HGH is a human growth hormone, and it is produced by the pituitary gland in children and adults. It helps in regulating body composition, body fluids, fat metabolism, and heart functioning. It is also used to overcome children deficiencies related to growth hormone and by athletes to gain muscle mass. Deer antler velvet is the natural element present in the velvet of animal’s antler. It contains insulin-like growth factor IGF-1 which stimulates new cell growth, cell regeneration and increasing muscle mass. HGH was a favorite hormone for athletes, but now it is only prescribed by doctors or administered under supervision due to its side effects. Deer antler velvet triggers the production of HGH naturally, and it does not have any side effects. Athletes who took deer velvet showed exceptional performance and made records in history. This article emphasizes on HGH and deer antler benefits.

Deer antler has key component IGF-1, which stimulates the production of HGH naturally in people who take it regularly. It has a lot of benefits such as:

• Helps in gaining muscle mass

Due to stimulation of HGH by IGF-1, muscle growth is promoted. It works on the body by promoting the production of lean skeletal muscles because IGF-1 tends to increase muscles DNA content and muscle protein. This insulin-like growth factor promotes the protein synthesis which results in the enlargement of the muscle cell. That’s why deer antler is the best choice for athletes.

• Natural healer

Due to the presence of IGF-1 in deer antler velvet, it boosts body natural healing properties by cell repairing and growth. Whenever a human body gets an injury or wound, it gets recovered by cell regeneration that causes healing. Deer antler velvet promotes fast cell repairing which helps in quick recovery after injury.

• Improves joint health

Deer antler velvet helps to get rid of symptoms of joint diseases such as osteoarthritis; there is a possibility that it may cure them completely. It contains abundant amount chondroitin sulfate and glucosamine sulfate which helps the people having joint issues. Chondroitin sulfate is present in cartilage and glucosamine sulfate is a building block of cartilage, so these both works to recover the degeneration of connective tissue. A daily supplement of deer antler velvet will repair the degenerated cartilage, which helps in resolving joint issues.

• Improved muscle performance

Athletes and bodybuilder do the intense workout that may tear the muscle fibers, normally it takes a long time to recover muscle fibers. Deer antler acts as a Holy Grail for them as it quickens the recovery. It also induces the hyperplasia i.e. multiplication of muscle fibers which creates more muscles. It also improves the performance of overall muscles.

• Strengthen the immunity

Various studies have shown that using antler velvet increases the macrophages activity which triggers the production of lymphocytes. Increased production of lymphocytes helps the body to fight infections, so it boosts the immune system.

• Lowers the blood pressure

It improves blood circulation and lowers the blood pressure due to increased production of erythrocytes (Red blood cells). Lowering of blood pressure prevents many diseases.

• Improves heart health

Deer antler velvet has good effects on heart muscle as it increases the strength and regulates the heart activity. People who suffer from high blood pressure and have damaged heart can be recovered by IGF-1that improves the cardiac activity. It is equally effective in healthy individuals and prevents them from getting heart diseases.

• Helps to lose weight

Obesity is the major issue of today due to the sedentary lifestyle, lack of exercise and poor eating habits. Deer antler velvet not only increases muscle mass but also burn fat by boosting metabolism. It also provides energy for exercise that helps in weight loss.

• Better sexual performance

Deer antler extract has a lot of natural components that are important for a healthy life; it also stimulates the production of testosterone. In the pituitary gland the hormone known as gonadotropin releases that improve the sexual performance. It is equally important in low libido and erectile dysfunction in men.

• Anti-aging

Aging is a natural process and continues with the passage of time, but deer antler velvet slow downs the aging process. The aging occurs due to DNA damage, but this deer antler extract increases the telomere length of DNA that slows down the aging process.

Other advantages include strong hairs and nails along with increased energy levels. This has no side effects and safe but never try anything on your own. Get consultancy from doctor or trainer to avoid any negative effect.

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