If you are searching for a powerful bodybuilding drug, look no further. Trenbolone, also known as Tren, is the strongest anabolic steroid, which ensures that it will be able to deliver huge gains. Even better, it’s relatively low cost.

But it does come with a few major downsides. It is an extremely potent drug that can prove dangerous in the wrong hands. Even seasoned steroid users are careful about using Trenbolone and warn against first-timers using the drug. But no matter what precautions you put in place, you can rest assured that you will experience some pretty serious side effects. Here’s everything you need to know about Tren and some of the consequences of prolonged use.

What Is Trenbolone and How Does It Work?

Tren is currently only used on animals. In particular, it is used to help cattle bulk up before they are sold. It is classed as a Schedule Three controlled substance by the FDA. This means that it will be illegal to buy or sell.

There are two types of Trenbolone. Tren A is the most popular, as it is easier to maintain a consistent level by taking multiple doses throughout the day. The second option, Tren E, has a longer lifespan. People claim that Tren E has fewer side effects. But the evidence to support this claim is weak. Both versions of the drug have a similar anabolic strength to testosterone.

Due to its powerful nature, bodybuilders only need to take a relatively low dose to start to see strong results. Most people only take between 200 to 400mg a week. But some extreme users will use up to 1,000mg. Furthermore, you will need post-cycle therapy (PCT). This is a chance for the body to go back to naturally producing testosterone.

Tren holds a relatively unique position amongst anabolic steroids. It doesn’t get converted into estrogen. This means that you can avoid some side effects. For example, there is no need to worry about man boobs. But that doesn’t mean that you are side effect free. Here are some of the biggest risks to worry about. It should be noted that the longer you use the drug and the higher the dosage you employ, the higher the risks will become.

Anger Issues

‘Roid rage is common when taking an anabolic steroid. But it is particularly powerful when taking Tren. This can have a severe impact on your mental health, leaving you exposed to severe mood swings. It also can start to have a big impact on your relationships. Flying into intense rage has caused people to be fired from their jobs. It can also push your friends and family away. If you aren’t careful, an inability to control your anger can land you in prison.

Even worse, Tren can become addictive over time. When you start to quit, it can leave you with a severe emotional crash, which can make you feel powerful bouts of depression. The withdrawal period can also leave you feeling fatigued. It can take a few days for these unpleasant emotions to pass.

Oily Skin

Many people turn to Tren to help them improve their physical appearance. While you might grow more powerful muscles, you will need to be prepared to deal with oilier skin. When you take Tren, you will be activating your sebaceous glands. These are responsible for producing natural oils within your body, helping you create healthy hair.

But when these glands are overactivated, they will make your skin clammy. You might also start to get severe acne or even have pimple breakouts. Some creams can help you manage oily skin and pimples. But it is sure to be an annoyance.

Coughing Fits

The good news is that a Tren cough isn’t a sign of a serious health issue. But a severe cough is still going to be very uncomfortable. Though it’s common for all types of steroid injections to cause a cough, the Trenbolone cough is likely to be harsher.

This happens because Tren is an oil-based steroid. So, when you are injecting the drug, a small amount of oil will flow into your blood. Your body knows that the oil isn’t meant to be there and tries to remove it. So, the oil is sent to the lungs to be coughed up. Unfortunately, there is no cure for the Tren cough. If you are taking the steroid, you’ll need to be prepared to experience harsh coughing fits.

Going Bald

Many men turn to steroids like Trenbolone to help them build muscle and become more attractive. But misusing this anabolic steroid can easily backfire. One of the most commonly reported effects of Tren is baldness. The risks are even higher if you have a history of male pattern baldness in your family.

Of course, losing your hair is bad. But it can have a profound impact on your mental health. It’s common for baldness to affect your self-image, making you feel less confident. It can even contribute to social anxiety, as you become fearful of being judged by others. This can stop you from participating in the things that you enjoy.

It should be noted that there are cures for baldness. For example, you might want to get a hair transplant. But these solutions are very expensive, and there is no guarantee that they will work if you continue to use Tren.

Erectile Dysfunction

We’ve saved the worst for last. As we’ve discussed, Trenbolone is an anabolic steroid. This means that it will act like testosterone. This is what fuels the powerful muscle growth that bodybuilders desire. But it comes with a fairly serious downside.

Your body stops naturally producing testosterone. As a result, you might struggle to get and maintain an erection. The good news is that this symptom should go away after you complete your PCT and your body starts producing testosterone naturally again.

Being unable to maintain an erection is a source of deep embarrassment for many men. You might be able to overcome this issue with an aide like Viagra. But it is still awkward to need to pop into the bathroom and take a pill before you go into the bedroom. As you can imagine, this can start to take a serious toll on your relationships.

