You’re trying to get stronger, but you don’t want to add a ton of bulk because you need to keep your body weight down.

Does this sound familiar?

You could spend every waking hour stressing over the number on the scale and trying to find a way to achieve that perfect balance. Or, you could jump on a cycle of Turinabol and give your efforts a boost.

Today, we’re diving deep into the basics and safe alternative to Turinabol, as well as what to expect when you begin a cycle. Read on to learn more.

What is Turinabol?

Turinabol (Tbol) is an anabolic androgenic steroid (AAS) derived from testosterone. Though it is a  derivative of Dianabol (Dbol), Turinabol is not aromatized into estrogen. As such, you don’t have to worry about the side effects of aromatization, including:

Another benefit? While many other steroids are taken via injection, this is one of the few kinds that you can take orally in the form of pills.

A mild and generally weaker steroid, Turinabol originated in East Germany in the 1960s. At that time, doctors administered it to bedridden patients with mass-wasting diseases to help them restore their muscle mass and build bone strength. It was also used to help thousands of athletes in the region excel at sporting events, including the Olympics.

Today, it’s still helpful in building mass and boosting strength but is more commonly used during the cutting stages of other cycles, especially the calorie-deficit parts.

In addition, Turinabol is a frequent player during pre-contest bodybuilding and fat loss sessions. Trying to shrink down to body fat of less than 10%? This steroid can prevent protein from breaking down in your body as you focus on cutting.

In other words, this steroid won’t bulk you up or give you crazy gains. What it can do is help you gain strength without gaining weight.

Interested in starting a cycle of your own? Let’s review the basics.

Know Your Dosage

Taking the correct prescription dosage of Turinabol is key to staying safe and seeing the effects you desire. Here is a quick breakdown of the number of milligrams of a doctors prescribed Turinabol cycle you might take every day, depending on your experience, gender, and other factors:cul>

  • Female users: 5 to 10mg daily
  • Female medical dosage: 1mg daily (Can exceed 2.5mg daily if required)
  • General medical dosage: 5 to 10mg daily
  • New male users: 30 to 40mg daily
  • Intermediate male users: 50 to 80mg daily
  • Advanced male users/professional bodybuilders: 80 to 100mg daily (minimum)

Considering that Turinabol is one of the weaker steroids in this category, you might be tempted to take more than your recommended daily amount. However, it’s important to stay within what is prescribed, and your own limits to avoid a negative reaction.

Timing Your Cycle

Are you new to bodybuilding with steroids? If so, a four-week cycle of 20mg of Turinabol is typically prescribed, however this depends solely on an individual basis. If you’ve used this steroid in the past, you often can up that dosage to 50mg and lengthen the cycle to six weeks.

If you’re unsure about a dosage or cycle duration, always seek advise from your own doctor. Remember it’s always best to start lower, not higher. Increasing your dosage above 75mg can lead to adverse health risks that range from mild acne to severe liver stress.

Stacking with Testosterone

One note to keep in mind: On its own, you’ll notice that Turinabol is not as effective as some other anabolic steroids. This is because it’s a little weaker in nature, with an anabolic-to-androgenic ratio of 54 to 6.

While this means its milder than Dbol, it’s also gentler on your system with a lower chance of causing adverse side effects.

However, there are downsides to its makeup. Taken alone, Turinabol can cause your current testosterone levels to dip a little when you’re in the middle of a cycle. Not to mention it is simply not a all-natural supplement, its a steroid and this can cause side effects. For all of these reasons, it’s best to stack an alternative all-natural supplement alongside a all-natural testosterone supplement base to achieve optimal results.

Benefits of Turinabol You Can Expect

Once you know how much Turinabol to take and for how long, you can begin your cycle with confidence!

We’ve already discussed the fact that this steroid is for those weeks when you need to achieve major performance results without gaining weight. Especially if you play sports with strict weight requirements, this benefit cannot be overstated.

