Natural bodybuilding is achieving gains without using banned substances. This includes things like anabolic steroids. Natural builders will try to build muscle through a combination of diet and exercise.

This method has inspired a lot of debate. Some people swear by it, refusing to take any kind of supplement. Others don’t believe that they can get the gains that they want through natural bodybuilding alone. Let’s break down this approach and the pros and cons, to understand the truth about natural bodybuilding.

What Does Natural Bodybuilding Mean?

Let’s begin by defining what natural bodybuilding is. The people who follow this method won’t want to take any performance-enhancing substances. This isn’t just limited to anabolic steroids. It also means avoiding any drugs that might require a prescription, like HGH. This site goes into more detail about the types of drugs that won’t be allowed to use. To get their gains, they focus solely on a good diet and getting a rigorous workout.

Characteristics of a Natural Bodybuilder

Now that we know the methods they use, let’s turn our attention to how you can identify a natural bodybuilder. The biggest difference between them and a steroid user is their proportions. Steroid users will often develop a lot of muscle bulk quickly. But it will look unnatural. Their muscles will appear too big for their frames, it can make them look fake.

On the other hand, natural bodybuilders will have muscles that fit their proportions. But that doesn’t mean that they won’t be able to get a lot of gains. If you take a look at some natural bodybuilders on Instagram, you’ll quickly discover that they have a lot of muscle. While they are getting it the hard way, it’s worth the effort. They will look real, especially compared to the bulky nature of those who use steroids.

Pros of Natural Bodybuilding

There are plenty of reasons why people opt to use a natural approach to bodybuilding. First, steroids can take a toll on your organs. They can lead to high cholesterol, increasing the risk that you will have a heart attack. There is also the potential that they will start to impact your liver function. The longer you are using steroids, the worse the effects will become. In some cases, this can shorten your life.

Another reason to choose natural bodybuilding over steroids is the way drugs can affect your sex life. It can lead to erectile dysfunction. You might have a lower libido. When you take a natural approach, you won’t experience any of these issues.

They are also suitable for athletes. In many sports, you won’t be able to take any substances that could enhance your performance. If you get caught using these substances, you could be banned from the sport.

Finally, natural bodybuilding will be better for your mental health. When you take steroids, it can mess up the hormones in your brain. This can make you feel angry or stressed. This is the notorious ‘roid rage. Because of this, taking steroids can damage relationships with your friends and family.

Drawbacks of Natural Bodybuilding

While there are plenty of benefits of natural bodybuilding, there are a few potential drawbacks to consider. First, you won’t be able to use steroids. While they might not be good for your body, they can help you get huge gains. Plus, they can help you hang onto this muscle. You’ll also be able to burn your body fat. This helps boost muscle definition. While you can build a lot of muscle through natural bodybuilding, it will take longer to see results.

Sometimes, it can be hard to stay natural. There will be plenty of people at the gym making big gains by using steroids. They’ll be constantly trying to tempt you to use steroids. You’ll need to have a lot of conviction in the natural approach to say no.

The Controversy of Natural Bodybuilding

While many of the benefits of natural building are obvious, there is still a debate raging around this community. Much of this centers on the purpose of bodybuilding. Those who take steroids argue that the gains are the primary reason for bodybuilding. As a result, any substances that allow you to improve those gains are worth it.

On the other hand, for many in the natural bodybuilding community, the primary purpose is to live a healthier life. While the gains are still important, they aren’t something to be chased at the cost of your health. This is an argument that is becoming more popular. There are more natural bodybuilding competitions occurring. You just need to look at some of the entrants in the Mr. Natural Olympia to see how much muscle natural bodybuilding can create.

When you look at the people who show up on the covers of bodybuilding magazines, it can be tempting to just grab the first steroids you can get your hands on. You want muscles that look like that now, and it seems impossible to get them without chemical help. But natural bodybuilding can help you get long-lasting results in the healthiest way for your body.

The key to successful natural bodybuilding is a great diet, lots of water, natural supplements. and smart workout plans. Read on to learn how to build rock-hard muscles the natural way.