Other Risks of Trenbolone

We’ve covered the biggest downsides of Trenbolone. But they aren’t the only downsides that you need to consider. Here are some of the other risks to keep in mind:

  • Infected needle. Since you can’t take Tren orally, you will need to use a needle to inject yourself. But this can open the door to infection, particularly if you are sharing your needles with other gym users. For example, diseases like HIV require blood-to-blood contact to spread.
  • Reputational damage. It’s illegal to possess Tren, and you could be facing serious legal penalties. But you could also be looking at harsh retaliations within the bodybuilding world. You could be banned from competitions and be stripped of any past wins.
  • Unregulated production process. There is no oversight over the way Tren is made. If you’re lucky, you’ll get a dose that is designed to be used for animals. The alternative is getting something that was made in a black-market lab, with no control over the ingredients used. A bad batch could prove to be fatal.
  • Libido changes. Anabolic steroids can alter your sex drive, which can impact your relationship with your partner.
  • Masculine features. Finally, Tren will release a lot of testosterone into your body. Because of this, females might start to develop masculine features. For example, you might develop facial hair or increased body hair. This can be a source of embarrassment.
  • Liver damage. Anabolic steroids, like Tren, are associated with liver damage, as they increase the amount of bad cholesterol within the body. Over time, the liver might shut down entirely. This can cause serious medical issues; it can even prove to be fatal.
  • Increased risk of heart attacks. Furthermore, anabolic steroids will increase the chances of heart attacks. According to one study, participants took 20 milligrams of an anabolic steroid for 12 weeks and had a 58 percent higher risk of heart attacks. This is particularly dangerous if you are a smoker.

It should be noted that this list doesn’t even begin to go into the rarer side effects. This can include things like; vomiting up blood, red urine, purple or red sores inside the mouth, bone pain, leg swelling, persistent headaches, bad breath, and nausea and vomiting. The longer you continue to use the drug, the greater the chance that you will experience negative side effects.

What Impacts Tren Risks?

Trenbolone is so powerful that even a relatively small dose has the potential to expose you to serious health effects. But the higher the dose you take, the more acute the side effects will become. Plus, the longer you take the drug, the harsher the side effects will become.

Furthermore, it should be noted that Tren will affect everyone differently. You might not experience all of the side effects on this list. But you will likely experience a couple. These will be enough to make your life miserable during the Tren cycle.

Who Should Take Trenbolone?

Tren is a potent drug that is only suitable for experienced steroid users. Even if you are used to anabolic steroids, it’s recommended that you start with a relatively small dose. This allows you to see how your body will react to the drug. As you get more experienced, you can start to increase the dosage for more powerful effects.

Should You Take the Risks?

Now, though, it’s time to ask the biggest question. Tren comes with a long list of misery-inducing side effects. So, is taking it even worth the risk?

This will often depend on who you are and what you are looking for. If you are a newbie with no experience with anabolic steroids, avoid Tren. A sudden dose of testosterone can be very dangerous if you aren’t prepared.

Even for experienced users, I would be nervous about experimenting with Tren. It’s just not worth risking your health. If you are determined to take this drug, limit your dosage and have a strong PCT cycle so your body will continue to produce testosterone naturally.

What Are Legal Alternatives To Trenbolone?

As we mentioned, Tren is illegal. If you are caught in possession of this drug, you could be facing severe criminal penalties. The good news is that there are some legal options that you can explore. The best option is T-Bal 75 Elite Series.

There are a few things that make this product so effective. First, it can help you get strong gains, similar to what you can get with Tren. Plus, it will be able to help you cut weight, making your gains more visible. You will also be able to get harder muscles. Even better, nitrogen retention and protein synthesis will be improved. Since it’s fast acting, you won’t need to wait too long before you start to see results.

Another option that you can explore is the Crazy Mass bulking pack. This comes with some of our most popular and effective products to help you increase your gains. It comes with T-Bal Elite 75, which is an alternative to Tren. Testosteroxn Test -Tone Elite Series, which is an alternative to using testosterone. You can also use D-Anaoxn Elite Series, which is a legal alternative to Dianabol. D-KA Elite Series, which is the alternative to Deca-Durabolin. By combining all of these options into one stack, you can look forward to outsized gains.


It’s understandable if you are interested in using Trenbolone. Users often show off their huge muscle gains. But they conveniently forget about the laundry list of devastating side effects. You don’t want to end up bald, with oily skin, an anger problem, a bad cough, and a limp dick. Especially since all these risks are avoidable, you can get similar results with a safe, legal product that’s made from natural ingredients. So, before you put your health at risk by experimenting with Tren, check out the line-up of effective supplements from Crazy Mass.