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This is the unadulterated form of testosterone. It contains absolutely no additional esters and it is chemically similar to testosterone created naturally in the body. The only special treatment that this form of testosterone has gone through is suspension, just as the name suggests. Pure testosterone is taken and mixed with water- or oil-based liquids. By suspending testosterone in a liquid base, a person is able to hold more of the hormone in a smaller space. Testosterone suspension that has an oil base is not preferable by many people because the injections can be painful and they may need to get more injections in order to get the required amount of testosterone.

Since testosterone suspension is introduced directly into the bloodstream by injection, it is quick to show results and quick to leave the body. The testosterone suspension clears quickly from the body and it is not detected by modern drug testing procedures. Testosterone suspension makes satellite cells to become more active and this promotes muscular regeneration for people who suffer from degenerative diseases. It also promotes healing because of its ability to increase cell production. 

The hormone is usually given to people with degenerative health conditions such as HIV and AIDs in order to prevent muscles from wasting away. It also increases the number of red blood cells in the body promoting more oxygen to tissues. This leads to better formation of muscular tissue and the tissue formed is usually of very high quality. Muscle gain is followed by fat loss which is also an effect of testosterone on the body. Testosterone suspension increases the body’s healing ability and people recover from strenuous physical activity faster. The reduced amount of downtime for healing enables people to have more time to exercise and build muscle.

The side effects of testosterone are only seen after prolonged periods of using the hormone. One of the side effects is loss of hair. Skin problems also start to pop up including oily skin and acne. Testosterone suspension is recommended to be used just before physical exertion in order to make sure that excess testosterone is metabolized before the workout is over. Testosterone also causes aggression when used in excessive amounts which can be both good and bad.

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