Eat Plenty of Protein

One of the most important things you can do to naturally build muscle is to make sure your diet is right. This may sound strange since muscle building comes from lifting weights, not eating turkey. But without the proper fuel, your body can’t build muscle, and you’ll just wind up wasting a lot of time in the gym for nothing.

Protein is the building block for healthy muscles, so you want to be sure you’re eating plenty of it. If you’re trying to gain muscle, aim to eat one gram of protein for each pound of body weight every day. You’re going to want to go for protein sources like eggs, whey, and meat like grass-fed beef and lean pork.

Eat Lots of Carbs

Many people who are trying to build a better physique may think of carbs as the enemy. But carbs are your body’s preferred source of fuel, and you need to get plenty of them. In general, you want to aim to eat two or three grams of carbs a day for every pound of body weight; during a cutting phase, you should reduce that to one gram per pound of body weight.

While carbs are important, you want to make sure you’re going for mostly complex carbs. These take your body longer to break down so you don’t get one energy rush and then crash into a carb coma. Focus on eating sweet potatoes, butternut squash, quinoa, whole-grain bread, brown rice, and whole-wheat pasta.

Eat Healthy Fats

You also need to be sure you’re getting plenty of healthy fat during your bodybuilding routine. Fats will help your body protect and repair your muscles. And while you are trying to cut down on your fat levels, especially during cutting phases, you still need to have some fat in your diet.

The only kind of fat you want to avoid in your diet is trans fat. Go for foods high in monosaturated fats, such as avocados, olives, cashews, almonds, flax seeds, and chia seeds. You can also use olive oil and canola oil to cook with.

Drink Lots of Water

It shouldn’t come as a surprise to you that drinking lots of water is key to bodybuilding success. Every system in your body relies on you being hydrated, and this is even more important when you’re trying to build muscle. You’re working out hard and sweating a lot, and you need to make sure you’re replenishing those stores.

Water is also crucial for people who are taking bodybuilding supplements. Those supplements tend to use up a lot of water, so it’s a lot easier to get dehydrated when you’re taking them. It’s a good rule of thumb to aim to drink at least a gallon of water every day when you’re bodybuilding.

Use Natural Supplements

Although it is easier to get dehydrated taking natural supplements, taking them can also help boost your bodybuilding to a whole new level. A protein supplement in particular can help you reach your protein consumption goals. It’s hard to eat 200 grams of protein a day, but adding in a protein supplement can make that goal much easier to achieve.

You may also want to incorporate creatine and glutamine into your supplement routine. Creatine converts to ATP in your body, which helps you push yourself harder during your workouts. Glucosamine helps to transport more nitrogen into your muscles, which is crucial for building mass.

Upper Body Workout

Once you get your diet right, it’s time to start focusing on your actual workouts. You want to aim to get about a 70/30 split on compound and isolation exercises. Compound exercises work multiple muscle groups at once and will help you lift more weight with each rep, while isolated exercises focus on toning one specific muscle group.

For your upper body routine, you’ll want to cycle through bench press, rows, shoulder press, pull-ups, bicep curls, tricep extensions, and lateral raises. You should aim to do about twenty reps of each broken up into four sets for the bench press and rows; three sets for the shoulder press and pull-ups; and two sets for the bicep curls, tricep extensions, and lateral raises. Be sure to give yourself plenty of time to recover between sets.

Lower Body Workout

For your lower body, you’ll want to do squats, leg presses, lunges, leg extensions, hamstring curls, calf raises, and hanging leg raises. For your squats, you’ll want to do five sets of five reps, and for your leg press, you should aim for three sets of six reps. You should do two sets of eight lunges and two sets of twelve leg extensions and hamstring curls.

For your calf raises, you’re going to want to do three sets of fifteen reps. And you should aim for two sets of fifteen reps of your hanging leg raises.

Discover the Key to Natural Bodybuilding

Doing natural bodybuilding is the healthiest way to get the physique you want. Remember to focus on your diet, hitting all your macronutrient goals and using natural supplements that will help you reach your goals. And always be sure to drink enough water.

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Tips for Natural Bodybuilding

If you are committed to natural bodybuilding, you’ll need to be prepared to spend more time in the gym before you can start to see results. Here are a few tips you can use to work out more efficiently.