Need other reasons to take a closer look at a safe Turinabol alternative? A few of the other benefits you can expect to see include:

  • Quick results
  • Tighter muscles
  • More strength
  • Greater stamina
  • Improved blood flow during exercise
  • More lean muscle mass
  • Higher levels of free testosterone
  • Incredible SHBG binding
  • Faster recovery rates
  • Improved vascularity

Yet, while all of these are excellent results to look forward to, arguably the most important reason not to begin a cycle of the steroid Turinabol is; It’s a steroid and could come with the serious risk of side effects.

As it’s been used for decades to improve athletic performance, researchers now know the levels of Turinabol that should be administered to achieve peak results. They know that an average dosage is between 20 and 50 mg, with exact amounts varying based on individual circumstances.

As such, it’s possible to discern the most effective amount you can take. This helps reduce the risk of accidentally ingesting more than your recommended amount.

How Does It Compare To Dianabol To Anavar?

Turinabol is a derivative of Dianabol, but is not limited to just being a weaker version of the more popular steroid – it has its own properties and uses, too. As a weaker steroid, the side effect risks are not quite so serious, and less likely altogether. Using Turinabol when bodybuilding will increase your strength and muscle mass, but due to its weaker nature, you will likely need to begin on a moderate dosage to see results, rather than starting as small as possible.

As far as comparisons between Turinabol and Anavar go, the two are both mild steroids taken by mouth in pill form, however their effects can differ. Anavar is usually better for muscle conditioning, but is a lot more expensive than Turinabol. Today, you can only obtain true Turinabol steroids through the black market.

turinabol steroid pills

Bodybuilding Cycles & Stacks

Turinabol is usually stacked alongside a testosterone base, and doesn’t really yield much change when used alone. The reason for this is because it is a relatively mild compound that can lower the natural testosterone levels in users. As a result of these things, it is primarily used during the cutting stages of the cycles, as well as during pre-contest bodybuilding and fat loss periods. It can be great for a decent strength boost, and it allows the users to maintain their muscle mass when they are during the calorie deficient part of their cycle. Turinabol can prevent the protein breakdown in the body even as you try to get down to the sub 10% body fat range. You can find the all-natural alternatives to this steroid and others within one Bulking Stack.


There are a few things to consider when it comes to dosage. Most beginners to bodybuilding with steroids will start taking Turinabol at around 20mg once a day for a four-week cycle. A more advanced steroid user might take up to 50mg per day, and for six weeks – be careful to research what’s right for you and your progress, and always start lower rather than higher. Taking doses above 75mg vastly increases the likelihood of experiencing side effects from Turinabol. There remain risks with Turinabol usage and lowered testosterone levels, and as such, you should research testosterone bases to stack alongside the steroid, and ensure that you don’t take Turinabol without that stack. There are also different dosages for men and women. This is a breakdown of the different dosages that are commonly used for Turinabol:

  • New users: 30-40mg a day
  • Intermediate users: 50-80mg a day
  • Advanced users or professional bodybuilders: minimum of 80-100mg a day, though some may take more than this.
  • General medical dosage: 5-10mg per day
  • Female medical dosage: 1mg each day, though can exceed 2.5mg daily
  • Female users: 5-10mg daily

The actual dosage that you take will entirely depend on your tolerance of this steroid. You should know that the higher the dosage that you take, the more side effects that you will be at risk for.

Black Stethoscope Heart - Turinabol Side Effects

Risks & Side Effects of Tbol

Many will tell you that the side effects are far less troublesome than other oral steroids, but it is still recommended to include liver protection in your cycle, alongside a testosterone supplement too. There are much less associated risks between using Turinabol and oestrogen-related side effects – this means no possibility of growing breasts, and less chance of your libido. There is also some risk to cardiovascular difficulties arising as a result of using this steroid, however, rates are lower than many other steroids. 

It does stop your body from being able to process bad cholesterol, and whilst the testosterone lowering qualities are less serious than in stronger steroids, they do still exist. Avoiding the condition known as low testosterone syndrome means stacking your Turinabol with something that can keep those testosterone levels where they should be, increasing the cost to your wallet, and to other parts of your body.

