ results at the Olympics. Don’t get any ideas though. Modern competition organizers are aware of the effects of drugs. Competitors are routinely tested for banned substances, like TBol. Get caught cheating and you’ll be banned.

To understand why TBol is so effective, we need to understand how it works. It binds itself to your androgen receptor. Causing your body to improve protein synthesis. Making it easier for you to build muscle. Importantly, it has a low androgenic effect. This is a big positive. Limiting the harmful side effects you could face. But, as we’ll see later, it doesn’t get rid of them entirely.

The Basics Of Dbol

Now let’s turn our attention to Dbol. This is the name given to a steroid called methandrostenolone. It’s based on testosterone. Interestingly, this drug was also developed by a scientist to boost athletic performance. This time it was an American doctor, working with the weightlifting team. Dbol is slightly older than TBol, it was developed for the 1950s Olympics.

Dbol also works by binding to your androgen receptor. Allowing you to increase protein synthesis and boost your nitrogen retention. Building muscle will become easier. While you can get strong results, you will need to be prepared for some substantial side effects. It will produce estrogenic effects which TBol won’t.


Both of these drugs offer impressive benefits. Though you can expect slightly different things from each one. Let’s run through the benefits of TBol vs Dbol.

Benefits of TBol

Let’s start by looking at what TBol can offer, the highlights include:

  • Promote nitrogen retention. If you want your muscles to grow, you need to make sure that you are giving them plenty of nitrogen. TBol helps increase the amount of nitrogen in your system. It’ll also help improve your protein synthesis, further helping grow your muscles.
  • Improved athletic performance. Given its history, you shouldn’t be surprised to learn that this drug can help you improve your performance in the gym. Allowing you to push yourself harder and get better results.
  • Shorter recovery time. You’ll still have to leave some time for your muscles to recover after an intense workout. But TBol can shorten this recovery period. Giving you more time to work your muscles.
  • Getting a leaner physique while maintaining muscle mass. TBol might be used as part of a lean bulking cycle. Unlike other steroids, you don’t need to be worried about water retention, which can leave you looking bloated.
  • Can be taken orally. No need to worry about the dangers of infected needles. This drug comes in an oral form.

Benefits of Dbol

Now it’s Dbol’s turn. Here’s how this drug can help you improve your gym performance:

  • Improving muscle size and strength. Dbol is one of the most potent steroids on the market. You can expect to see big muscle gains when using this drug. Like TBol, it will improve nitrogen retention and protein synthesis.
  • Shorter recovery time and better athletic performance. Another similarity is the ability to improve your recovery time. Getting you back in the gym faster. Plus, you will grow your strength and improve your athleticism.
  • Promotes glycogenolysis. Glycogenolysis describes the way your body breaks down glycogen to get glucose. Once done, you can use the glucose as energy. Powering you through your gym session. This is why Dbol can lift your stamina levels.

It should be noted that Dbol can help you boost your metabolism, through the glycogenolysis process. But it isn’t a good choice for a cutting cycle. It will still lead to bloating through water retention.

Side Effects

So far, they have appeared fairly similar. Looking at the side effects will bring more clarity to the debate between TBol vs Dbol.

Side Effects Of TBol

These are some of the things you will experience when you start taking TBol:

  • Raising cholesterol levels. Like many other anabolic steroids, taking TBol will increase your ‘bad’ cholesterol levels. This places you at greater risk of heart attack or stroke.
  • Oily skin and acne. Some men report developing oily skin and acne. Skincare products can help you manage this.
  • There is a genetic component to this. If the men in your family have a history of baldness, you will be at higher risk.
  • This side effect affects women. By raising your testosterone levels, there is a greater risk that you will develop male characteristics. There are a few ways this can manifest. You might find that you start growing body hair. You might have facial hair. Or your voice might get lower. These should go away when you stop taking the drug. But some might be irreversible. Make sure to monitor your dosage carefully, stopping the cycle if you notice any problems.
  • Liver toxicity. This is something that all anabolic steroids can cause. The longer you use the drugs, the greater the odds of experiencing liver problems.

Side Effects Of Dbol

Dbol tends to have more severe side effects than TBol. Here are some of the things you can expect when taking this drug:

  • Acne and hair loss. This is a common issue. Particularly if you are genetically predisposed to these conditions.
  • High blood pressure. Like TBol, Dbol will raise your unhealthy levels of cholesterol. Placing more pressure on your heart.
  • Water retention. This is something you can’t expect from TBol. Dbol will increase the amount of water weight you are carrying. You will need a cutting cycle to get rid of the weight before a competition.
  • Like TBol, women can expect some virilization. Body hair growth, facial hair growth, enlarged clitoris, and a deeper voice.
  • Androgenic effects on men. Dbol can be androgenic. This means that men might start to develop female characteristics. For example, you might start to grow breast tissue. Even worse, your man boobs might develop unevenly.
  • Liver damage. Dbol takes a harsh toll on your liver. Over the long term, you will be at a higher risk of liver cancer.