First, you’ll need to plan your exercise routine. This will be the bedrock of your natural bodybuilding plan. If you are doing the wrong exercises, you won’t be able to get the results you want. You need to make sure that you are targeting your muscles, tearing them down properly. This means challenging yourself in the gym. It might be a good idea to talk to a trainer, to make sure that you are following the right workout plan.

Next, you’ll need to consider your diet. You won’t be able to get the benefit of steroids burning through your fat. As a result, you’ll need to be taking a more active approach to managing what you eat. Try to avoid fatty foods. Instead, make sure that you are getting enough protein. This will allow you to build your muscles. You can also eat foods like broccoli and kale, which will naturally boost your testosterone levels.

Finally, you’ll need to set realistic goals. You can’t expect to look like Superman after a week. The path to being a natural bodybuilder will be long, so it’s important to be patient. To help you stay motivated, it’s important to make sure that you are celebrating every milestone. Though it will take a little longer than steroid users, natural bodybuilders will start to see some solid gains after the first few months. From there, the sky is the limit.

Legal Steroid Alternatives

One of the biggest reasons to avoid steroids is because they are classed as a schedule three substance. You can face big fines if you are caught using this substance. The good news is that there are some legal alternatives that you can explore.

At Crazy Mass, we have a wide range of items that you can use. The right one for you will depend on what you are looking for. Some will be better for bulking and others will work best when you are trying to cut. Plus, it won’t take long before you start to see results. In most cases, it will only take 30 days before the benefits start to kick in. They will replicate the effects of steroids. But they won’t have the same negative side effects on your body. This will help you get better gains, without risking your health to do it.

You may have heard of the dietary benefits of beetroot but did you know that it is an excellent pre-workout food for bodybuilding, too? If you want to maximize the potential muscle gains you make during each gym session; then you really should be turning to man’s favorite red vegetable to get you off to a good start.

How Does Beetroot Boost Energy?

Beetroot is considered by some Doctors to be a super-food. When something is classed as a ‘superfood’, it merely means that it has a very high nutritional value, while being low calorie and having multiple benefits for the body’s perfect functioning. More specifically, the promising pre-workout nutrition that beetroot packs include Fiber, Folate (Vitamin B9), Potassium, Manganese, Iron, and Vitamin C. That’s a whole lot of nutrition for one tiny vegetable!

So what effects does all this value have on your body, and how does it boost your workout? Let’s find out.

What Beetroot Does For Exercise Enhancement

Let’s look at those ingredients in more detail.

Fiber – Essential for keeping your stools soft and helping you to pass toxins from your body.

Folate – Needed to make complex chain reactions within the body, mainly active in the digestive system.

Potassium – Regulates muscle contractions, reduces blood pressure and water retention, and helps the body process nerve signals.

Manganese – The body uses this to process and digest protein, carbohydrate, and cholesterol.

Iron – Iron is used to build new DNA and create red blood cells. Without it, we would die!

Vitamin C – An antioxidant that prevents free radicals from staying in the body. It protects cells from damage.

What are the benefits of all of these things to your pre-workout? A greater resource of iron and folate with which to make new blood cells, better protection from free radicals, a boost of digestive aid that helps you process that morning’s shake – and a ton of other nutrients, to boot.

Other Pre-Workout Supplements

There are a variety of all-natural supplements that you can take to boost your workout. Many of these should be taken pre-workout, in much the same way as one might use whey powder or a protein shake. Some of the best in all-natural pre-workout supplements include:

Nitric Booster – Increasing the oxidization of your blood pre-workout makes for extra performance.

D-KA Elite Series – A safe and legal alternative to Durabolin. It helps build bone and muscle.

Clentrimix – This helps build fat and keep new muscle lean.

P-MB – Aimed at improving strength and shortening recovery times for your workout.

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Products You Can Trust

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Natural bodybuilding shows that you don’t need to risk your health by taking dangerous illegal steroids to get huge gains. As long as you are dedicating yourself in the gym and have a good nutritional plan, you will be able to build muscle. This approach is starting to gain traction. More competitions are only admitting natural competitors. So, try natural bodybuilding today to experience these benefits for yourself.