Heart Disease & Failure

Turinabol is a steroid that can cause significant side effects in users that can have a significant impact in your everyday life. One of the most dangerous of these side effects is the damage that it can do to your heart. Using anabolic steroids, such as Turinabol, can increase your cholesterol. This could lead to heart disease as well as potentially heart failure. While everyone knows that you won’t wake up with heart disease since this is a problem that happens over time, but Turinabol can speed up the damage to your heart. As cholesterol builds up, your heart has to pump harder to get oxygen through the body. What makes this even more dangerous is that workouts can put further strain on your heart, creating a hazardous situation for users.

Severe Liver Damage

Another severe issue that you may be at risk for is permanent liver damage. Turinabol could potentially increase your liver enzyme values to a level that is toxic to your body. This can lead to issues like hepatic tumors, peliosis hepatitis, and jaundice. Eventually, this can lead to liver damage, which is life-threatening.

Negative Impact On Testosterone

This steroid could also lower your body’s ability to produce testosterone naturally. This is a significant issue since testosterone is a vital hormone for men. A lack of testosterone can reduce your sex drive as well as cause your muscles to grow weak. Even after stopping the use of Turinabol, your body still needs months to recover from the damage it has caused to your body.

Other Side Effects

Those are the most serious of the conditions that you can suffer from when you use Turinabol. Other issues can be problematic for you. The use of Turinabol can interfere with the hormonal balance within your body, which could lead to that aesthetically unappealing acne and rashes. Using Turinabol can also lead to balding head and causing more hair to grow on your back.

As you can see, there are a lot of side effects that you can experience when using Turinabol. That is precisely why you should get a safe alternative that offers you the same benefits of Turinabol without the dangerous side effects.

Safe, All-Natural Alternatives to Turinabol

Close up of a muscular bodybuilder flexing biceps isolated over gray background

With a product like D-Anaoxn Elite Series, you can get the same benefits as you would with Turinabol in a safer and legal option. These products have all natural ingredients that are specially formulated to mimic the results of the illegal steroid. This includes concentrated amino acids and Tribulus Terrestris. Amino acids are great because they are crucial to the growth and health of your muscles. These are also excellent for your body because it allows you to feel stronger during your workouts and you will be less sore after your workouts. Tribulus Terrestris will increase your testosterone levels in a natural way, essential for promoting muscle mass and strength.

It is recommended that when you use this product, you should check to make sure that it is appropriate for you based on your health and other medications that you are using. You should also check with a professional to see what your dosage should be, to ensure that you are as safe as possible when taking these supplements. There are different cycles depending on your needs, so do your research to make sure that you are getting the most out of this natural supplement.

Our D-Anaoxn Elite Series offers you all the benefits of Turinabol or Dianabol without any of the negative connotations. It’s an easy way to add muscle mass, strength, and confidence to your current routine.

This all-natural supplement is 100% legal and doesn’t require a prescription. It also makes an excellent addition to any of our bodybuilding supplement stacks. To learn more about this product or any of the other all-natural legal supplements in our online shop, feel free to contact us today.

Turinabol (Tbol) is an androgenic anabolic steroid taken orally, usually in the form of pills. It’s not as popular a steroid as some of the others, and got itself a bad name with its involvement in the German doping scandal several decades ago. Since then, it has slowly regained some of its popularity – it was developed as a means to build muscle in bedridden hospital patients, so certainly has the properties yearned for by many bodybuilders hoping to complement their training to achieve the best possible results.


Steroids have long been used by people to bulk up and get those strong muscles. However, steroids can be very dangerous and are illegal. Fortunately, there are safe steroid alternatives that you can find that will offer you the results that you are looking for without all of the dangers of using steroids. These are made with natural ingredients that can provide. It is crucial that you use the proper dosages to avoid any potential side effects and to optimize the use of the supplement.