There are a few ways you can try to minimize your risks. Make sure that you monitor the dose carefully. We’ll discuss recommended dosages in the next section.  Avoid drinking alcohol when taking anabolic steroids, reducing the amount of strain you are putting on your liver. Supplements like milk thistle can be used to further support healthy liver functioning.

Cycling And Dosages

Hopefully, you’ve decided whether TBol or Dbol is right for you. But now it’s time to take things to the next level. Implementing the drug into your routine. As always, it’s best to do this with caution. Start with a lower dose. Give your body some time to adjust to the drug. If you start to experience too many dangerous side effects, stop taking it immediately.

Dosing With TBol

TBol is a potent steroid. You won’t need a high dose to start feeling the effects. Start the cycle with a lower dose. Over the first few weeks, gradually increase it. By week three, you can reach your maximum dose. Stay at this level for the rest of the cycle.

The amount you need depends on your level of experience. Male beginners can start with a maximum dose of 40mg per day. Female beginners can start with 1 mg per day. When you have a little more experience, men can move up to 60 mg and females can go up to 2.5 mg per day. The maximum dose for an experienced male is 80mg per day. For females, it’s 5 mg a day.

TBol has a long half-life. So, you’ll only need to take one tablet per day. Though you can split it into two doses. Maintaining a consistent amount of the drug in your system. Have the drug with some food.

This cycle should last for a maximum of eight weeks. At the end of the cycle, you’ll need to do some PCT. Give your body at least four weeks to recover. After this time, you’ll be ready to start your next cycle.

Dosing With Dbol

Again, the amount you’ll need to take will depend on your level of experience with the drug. For beginners, aim to have a maximum dose of 12mg a day. To compensate for the lower dose, you’ll need to have a longer cycle. Go for 12 weeks. Intermediate users can try a 40mg a day dosage, lasting for eight weeks. If you are an experienced user take a maximum of 50mg a day. This should last for six weeks. Dbol has a shorter half-life. Because of this, you’ll need to split your dose into two.

At the end of the cycle, you’ll need to do some PCT. Give your body a six to eight-week recovery period. After this time is over, you can start a new cycle.

Stacking Ideas

On their own, both Dbol and TBol are strong steroids. But combining them with other drugs will take your gains to the next level. There are a few popular options to explore. You can try them with Testosterone, Deca Durabolin, or Trenbolone. But there is a huge word of caution. Adding more drugs to the mix increases the risk. Expect to get more severe side effects.

You should also consider taking some supplements to limit the impacts on your health. Try adding some Milk Thistle. This will support your liver, minimizing the risks of long-term damage.


Both of these steroids can be potent. Switching off your body’s natural testosterone production. Because of this, you’ll need to do some Post Cycle Therapy (PCT). This gives your body a chance to recover, turning your natural testosterone production back on. Clomid or Nolvadex are good options.

Legalities Of TBol and Dbol

In this area, there is no difference between TBol vs Dbol. Both are outlawed by the FDA. Get caught using and the penalties will be harsh. At worst, you could be looking at prison time. Professional bodybuilders also need to be wary. Competitions will test participants. Both these drugs are banned. If they show up in your sample, your career is over.

Direct Comparison Of TBol and Dbol

The battle between TBol vs Dbol has been fought in gyms across the world. In truth, there is no real winner. They both have a unique set of pros and cons. It all comes down to what you are looking for. Dbol is the best if you want to boost muscle. Using glycogenolysis to increase your strength. But TBol is ideal for building lean muscle.

The risks are also different for each one. Both will mess with your liver. But Dbol will lead to water retention and can cause you to develop androgenic effects. The risks of heart problems, caused by higher cholesterol levels, are higher with Dbol.

Alternatives To TBol and Dbol

You don’t need to risk your health with TBol or Dbol. Try a legal, natural alternative instead. Crazy Mass offers the D-Anaoxn Elite Series, a safe alternative to Dbol. If you want even better results, use our bulking mix. Using natural ingredients to grow your muscles. Getting all of the gains without any of the risks.

Final Thoughts!

In conclusion, the choice between TBol Vs. Dbol hinges on a nuanced understanding of individual fitness objectives, health considerations, and tolerance for potential side effects. Each oral steroid offers unique benefits and drawbacks, catering to diverse goals within the realm of performance enhancement and muscle development. The decision should be rooted in a comprehensive evaluation of personal fitness goals, medical history, and the willingness to manage potential risks.