The biceps are one of the most noticeable regions of the arm. Everyone who wants to get into shape, can’t help but develop this particular area of the body. Whether it’s to impress someone or to look good in fitted t-shirts, working on the bicep has to be a part of your routine. The routines are relatively simple and vary in their level of effectiveness. Some of these techniques require specialized instruments and must be carried out in certain areas, while others require no equipment and can be carried out anywhere, at any time.

These workouts don’t just make your biceps look good; they also help improve strength levels. Dietary supplements are advised to help with the exercises. It is best to make use of certain nutritional supplements as they provide extra energy, heal tissues, and boost the immune system. A combination of these workouts and the right dietary regimen will yield fantastic results. Different techniques produce different results; here are some of the most commonly successful routines with the best results.

man doing standing dumbbell curls

5 Bicep Muscle Building Workouts

Standing Dumbbell Curls

One of the most popular workout techniques, almost everyone has at least heard or seen someone talking about or performing this technique. It is one of the most used methods worldwide, thanks to its success rate. It involves the use of two dumbbells simultaneously. Hold the dumbbells in each hand beside your hips. Lift the dumbbells to the shoulder level, and then return to the starting position. Repeat this as much as needed, depending on the goal.

Standing Barbell Curl

This is another common workout technique and probably the most well known of equipment-based techniques. The barbell is held in a standing position and lifted to the shoulder region and then lowered. The process is repeated to suit your goals. This particular workout should be carried out in the presence of a trainer or a friend, to avoid getting stuck in dangerous positions. If you need help, the trainer or friend will assist you.

Concentration Curls

This exercise is common in gymnasiums. The workout involves sitting on a bench with the legs parted and a dumbbell between them. The dumbbell is lifted towards the chest area and lowered to make one rep. The number of sets performed is based on the goals of the individual.


Also a widely popular workout, the chin up only requires a chin-up bar. The bar is fixed securely between two platforms, and then the individual hops on. The individual holds on to the bar and lifts the rest of their body off the ground. Then they pull up and lower their body as many times as needed.


This is the most popular workout technique of all. Depending on the type of push-up, different parts of the body are affected. Wide arm push-ups are the most effective for Bicep Workouts.

These workouts are most effective when they are alternated; they yield better results than individually. A certain level of consistency is required for the best possible outcome, rest and proper dietary regimen also help achieve the best results.

CrazyMass Bulking Stack Bodybuilding Supplements

Anyone interested in bodybuilding wants to see the results of their hard work as quickly as they can, and the most obvious place for you to start working is your triceps and biceps while supplementing correctly to support growth in mass. Growing muscle here is the basis of bodybuilding and isn’t difficult if you follow our guide to get bigger arms!

Tips For Building Arm Muscle

Don’t overtrain your arms and forget about everything else. You want a balanced workout that trains your whole body. The key to bigger arms is to increase your lifting weight over time – but the key to lifting more lies in your core strength. There is no point lifting weight your spine can’t support; you’ll only get hurt. So isolation is not necessarily crucial here. Try to focus on complex, joined exercises in a structured, repetitive pattern. You will gain more and lift heavier, faster.

foods rich in amino acids for building muscle

Eat Right

Following the right diet is essential and eating the ultimate meal for bulking can keep you on track. You want to be protein packing as much as you can while watching that you don’t turn that tissue into fat by going too far. That being said, your body can only synthesize new muscle if it has enough nutrients – so do some research, learn about what you are eating, and start making the appropriate changes today.

Rest Right

When you are asleep, your body takes advantage of your rest state to grow new DNA and fortify new cells. Building your arms through bodybuilding methods is as much about getting enough food and sleep as it is about putting the hours in at the gym. So work hard, play hard, and then rest when you’ve done your share.

Bulk Up With Supplements

We’re not saying you should turn around and rush out to buy anabolic steroids on the black market – we are saying that there are several reasonably healthy alternative supplements available that are specifically designed to give you the gains without any of the side effects that got anabolics banned, to begin with.

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